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Shanina Shaik Denies Tyson Beckford Made Her

Make Me A Supermodel runner up Shanina Shaik overseas modelling career continues to be on the rise. However older boyfriend (or former depending on what you believe) Tyson Beckford says he has been her svengali and he actually made her model career. She however has denied it.

As he was promoting his role on Britain’s Next Top Model he said he created her.

The Daily Telegraph picked up the story and said he says:

“When I found her she was a regular girl,” Beckford said.

“I helped place her with the right people, get her teeth cleaned, her body toned up.

“Everything changed and now everyone wants a piece of her.

“I hear people say, ‘You can do better than Tyson’.

“I’m like, ‘Really? Really?! I created her’.”

However Shanina Shaik told fashion blog Frockwriter way before this furore hit the papers that Tyson did not help her career.

Frockwriter asked:

To what degree do you think Tyson Beckford may have inadvertently helped your career by virtue of his media profile and the celebrity factor?
I don’t think so. Tyson and I really keep our work separate and every now and then we’ll go to events together. Sometimes we’re just trying to make time together, because I work so much. Sometimes I say ‘You’ve contributed to it’. But everything that I do with my work is separate. And also I never asked him for any help on anything. He just supports me and that’s all I want.

Also in the interview she seems to back away from her reality TV roots. As they all do until they are asked to go on a reality show again…..

However the Daily Telegraph is also reporting that Shanina has moved out from Tyson’s home, but she does not confirm that they have actually broken up.

Personally I think he is a bit of a douche particularly after he divulged details of the couples sex life at the Victoria Secrets show.

April 3, 2012   3 Comments

Is Miranda Kerr Going To Be The New Host Of Australia’s Next Top Model?

Did Alex Perry let the cat out of the bag the other day when he said at the David Jones Fashion Parade that he would be happy if Miranda Kerr was to be host of this series of Australia’s Next Top Model?

The Daily Telegraphreports that Perry said  “Miranda would be amazing,” he said. “I’ve worked with her for so long. She’s a great girl and would be an icon to the girls in the competition.”

In other Australia’s Next Top Model news Simone Holtznagel has tweeted that she did tweet that yes she did hang out with Leonardo DiCaprio but she did not sleep with him or his mate! (Source: The question is why not? He is apparently a modelizer…

In other reality TV modelling news, Make Me a Supermodel runner- up, Shanina Shaik career is booming in New York with her walking in many shows in NY Fashion Week. She even had got the prestigious open spot for the Jason Wu show. (Source: Herald Sun)

February 17, 2012   5 Comments

Tyson Beckford Blabbing About Him And Shanina Shaik Sex Life

Long time readers of this blog will no I am no prude, however this interview Tyson Beckford gave at the front of the Victoria Secret’s show where his girlfriend Shanina Shaik was walking really goes into the inappropriate/too much information category.

Tyson who is 40 years old to Shanina’s 21 years have been living together in NYC and he shared where they have sex and how. Tyson met Shanina when he was a judge on Make Me A Supermodel. Shanina was runner up on the that show when she was a teenager. On the show Shanina had had a dalliance with Tom in the house, however shortly after the show finished she moved to New York, where Tyson “mentored” her.

Check out the link to FAB and click on the video and tell me if you think Tyson is saying far too much.

November 11, 2011   26 Comments

Make Me A Supermodel Shanina Shaik Modelling For Victoria’s Secret

It has been a few years since we saw Shanina Shaik on our screens on Make Me A Supermodel, she came runner up to Rhys Uhlich, however she went off to New York with Tyson Bedford as her mentor and now lover and tried to give it a crack over there.

And it appears she is finally  making it. The Daily Telegraph is reporting she will be modelling for Victoria Secret with the likes of Miranda Kerr, and Adriana Lima. It really is a bit of a big deal.

Katrina kindly sent all this information through on this coup.

So below is the Victoria Secret audition,

And here is the call sheet with her name on it.

November 9, 2011   13 Comments

Shanina Shaik Modelling In New York Fashion Week

Shanina modelling Betsey Johnson courtesy of

Shanina modelling Betsey Johnson courtesy of

Make Me A Supermodel runner-up Shanina Shaik has been modelling in a few show in New York Fashion Week.The shows she has walked in are  Susan Woo, Catherine Malandrino, Betsey Johnson, Gerlan Jeans, Rachel Antonoff, and Nary Manivong. (Source Frockwriter)

September 19, 2009   6 Comments