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Dancing With the Stars – Delta Needs to Sack Her Publicist

Our Delta Goodrem is releasing a new album. How do I know that? Well the past few weeks have been Delta on magazine covers, Delta in the social pages, Delta in magazines and newspapers all with the aim of spruiking the album and her new sexy, cool look.

So how did Delta’s appearance on Dancing With The Stars fit in with this ‘hot’ new image? Mmm it was like seeing a split personality on screen. Whilst singing she was channelling Tori Amos, and then during the song she morphed in to girl next door, Mandy Moore. Then she would remember that she was the new sexy Delta then bingo Tori was back on our screens.

If she was going to perform on any TV show shouldn’t it have been Australian Idol? Her old Alma Mater Neighbours is on Channel 10. Everyone that watches DWTS is at least over 30 is this the audience she is trying to cultivate, if so why is she on the cover of Dolly. All to schizoid for me.

Anyway back to the show…..

It is amazing how they puff out this show for 2 hours. The thing which really annoys me is there is six people trying to get air time and that is even before you count in the dancers.

They really need to put a muzzle on Darryl. I thought it ironic when Sonia and Darryl complained about people talking in their opening gambit. Take the hint guys.

Put into his contract a word limit per episode and if he goes over it he starts losing money.

Speaking of contracts, what is in Myers, do they have to promote it so obviously, it is not the Truman Show. Does Myer say we will dress Sonia Kruger if you mention our names a couple of times each episode? Sonia did look stunning in the black Carla Zampatti number, or maybe it was the glow from signing on for a breakfast spot on Mix 106.9 FM. Something that only Darryl can dream about.

First up was Elka Graham & Michael dancing the Pase Doble. She has been bottom two since the series began so really needed a big routine tonight. This did not occur, even though she looked stunning it was pretty dull. Michael was showing off his pecs, however with the ‘fake’ tan he just reminded me a poor imitation of George Hamilton (Is he still alive? Would have thought he had died of skin cancer by now.)

The judges out of sympathy gave them a high scoring 27 in an attempt to keep them in. To make DWTS work better I think they should cut it down to three judges, personally I could just handle Todd, and Helen, as Mark and Paul just blabber on the same thing. The Idol judges keep in succinct and witty compared to this lot.

Maybe David Leckie sends out a memo each week, telling them they have to keep on filling out the 2 hours even though there are fewer routines each week, if so they certainly have it down to an artform. There was way to much gibber tonight.

Next up were Mark Beretta and Linda with the waltz. The waltz is one of the most boring dances in the world even when done by professionals, however done by this lot it is positively tedious.

Helen said with a straight face after making some positive comments ” The
thing you need to do better is move better.” ????? Isn’t that the whole point of the show dancing. As usual he looked like a gay man with no rhythmn (which is probably a minority group within the pink community).

Anyway he hardly moved but they did give him a generous 25. As usual they plugged Sunrise, which again amazes me that it is ok for their viewers/fans to vote for Mark, but if Hillsong members vote for Idols suddenly there is a huge religious conspiracy.

James & Olya danced the waltz. This couple is hot. If I was James wife I would definitely be attending rehearsals to keep an eye on things. As usual they were good in an otherwise dull dance.

David Hobson and Karina danced the Pase Doble which was fantastic. He opened and closed it with opera singing. Very dramatic which because of his singing background pulled it off convincingly. It reminded me of the Torvill and Dean bolero number at that Winter Olympics way back in time. And even kept his shirt on which was unusual for the Pase Doble boys.

Patti Newton and Sandro danced the waltz. She is so playing up the I am an old lady, and this is harder then it looks card. Well if it is getting you votes why not. David Hobson is playing the nice funny guy card by thanking everyone in sight.

She danced well, again no comments about her being a trained dancer, however the lift at the end was fun to watch. I think she will win the competition.

Bridie Carter and Craig were up next doing the Pase Doble. She is the Tarasai of this competition. She dances well, and looks great, but for some undefinable reason I just don’t like her. A very limited personality. I nearly choked when Helen told her she was a great actress. Helen, Cate Blanchett is great actress. Clearly Bridie is not so great that the only work she can get is on a dance show.
Bridie was playing the role of Esmeralda, a sexy gypsy, very over acted. However they received the highest score of the night 35 along with David Hobson.

Craig was in the not wearing a shirt mob, and this look is for hot blooded spanish men not pale Aussie guys. It was not a look he carried off particularly well.

Anh Do and Luda did the waltz. He cleverly changed his persona tonight, to a more somber one. He was dedicating this dance to his grandma, as he was dressed in army fatigues, and three of her brothers had died in the Vietnam war. He looked genuine so it was not cheesy.

Luda looked sensational in a lemon pants suit, and they danced well, but it was still a bit dull. This could see them struggle bit next week.

Lucky last was Jessica Rowe and Serghei dancing the pase doble. They were supposed to be vampires, but she came across as a zombie. She was very stiff, but I think that was part of the choreography. The routine was quite good, and the judges scored it a very respectable 29. Serghei must love dress ups this week vampires, last week cats.

The bottom two were Elka and Michael, and Jessica and Serghei. Unsurprisingly Elka was eliminated, which shows their facebook support club was not working. The results also proved that Jessica’s fan base is not big, and she is not cultivating more during the show. I predict she will be gone next week.

October 16, 2007   1 Comment