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Australian Idol Final 12 – I won’t be voting this week

First finals show of the year and it was all a bit ho-hum. There were some good performances but no great ones. Maybe it was the low recognition of songs because of the old farts radio station I listen to.

No theme and I don’t think that helped the show – it just seemed like a continuation from the semis – everyone just singing the songs they knew and were comfortable with.

It was good to see Dicko out of the polo shirts, but what was the story with Marcia and the Paris Hiltonesque hair extensions??? She looked a bit like mutton spice. Hopefully coral will be out of fashion by next weeks show.

The four judges did not really work with me. In fact I thought Kyle was the best one last night as he did not fall about gushing about the lame Carl Rissey Waltzing Matilda. Has Kyles forehead moved in the whole three seasons he has been on the show? Also he did not seem to be pushing in for air time which the other three were doing.

The boy contestants are splitting into the ones that can’t shave and the ones that won’t. I can see Gillette stepping in as a sponsor by mid season. Speaking of which where were the tampon ads tonight is the demographic for the show changing?

Ben the young 17 year old who gave the most amazing performance in the semis last week, which just screamed star was bland tonight. Hopefully he has not peaked to early in the comp.

Mark who is thankfully in the competition to give the over thirties female something to perve at was ordinary, all his performances have been the same thus far. But he did look good doing it. Why would you pick a U2 song after Jesse Curran did one – it only brought back memories of James Blundell smirking in the front row last week.

Lana – how did this girl get through were we going to have another telstra scandal ala Laura? Had a boyfriend hacked through to the voting computer? Must confess was a bit of a surprised tonight, as I expected her to be twee again but thought she looked and sounded good. She did not try and sex herself up and was age appropriate. I enjoyed her performance. Ok I confess I am an Imbruglia fan.

Daniel – Is this the only guy in Darlo with chest hair? Look I know he is good looking, and has a good voice, but I fine him extremely ordinary. Every song he sings he just makes it boring.
Maybe a good make over would help – haircut, shave and NO scarfs…. I don’t see him winning. In fact the sooner he is out of the comp the better.

Carl – The all American oops I meant Aust boy. Will Johnny Howard seek an endorsement from him to help him with the much needed youth vote. I agreed with Kyle entirely about Waltzing Matilda lame, lame, lame. This is not the Mike Walsh Show. But give him ten points for smart choice I would be very surprised to see him in the bottom three tomorrow night. Chicks who dig uniforms will be voting in spades. He will be out once the themes start.

Holly – She was one of my faves from the semis – and I thought she looked fab tonight. But thought the song choice was brave. She needed to do a stunt like the fat lesbo leader singer of the Gossip does and flash her twot or something to be bring in the votes – she is a definate bottom 3.

Matt – Gosh the camera loves him. Reminded me of Dean Geyer in the way he came across on TV just something about his looks. His confidence was amazing. Appreciated but was not moved by the performance. If I had to take a punt I would guess he will win.

Natalie – big fan thought her performance was again good but not great. But wow is there going to be another revelation from Vic Larusso about her father. I know there are straight hairdressers I just don’t think he is one of them.

Jacob – one of my faves of the night must be cause I want to keep some guys in the comp who are over 25. The not shaving peer pressure had obviously gotten to him as well.

Tarasai – Mini Marsha just did not move me. Yes her voice is strong. But I would have to say she would barely make it to the semi finals in American Idol – because they really do have some big african american voices over there. Because it is a limited field here they think she is a sensation. Marcia was the first to cotton onto this niche market and carved out a career in Oz post the Hair musical whereas in the US her career would have faded into obscurity. In fact I wish she would do that here.

Marty aka stoner dude – oh man I hope he is the one to go tonight clearly he is one dimensional and once Idol starts compulsory drug testing it is only going to get worse, as he will have to cut loose his dealer. This guy will die on the theme nights. A part of me hopes he sticks around just so I can get a laugh out of him doing disco. I hope he is the one to go.

Brianna – Enjoyed her performance – however have to agree with Dicko she has to stop the quirky crap and let her talent shine through as it is really going to start to be annoying. I also felt she is not used to criticism she looked shocked that they did not gush over her performance.

I hope this years idol can pull out some interesting singers like last year like Bobby Flynn, Lisa Mitchell, and Damien Leith, but have to this say at this stage there is only one star and that is Matt Corby.

My pick for Bottom Three – Holly, Marty, and Lana.

Holly to go.

September 9, 2007   2 Comments