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So You Think You Can Dance Australia Former Winners Talia Fowler and Jack Chambers To Perform Tonight On Show

talia, jack and tina

Fans of So You Think You Can Dance Australia will be thrilled to hear that former winners and Talia Fowler and Jack Chambers will be performing together on tonight’s show.

Jack Chamber won the inaugeral season with Talia the ballerina winning season two. They will be dancing a contemporary number together and also to Tina Arena’s new single Reset. As previously reported Tina is also performing on the program. reports Jack Chambers has his own dance company with his brother and sisters and he also tours with Jason Gilkison’s Burn The Floor.

Talia worked with a San Franciso dance company and now performs with her long term partner Timomatic.

So You Think You Can Dance Australia on TEN Thursday nights at 7.30pm.


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SYTYCD Au Season 1 Winner Jack Chambers Performing His Mia Michael’s Dance

As part of Jack Chambers prize for winning Season 1 of So You Think You Can Dance Australia was to have US choreographer Mia Michaels choreograph a routine for him to perform at a dance showcase.

Here is an exerpt of it. To be honest I was a bit underwhelmed by the choreography, and thought it did not show of his abilities enough. But you can tell it is a Mia Michaels piece. Pity as I am a big fan of hers.

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Reality Tidbits

Kirk Pengilly To Mentor On Australian Idol This Sunday.
Former Inxs musician Kirk Pengilly will be mentoring on Idol this week. Are there going to be mentors each week? This could be overkill.

Anyway he will be able to catch up with his former mother-in-law Marcia Hines.

Ricki-Lee and Sophie Monk Face Off Over Tummy Controllers
Ricki-Lee has been named the face of Hold Me Tight shapewear range, whilst Sophie Monk will also be launching tummy tuckers this Tuesday.

I know which one I will be believe the product works for considering Ricki-Lee is size 14 whilst scrawny Sophie wouldn’t even need to use these products.

A Unfunny Mary Murphy So You Think You Can Dance Parody.
Well I thought it was not amusing but then again maybe I don’t have a sense of humour.
Click the link here and you decide.

Lisa Mitchell Has Completed Her First Album
Lisa Mitchell, the Australian Idol contestant, who was in the best season with Bobby Flynn and Damien Leith, has completed her first album.

Full details on Popdirt.

Project Runway – When they said they were taking it to LA, they meant it.
With Project Runway going to LA it was not just the location. First Lindsay Lohan is to be a guest judge but now Desperate Housewife Eva Longoria Parker will be as well.

It is currently being filmed in LA, however there are issues on when it will screen as Bravo who originally had the first five seasons has gone to court to stop the producers from swapping it to Lifetime.

Here is an interview with Heidi Klum regarding the delay. Please note there is a spoiler regarding one of the Season Five designers in it.

Jack Chambers from So You Think You Can Dance Australia Is Networking in New York.
Season one’s winner of SYTYCD Au, Jack Chambers, is currently in New York networking to try and make it on Broadway. He will be back in Australia soon to fulfill some SYTYCD Au requirements, and also to organise his US work visa. Full story here.

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Jack Chambers Update

The inaugural So You Think You Can Dance Australia winner Jack Chambers has finally been able to take his prize.

Part of it was a getting dance routine choreographed by Mia Michaels. Channel 10 official website has some footage of Jack and Mia working together here.

In other SYTYCD AU news one of the first season’s top 10Rhiannon Villareal is currently teaching dance at Brent St Studios and Sydney Dance Company it was reveal in an article in the Macarther Advertiser.

However it appears she wants to be a singer.

She said: “I’m trying to concentrate on songwriting,” she said.

“I’m always doing gigs and performing but haven’t recorded as such because it takes time.”

Lastly Cat Deeley the popular host of the US version of SYTYCD may have ended her man drought. She was seen out on a date with Jack Huston this week in LA. Picture here.

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So You Think You Can Dance – Reality Tidbits

Greatest Conspiracy Blog Ever on SYTYCD.
Marndizz Goss Blog has this great theory on how So You Think You Can Dance was a scam. Now I am a conspiracy theorist but this person beats me hands down.

Her theory which goes into some detail, says the she did not even think the final was live, as there were no public tickets available, which is unusual for those type of show.

She also raises how the routine prior to the announcement of the winner was the one between Jack and Rhys, and how the girls had not had a similar dance together. I have to pay that.

Anthony Ikin Tore Shoulder Muscle – So Had An Excuse For Bad Disco Routine In Finale

It was reported yesterday that Anthony Ikin tore his shoulder muscle right at the start of Laura and his disco routine. Which would explain a lot as it looked pretty shoddy. Poor bugger as Laura is probably the biggest (tallest) girl in the competition to lift. Her part of the routine was not to good, but then she was probably wondering if she was going to get dropped doing the lifts.

Nigel Lythgoe told Bonnie Lythgoe Not To Dance In Group Dance at the Finale.

Now this was a spurious rumour that was posted by a reader on It said that Nigel told Bonnie not to dance in the routine as she would make a fool of herself. Nice to know that even after their separation he is still trying to reduce her self esteem.

Interview with Rhys here

Interview with Jack Chambers here he states the person he would turn straight for would be Beyonce – I cannot get that image out of my head, she would squash him.

Interview with Demi here and one with Kate here.

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