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Reality Tidbits

Project Runway Australia – To Air In July – Is it going to Take on the Olympics?
Traditionally TV stations have pulled any tv show that has looked like having above average ratings during the Olympics, however it looks like there will be something to watch other then the 100 metres butterfly, and the hammer throw.

Arena will start showing Project Runway Australia in July so therefore it will definitely run into the Olympics.

Filming is continuing with a bit of relax time at a sponsored L’Oreal related function where the only straight guy in the village, oops meant show, Brent Zaicek a designer from Sydney, said filming has been so hectic he has only been able to speak to his 13 year old son once since moving to Melbourne.

Zaicek is the only self taught designer in the house. Full story here.

Caridee winner of Next Top Model Apparently Attempted Suicide

It has been reported Caridee has attempted suicide after the breakup of her boyfriend. She was found sitting on the loo saying she had taken 10 pills she had for anxiety and depression. She has had a full recovery. Full story Here.

Ricky-Lee Coulter proves there is life after Young Divas.
And the winner of the Ricky Lee and Kate D’Arruago feud is Ricky-Lee. Ricky-Lee’s career continues to improve since quitting the Young Divas last year. She will now have a presenting role on this years Australian Idol with James Mathison, and Andrew G. Apparently she will have a support, mentoring, interview role backstage.

This is one of the changes the producers have made to the format to try and increase ratings from last year. The others has been sacking the judge Mark Holden, and auditioning in London.
Link to story here.

Leiden joins other former reality tv stars on the Dole Queue.
Leiden Kronemburger reveals in post elimination interviews that she has not had a job in 12 months! This is quite incredible considering we are nearly at what is termed as “full employment” also I thought there were a shortage of retail workers.

Leiden who did not endear herself to the judges last episode due to the lack of effort she showed in a couple of tasks, will continue to look for work. Maybe motivation is the issue rather then lack of skills. Full story here.

If she had had a better attitude she could have taken out this season title.

May 30, 2008   2 Comments

Reality Tidbits

Australia’s Next Top Model’s Have Had Their Make Over – Leiden Got a Buzz Cut.

Leiden Kronemburger has appeared on stage at the Royal Easter Show with a buzz cut. Make-over week in Australia’s Next Top Model must have occurred. In the American series normally one of the model contestants will received the buzz cut.

Bianca from Cycle 9 was much improved because of the radical change.

The picture of the the new hair do is here. Other top modellers in the photo are Kristy Coulcher, Rebecca Jobson and Alyce Crawford.

For the before shot here is a group photo here.

Australia’s Next Top Model commences on Fox 8 on April 22.

It Take Two Jade McCrae and Paul O’Brien say Judges Want Them Out.
Jade McCrae has lashed out at the It Takes Two judging panel to protest at what they claim is unnecessary and unfair criticism.

The Daily Terror article said:

A normally composed MacRae couldn’t contain her anger backstage after the Channel 7 talent show aired on Tuesday night, infuriated by judge James Valentine accusing Home and Away star O’Brien of not wanting to be a part of the singing competition.
“I am so f . . king angry,” MacRae raved to Confidential. “We’re all for constructive criticism, but when they put him down week after week, it’s just not nice.

Normally I find it is the opposite with Channel 7 stars as they get a few bonus points to enable them to stay in the show so they can continue to promote their shows. Channel 7 is the master of the cross promotion.

Another Channel 7 personality was eliminated on Tuesday night Sara Groen the weather/news girl. An exit interview from TV Week is here.

Also another exit interview from Who magazine here.

So You Think You Can Dance Jemma Armstrong Can Expect Strong Support from WA.
Jemma Armstrong the Perth Latin American dancer can expect strong support, ie lots of vote from Western Australia.

I expect the Western Australian media will give her huge coverage over the next few weeks.
The West here has a small article complete with a very nice photo.

Will geographical voting push some of the contestants to the top 4? There does seem to be some advantage of being from an area where there are fewer contestants eg a smaller (population wise) state, or a large regional area.

It was rumoured in 2005 that the winner of Australian Idol Kate DeAraugo won the competition because of the strength of the Ballarat vote.

Also good news for fans of the Australian version of So You Think You Can Dance, Channel 10 have confirmed it will be shown again next year.

Article here.

American Idol – Exit article with Chikezie
Chikezie was the unfortunate singer to be eliminated off American Idol this week, at least he can take comfort in making the top 10 tour.

Here is an exit interview from EW.

March 29, 2008   3 Comments