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Australian Idol Top Four Boys To Be The New Young Divas??? NOOOOOO.
WA Today has Teale Jakubenko saying the top 4 boys would like to make music together after the end of Australian Idol. Could this be the new Young Divas? Let’s hope not. I cannot imagine Wes Carr wanting to sing bad cover songs.

Teale you are dreaming, this was just chat after a few beers with the boys.

Yes You Can Be An International Reality TV Star
There are a few international reality TV stars Simon Cowell, and Nigel Lythgoe to name two. But Australia’s Kym Johnson who to dance on US Dancing With The Stars continues to gain popularity. She is hanging out with celebs in Hollywood like Kim Kardishan, and also continues to be popular on the TV forums throughout the internet. Don’t expect to see her home anytime soon. Daily Tele has the full yarn.

Dean Geyer To Rub His Body With Baby Oil
I am finding it very hard to get excited about this. Apparently his neighbours character Ty Harper who is an aspiring singer will strip (no not the full monty) and will slather his chest with baby oil. Does anyone watch neighbours anymore? With plot lines like this why would you bother. Full story here on the Daily Tele Website.

Does Ryan Seacrest Only Date Blondes?
American Idol host who is persistently dodging gay rumours is apparently now dating US Dancing With the Stars Julianne Hough. He has previously dated Sophie Monk. It appears he has a penchance for blondes and reality TV stars. It is interesting how all his ‘relationships’ last about a minute. National Ledger has more details of this union.

Ice Road Truckers To Be Made Into A Movie.
Ice Road Truckers has been on Fox 8 for awhile, and is now on Channel Ten on Friday nights at 7.30pm. This show is about truck drivers hauling cargo up ice roads in the middle of the Canadian winter. Sounds boring. It’s not, and obviously Hollywood doesn’t think so either. A movie is going to be made. I can see George Clooney in a lead role in this one!

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Exit Interviews With Teale Jakubenko


Teale Jakubenko was eliminated from Australian Idol last night and it was his turn for the media circuit today.

The charisma-free Teale does not reveal any great insights into being on the show, but does deny the Ricky-Lee and him hooking up.

Teale has been dating his girlfriend for three years and his hoping to move in with her soon.

For Idol fans who were cursing that the top four boys were all taken, good news for Mark Spano fans, with news he is single again.

Mark who was dating a make up artist he met at a TV Week photo shoot have decided to part ways because he needs to concentrate on the show.

He does not rule out a reconciliation after the show finishes.

Interviews with Teale:
Who Magazine
Live News

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Why Did Ricki-Lee Leave Her Husband?

- In an article in Woman’s Day Ricki-Lee reveals why she left her husband. She said she fell out of love with him and they wanted different things.

“I started to fall out of love with him and I wasn’t happy in the end,” she says, fighting back tears. “But it was still hard for us to end it.”

It is easy to forget how young she is – as she is only 22. Far too young to be hooked into marriage.

After the Aria’s there was speculation that Ricki-Lee and Teale Jakubenko, a contestant from this year’s Idol had something going on. Previous post on that story here.

UPDATE: In the full article in Woman’s Day Ricki-Lee denies any romance with Teale. She said it would be wrong as she mentors the Idol contestants.

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Ricki-Lee and Teale Jakubenko – She Can Rebound With Someone Better Then That


Syd Confidential alluded that Ricky-Lee at the Arias went to the Idol’s table and specifically sought out the blandest Idol contestant ever, Teale Jakubenko. Interestingly it was on a night where Teale had just sung to his girlfriend in the audience.

Insiders said there was no romantic connection and the pair share a “Brisbane bond”. What a lame excuse. Anyway hopefully it is a load of bollocks she can do better then that.

Ricki-Lee has split with her husband of one year, Jamie Babbington. She said “I want to tell my fans that I’m good and thanks for looking out for me.”

To the person who emailed me complaining that an Aria photo of Ricki-Lee should be posted to counter act the hideous of the Natalie Gauci one here you go.

Photo Credit: Daily Tele.

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