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Reality Tidbits – Thursday

Keith Urban

Keith Urban has had a haircut it looks like it has gone from the upmarket mullet to the more polished Bieber.

Miranda Kerr (OK tenuous reality TV link but she was a guest judge on Project Runway once a few years ago) is reportedly dating James Packer and this is the ONLY article that you need to read on it as they give a full and frank view on why this relationship evolved. (Source: Dlisted)

Mel Greig has quit Southern Cross radio after an agreement was reached. She never returned to on air after the royal prank call. In the statement released it stated she had wanted some changes to be made before it aired which did not occur. (Source: SMH)

Worst wearing ARIA celebrities over the previous years, but what is more fascinating is the bands that are completely unheard of. (Source: Pedestrian TV) Thanks Dr T for sending in.

Come Date With Me has finally got an air date nearly two years after it was filmed. The show was shafted by TEN and it is now on ELEVEN commencing the Sunday 8 December at 7.30pm. (Source: TV Tonight)

US Fashion designer Zac Posen has landed in Australia to film the finale of The FACE. That was quick filming. Hopefully we will see it on our screens early next year.

Sharon Osbourne has had a vaginaplasty and she is sharing the news. The rationale for that is unknown. (Source: Dlisted)

The Bachelor  producer who had his tweets go viral over Thanksgiving has admitted the fight on a plane with a “Diana” was fake. (Source: Reality Blurred) 

Cameron Daddo’s career is looking up. His last gig was on that abysmal reality show My Kid Is A Star and now he is going to be the face of Foxtel’s new music channel SMOOTH.

Matt Corby and how he is still popular due to his Idol start. (Source: SMH)

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Channel Ten Launch – Their Reality TV Line Up for 2012

Channel Ten launched their 2012 program last night, and the big surprise was they will be sticking with The Renovators for next year.

I think this a positive thing. The Renovators has the bones for the making of a great reality TV show. David Mott Network Ten’s Programming Director said: “So far the format has underperformed. But, it’s a brand we believe in so we are working directly with Shine to renovate THE RENOVATORS for 2011 and beyond.”


The Biggest Loser will be going back to the singles format rather then couples and families, but when they say singles they mean no boyfriend or girlfriend.

And of course Masterchef will return.

I know it is not reality TV show per se, but Young Talent Time will return, and the host will be former Australia Idol alumni Rob Mills. Do you agree with the choice of host? For some reason I am pretty excited about this but expect it has more to do with loving it when I was young. I hope they keep it a little bit cheesy.

Rob Mills has been working fairly consistently since his turn on Australian Idol so he must be thought of highly within the entertainment industry. Another Idol alumni who is pouring coffees between musical engagements is Matt Corby. Which is a pity as Matt is very talented, however I think fans may not have like on his last few weeks on the show that he was very negative about it. think he started believing his own hype.

What do you guys think?

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Matt Corby To Release EP In May




Australian Idol runner-up Matt Corby has come back in from the cold  and will be releasing his debut EP in May. Matt was runner up to Natalie Gauci. He will release it through Scorpio Music, the same label that Lisa Mitchell is with.

At the time of Idol he said he could not cope with the spotlight and declined a Sony BMG recording contract, and has since been gigging at small venues and Christian Festivals.

About his EP he said to the Sunday Telegraph:

“I think people will be kind of surprised by what they hear,” Corby says.

“I’m still developing as an artist, and I want to keep doing this.”

“I guess my music is a refection of hte music I love to listen to :blues and folk.”

He says his time on Idol was a bit of “a blur”.

“After my time on Idol, it was really important that I got the opportunity to take a step back from the experience and take it all in.”

“I was 16 years old, and the whole experience was a bit of a blur.”

“Playing to that many people on a weekly basis is kind of overwhelming.”

“It was really important for me to take the time to be a regular teenager, hang out with my friends and keep working on my music.”

He will return to London in May for about six months to work on a full album.

Matt Corby is currently dating Home and Away actress Rebecca Breeds.

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Matt Corby’s Hair Looked Great At Easter

I thought I had not done much that was festive on Reality Ravings. So I found footage of Season Five’s Australian Idol runner up Matt Corby playing at a Christian festival at Easter this year.

I love the haircut. Someone must have videoed it on their phone so keep the volume down as there are a lot of screaming girls.

December 31, 2008   2 Comments

Reality Tidbits – miscellaneous

So You Think You Can Dance Gossip and this is getting into the banal – Jack nearly arrested in New York.
In TV Week Jack reveals he was busting to go to the toilet when he was on the Subway.

“I got off at the next stop to find a bathroom, and after I found one, I started walking around, not really knowing where I was.

“Suddenly, this van drove up on the footpath and almost hit me! These cops jumped out and arrested two guys, who were standing next to me, for dealing drugs. They asked me, if I was part of it and I said no and took off!”

The other riveting piece of information in TV Week was that Henry used to be teased when he was young for dancing.

Todd McKenny is a lush.
Todd McKenny a judge on Dancing with the Stars was found guilty for drink driving and was banned from driving until July. The full details are here. What I found interesting that he only copped such a small penalty when he was already on a good behaviour licence. Methinks if he wasn’t a celeb a much harsher penalty would have been given out.

Guy Sebastian reveals Matt Corby to be his Wedding Singer.
Those who pray together, sing together. Guy Sebastian has revealed Matt Corby will be his wedding singer at his May wedding. They apparently met last year and became friends when Matt was in Australian Idol. Full story here.

Australia’s Next Top Model winner Alice Burdeau shows there is careers after reality tv.
Today it was revealed she will be heading to London to shoot an ad campaign for Dolce and Gabbana. This campaign will be shot by uber famous photographer Mario Testino. This is on top of modelling for New York fashion week. I don’t think we will be seeing her home anytime soon.

Full story here.

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