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The Amazing Race – The Teams Are Cracking Up

I wonder if the producers saw any irony in having the race path going from Krakow to Israel. It was probably a road well travelled after World War Two.

The teams were off and racing with all of them catching up at Krakow airport, except for Dave and Kel who got lost on the way, and had to get on a later plane.

The interesting thing about this leg is you could really see how the constant racing was impacting on the teams. Particularly the two older people left in the race Dave and Jeff. They were both quite emotional and moody as they were so exhausted both physically and mentally.

Once in Tel Aviv they had to go up a sky scraper to receive their Roadblock clue. The roadblock was sending them 95 kilometres north to the port town of Haifa. Was this the longest way travelled for a Roadblock in any series of this show.

Nathan and Tyler who had had their money stolen on a train in the previous episode and were already looking worried their $50 for this leg of the race wasn’t going to get them very far.

On the train to Haifa Luke said he was glad Kel and Dave were not there as it was a respite from Dave’s energy. Also they mentioned some malicious behaviour. I wonder what that was all about.

The Roadblock was to put a container on a truck and park it. One thing I have noticed is a lot of the challenges have been pretty much male orientated. Last week the sawing challenge was just about brute force.

The Farmers had their truck licences, and Dave was a truck driver. However Dave was having difficulty with the challenge as he was so fatigued.

Jeff when he finished said to his son Luke “I did that for me and then for you” I kind of got the feeling that has been his parenting philosophy for most of Luke’s life.

The Farmers were the first out of the roadblock and back to Tel Aviv to find Old Jaffa.  It was an interesting challenge next where one team member had to answer five questions about teams on the race, and then the other team member had to match them. The farmers were again first to finish. All the other teams struggled with it.

It was then onto the detour – with the choice of finding a key in the sand with a metal detector to open a box, or hit a ball to each other 13 times.

The farmer finished hitting the ball before anyone arrived and then they had to drive to Masada to the pit stop and were first to arrive. I will look forward to seeing next week’s episode to see how far in front of everyone they were.

Jeff and Luke were second, and even after Nathan and Tyler got horribly lost they were still third on the pit stop mat. The girls also went an hour or so the wrong way but were safe. I am not sure what happened to Dave and Kel as they implied that when they finished the detour they thought they could catch Sam and Renae but that could have just been crafty editing.

Dave and Kel didn’t get to the pitstop, as you can’t be on Masada at night, and Grant Bowler came to them at a cafe car park.

July 12, 2011   9 Comments

Australian Idol Final Nine – Unplugged

Due to a recording malfunction I missed both Mark and Natalie’s songs – very cranky but not as cranky as the males in the house when they realised the first half of the Grand Final had not been recorded!

Tonight was acoustic night, and it was an opportunity for the Idol’s to put their money where their mouth is. They were able to play instruments and their was no music restrictions. I found it ironic that acoustic night was held on the night they will get their lowest TV ratings due to most of Sydney and Melbourne viewers watching the NRL Grandfinal.

Kyle was at his witty best, and Sheridan Tyler was obviously feeling waistcoats this season, as both Jacob, and Daniel wore them.

Ian Moss was a guest artist “mentoring”the Idol’s, nicely timed to fit in with the release of his new CD. On American Idol the guest artist also sits on the judging panel for the night, which did not happen here but I presume five judges would be too much, but he could have replaced Dicko for the night and given him the opportunity to get over his jet lag.

Carl – sang a Harry Connick Jr “It’s alright with me”. He is a bit amateur hour for me and each week I think he is going to go, but those puppy dog eyes are clearly working on some voters. There are a lot of hits on his fan site on the Official Australian Idol website. Only Ben and Matt Corby have more. So it looks like he will be staying around for awhile.

The navy have agreed to let him out of his contract, however I still see his career on the high seas – singing on a cruise ship.

Oh and Kyle the horn joke was predictable.

Jacob- Keane – “Somewhere Only We Know”. Why was he not playing his guitar? I thought this was the week all the “serious” artists on the show were wanting. I thought it was dull and when I heard the lyric “This could be the end of everything” I thought yeah honey I think your Idol journey will be ending tomorrow night.

At the end of the song the camera was desperately scanning the crowd to find a Jacob placard. They found one and it was probably a relative or friend, so that does not count.

Matt – Damien Rice “The Blower Daughter”. Now Matt rates highly on the crucial placard count – there were squillions plus kids in I love Matt t-shirts, this guy is going to have be caught with a kilo of smack to lose this competition.

Dicko said there had been shenanigans backstage about the choice of his song. The interpretation of this was producers were wetting themselves that the obscure song would see him voted out, and leave them with limited star quality for the rest of the Idol performances.

Musically he is extremely talented, and I thought the song was good. The judges are so hypocritical re: song choices, because Matt pulled it off he was an artist, if he had blown it they would have been pulling out the Holly, and Reigan rantings.

Daniel – Kiss “I Was Made For Loving You”. I was surprised he did not play an instrument tonight, but maybe he wanted his musicality to show through the arrangement he had done on turning the rock song into a ballad. Gosh did it work. Tonight I thought he looked good, even sexy. Did someone trim his hair? The waist coat was working for me. The song was beautiful, first time I have ever listened to the lyrics of a song which I have heard at least 100 times. Not sure if it merited a touchdown. I wish Mark would outline the criteria he judges it on as I thought last weeks was dodgy too. Ben’s song was better, and Mark did not give him one tonight.

Ben – did not catch song title or band but it did not matter as it was so beautiful. He has such star quality, I hope he goes to broadway. The nerves were showing but who cares as Kyle said “Sensational”. He is a cutie, and I suspect he will be walking the Opera House steps with Matt.

TarasaiDeseree “Kissing You”. I nearly gagged when Kyle said she was his favourite. Probably guaranteed to get her in the bottom three tomorrow.

Vocally brilliant probably the best song she has done, but she does not connect with me. Maybe if I saw more of that mad personality the judges were talking about my attitude might change. But the cutsie look she gives the camera is irritating. I found it vaguely amusing that Ian Moss did not warm to her.

Marty – Snow Patrol “Open Your Eyes”. Yes looked much better with the guitar, and his gravelly voice really suited the song. He will get through this week, but I think his life on the show is now limited.

Bottom 3, Mark, Tarasai, and Jacob.

A stronger show tonight, with Kyle again taking out the points for most amusing judge.

September 30, 2007   3 Comments