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Have I been living in Sydney far to long?

As I was perusing post from an an American Idol Blog regarding his prediction for the 2008 American Idol season my jaw hit the floor when I read they predicted an openly gay American Idol contestant!!

In six seasons they have not had one???

I am just jaded because of the high gay population in Sydney that a gay final 12 contestant is not out of the ordinary. I had already assumed that there had been one in Australian Idol, however on thinking about it maybe I was wrong.

Yes Anthony Callea is gay, however he never came out until years later after being outed by helicopter weatherman Vic Larrusso. But rumours had been certainly circulating during that season of Idol.

Courtney Act the drag queen made final 12, but only got through when he was cross dressing, did not even make it to the final 100 dressed as a guy. Ok maybe this can be classed as a novelty act.

Which raises the issue of whether there has been an out and proud final 12 contestant in Australian Idol. I had always assumed there had been.

I had assumed this years Ben McKenzie was but was too young to know or cope with the issue if he came out. But no one really cared did they?

Are their other gay final 12 contestants I am missing?

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Reality Tidbits

Today it was announced that Anthony Callea has broken up with is boyfriend of 3 years.

The article which has a picture shows the two of them together. I must say the boyfriend Paul looks quite cute, but a bit older then him.

Apparently Paul was a “talent coordinator” on Australian Idol when they met. This year the Anthony was outed by Vic Larusso (weather man with a helicopter).

In another article from the gay press is an article on Ben McKenzie one of the more talented contestants from this year’s Australian Idol.

There was constant innuendo from the judges regarding his sexuality. Which of course is not going to be help by being interviewed in the Sydney Star Observer

There were no Missy Higgins type confessions but he did promote his show at the Metro this Sunday 9 at 1 pm.

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Australian Idol – Elimination Night And Now There Were Six.

Excitement swept across the couch when the other Australian Idol contestants could not believe their luck that Matt Corby and his over stylised hair, had landed in the bottom two tonight.

It looked like it could be a Steven Bradbury type moment when the front runner falls over and one of the other Idol’s would now have the chance to reap the glittering prize.

Natalie Gauci was very bad at containing her excitement as she was bounced up an down the couch with glee. Then her look of disappointment when they announced Ben McKenzie was gone and she realised her dream of being Australian Idol had again slipped out of her grasp was classic. Mark Holden you asked to see Natalie’s emotions well she certainly produced them tonight.

Now why did Ben and Matt land in the bottom two? Had the teenyboppers pre– paid mobiles ran out? Did everyone just think they were safe? Or was it a voter backlash against the popularity of Matt Corby?

What this weeks outcome will result in will be the teenage girls hitting the phones hard next Sunday. This will be the one and only time Matt will make bottom three this season.

Hopefully this shock may make Matt stop channelling James Blunt and do something different this week.

Ben certainly showed Jacob Butler a lesson in how to be gracious in defeat. Hopefully this won’t be the last we see of this talented kid.

But the $64 million question who is voting for Marty? Does he belong to a secret satanic cult (not Hillsong for once) and they are slyly voting for him, or does one of his friends or relatives work for a telecommunication company. Either way it is suspicious, and needs to be investigated.

The Idol producers must also think this years Idol’s are duds, by introducing James, and Andrew G into the chorus of the group routine, a medley of I Shot the Sheriff, and Psycho Killer to give it some entertainment value. Until they chimed in I was thinking this is the worst group song I had seen in the five seasons of the show.

James Mathison is just hilarious, with superb comic time . It will be interesting to see him act in his new sitcom which has just been commissioned by Channel Ten.

However James did let slip that he knew who the final three already were by eluding to the fact that after Matt Corby was up, that there was more shocks to come.

It was also worth the admission price alone to see the judges faces when presented with the two talented young boys, they knew a lame Aust Idol was about to get worse.

Reality Raver who had thought there had been a Nostradamus prophecy foretelling that Ben and Matt would be at the Sydney Opera House will now have to examine her crystal ball to see who will be joining Matt for that auspicious occasion. If Natalie can pull out a show stopper in the next two weeks, I think it will be her.

It was the first time in this series there had been real excitement on the show sadly the collateral damage was the elimination of the musical Ben McKenzie.

October 15, 2007   7 Comments