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What Happens When A Ladette To Lady Makes A Sex Tape – Well ABC2 Show Head First Shows Us

I have always jokingly said the fastest way to become a reality TV star was to have a sex tape and that is exactly what reality TV agent Gina Rodriguez has advised former Ladette to Lady Australia contestant Skye Harper to do just that.

We see this occur on Head First where film maker Sabour Bradley(who is a hottie) takes Skye on the well worn fame seeking trail.

And this is where Gina comes in who suggests she make a sex tape with one of her clients Jeff Miranda who was a boyfriend of Snooki in Jersey Shore. Personally I think if you are going to make a sex tap you would want it to be with a person of a bit higher profile then that, maybe The Situation?

However Gina clearly puts her money where her mouth as her client Farrah Abrams from Teen Mom has just released a sex tape called “Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom”. New York Daily has the full story on that one and that sex is getting plenty of publicity.

This episode of Head First which will screen on ABC2 on May 8 at 9.30pm.

Here is the blurb from the press release as the episode will also have Tania Zaetta, Max Markson and Octomum on it:

In an age when celebrity is more likely to come from infamy than talent, what does an ordinary person have to do to become famous? Sabour decides to find out by following a young fame wannabe from Brisbane, Skye Harper, in her struggle up the celebrity ladder. 

He also hooks up with comeback queen Tania Zaetta as she attempts to re-build her shattered career in Australia with new manager Andrew Taylor, who books her shopping centre gigs as an MC for Kim Kardashian.

When Skye starts experiencing failure after failure at auditions around town she asks Sabour if he will be her manager and he says ‘yes’. Not wanting to muck around, he takes her to a fateful meeting with celebrity agent Max Markson who says they need to create a ‘breakthrough media moment’ for Skye and urges them to head straight to the fame capital of the world; LA.

After missing her flight and nearly jeopardising the trip, Skye takes a meeting with entertainment manager Gina Rodriguez (who represents reality stars like the Octomum) and the fun begins. Gina offers Skye a chance to create a ‘media moment’ with one of her clients, Jeff Miranda (formerly Snooki’s boyfriend from Jersey Shore) but her favoured method is a leaked sex tape.

For Gina, it’s a straightforward business proposition she’s used many times before. But for Skye and Sabour it’s a shocking development that neither of them expected. Sabour wrangles Gina into starting with something smaller for his client (a date with Jeff Miranda in New York) but before they fly off to the big Apple, Skye drops a bombshell: she’s changed her mind and is now willing to do anything for fame… even a sex tape with Jeff Miranda.

It’s a decision that sets of a crazy chain of events that includes the Octomum, New York, Red carpet events, a Reality TV School, breakdowns, revelations, makeovers, celebrity journos, paparazzi, and a final fateful meeting with Jeff Miranda that snowballs completely out of control and forces Skye to decide just how far she’s prepared to go for fame.

I think for me this is going to be compulsory viewing.


May 7, 2013   9 Comments

Donelle Wins Ladette To Lady


Donelle won the title tonight in the second series of Aussie Ladette To Lady. The angry, swearing 23 year old had transformed into a happier less lippy lady over the course of the series.

There is no prize except for the title.

I hope she does not change too much as I like what she had to say on the Channel Nine website, as this is what she had to say about what ticks her off.

She said “I hate dumb sl–s, arrogant guys, “players”, people who are s–t at their job and leave me to clean up the mess.” Got to agree with her on that one.

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November 18, 2009   2 Comments

Aussie Ladette To Lady – Episode 2 – This Show Is Getting To Its Use By Date

Tonight’s recap could have been one word – Yawn. This series has gotten tired, and extremely boring. It is more about emotionally damaged girls rather than ladettes. Where was any ladette behaviour tonight, it  was all about watching quail eggs being peeled, and seeing girls get into cars with their knees held together.

Brat Camp is so much more interesting  for seeing transformations of troubled teens. Mrs Schrager and Mrs Harboard indulging in pop psychology is irritating. They think that they can solve Kayla’s issues about her being in foster care since she was nine. Mrs Schrager gave us this insight “she is scared she will be asked to leave”. I think her issues are a bit more entrenched than that.

However on the plus side the girls do appear to be more motivated about making changes to their lives once they get home. How long this lasts would be interesting to know.

The aim this week is to start their social transformation – for the girls to rein themselves in.

What happened with the girls this week:

Samantha McCleod whose signature party trick is the wet pussy shot, and post party trick is puking thinks that by going on the show and holding herself better will get her a better quality guy. She has a little crush on a gentleman named Charlie. So when she misses out on going on the car rally with him she is not motivated to keep things on track in the kitchen.

21 year old Shari is a construction worker who does not like authority, and but does like flashing her boobs. She got in trouble for failing in her duties as a drink monitor. That is she over poured the gin, and then lied about it. Tear started rolling when she was caught out.

I quite like 23 year old Donelle mine worker, as she doesn’t like “dumb bitches”. Not that she gives us a definition of who they are. The other thing is she does not hold back from whacking a guy when he grabs her on the arse. Not a Mrs Harboard recommended way of handling this issue, but nonetheless extremely effective.

The main even of the episode was a car rally. Three girls were picked to participate in the rally and the rest had to prepare the picnic. The three that got to go on the rally were Donelle, Shari and Jessica.

At this stage the episode got extremely tedious. The girls were late in preparing the picnic. Considering they only had two hours to make meringues, bread, quiche, pork pies, and quails eggs I thought they did well to only run 1 and 1/2 hours late.

Anyway Samantha got in trouble for sitting down at a picnic blanket even though she was invited. I am not sure if it was that breach of etiqutte or the fact she did not run the kitchen properly which was the reason behind her elimination.  Personally I thought it was a bit unfair.

October 27, 2009   5 Comments

Ladette To Lady Australia- Season 2 – A Bit Formulaic

The girls better be skanky this series, because in the first season the Australian girls were not as skanky as the ones in the UK version, they are just out of control.

I found the first episode to be a tad formulaic – the girls were the “worst the teachers had ever seen”, all the girls had drinking problems, and then to liven things up alcohol was introduced. I think some of these girls would do better on Celebrity Rehab or at least enter the twelve step program.

A lot of the show tonight felt set up particularly the opening scenes in the airport car park, and on the bus to the school.

However Letitia needing to go to the toilet did appear genuine. Letitia whose vices are drinking (naturally) and fighting, became justifiably agitated. It appears she did not wet her pants, but I would have thought it was lady like to stop the bus to allow someone to relieve themselves.

The week started off with a de-metalling of the girls, with some the girls taking out so many piercings I am surprised they got through the metal detectors. Piercings these days appears to have morphed into some sort of body mutilation.

There were the usual classes elocution, etiquette, and flower arranging given by post-menopausal women, who even though they are “ladies” appear to not very happy and extremely uptight.

After finding out the girls are going to be hosting a garden party, they then had a lesson in how to make a delicious punch. Yes you can see where this is going.

The lesson was hosted by a very hunky Viscount Harris. One thing I noticed this time was the lads were a bit better looking, I wondered if it was the economic times in the UK, and they needed to supplement their trust funds.

Needless to say Mrs Harboard then left the girls alone in the room after the lesson to clean up. Yes this was standard Ladette To Ladies fare. They skulled drinks, and hid booze. Letitia took the fall for one of the missing bottles and had to clean two bathrooms.

At the garden party Jessica a 19 year old who is a stripper with an exhibitionist streak managed to score a lad. In forty minutes of TV she managed to show her breasts, flash her butt, suggest lewd things with a phallic symbol to the Viscount, snog a guy, and cry twice. This girl will be on the show for awhile. NW last week stated that Jessica has changed her ways since she returned home. She is now living with her parents, has broken up with her girlfriend and has been in a movie. If she has gone from ladette to movie star those wannabe actresses in the Beauty and the Geek House will not be happy.

We were also introduced to Kaila who is a drinker as well as unemployed whose misdemenour was chatting back in cooking class.

Donelle is a super fit girl who likes drinking and getting aggressive she seemed to be not taking it too seriously and managed to get in trouble a few times.

Shari  a hard drinking construction worker who likes taking off her clothes, managed to latch onto a lad at the garden party, and was caught jokingly flashing her underwear at him. NW said that this former private school girl has dated two men at once without either of them finding out about it. Gosh if that is ladette behaviour, half of the girls in Sydney would be sent to Eggleston Hall.

She was another one who broke down in the elimination interview. Which are not really interviews but just the teachers telling you how awful you are.

We were not “introduced” to all the girls tonight so hopefully they will get more screen time next week.

Letitia was the one to be eliminated, and she was pretty non-plussed about it.

The first episode of the show was not enthralling however they did manage pique enough interest to ensure me tuning in again next week.

October 20, 2009   7 Comments

Ladette To Lady – Interview With Winner Nicole.

Who Magazine has an interview with Nicole Mitchell who was crowned the winner of Ladette to Lady. In the interview she reveals how Ladette to Lady has changed her life. She says she will not be going back to her previous profession of stripping and is currently studying horticulture.

I liked Nicole she had a certain vulnerability about her and I was glad she won. But maybe to shed her ladette image she may need to dump her boyfriend who is currently in jail for armed robbery. (Rolls eyes).

TV Week also has an interview with her.

Here in TV Week is an interview with Skye where she says her english gent will be coming out in August. Also she says she said she was arrested the first night she was in England. Why did we not see that? Also she says that she would not pose for Zoo mag, I could swear she is on the cover this week. I will check it out.

Also Here is Kristyn’s who was the runner-up of the show. We did not really get to see much of her on the show, and really the interview is probably just as boring.

March 19, 2009   Comments Off on Ladette To Lady – Interview With Winner Nicole.