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The Nest – Reality TV – Oh No it is on SBS it must be a Documentary!

Why is it that when a reality tv show is on SBS it obtains the same status as a documentary. For the past two weeks a number of TV and other journalists have been writing about this reality tv program as if that everything it is showing has merit.

For those that have missed the show the premise is about children still in their twenties who are still living at home otherwise known as KIPPERS.

There are two theories the producers are trying to prove. Firstly that the children that are over 25 will find it harder to adapt to moving out of home. The second theory is the under 25’s who move out of home are more adaptable. SBS are so keen for this show to be taken seriously they have included Gen Y expert de jour Bernard Salt for commentary.

However there are some flaws in how they are going about proving this theory.

The under 25’s house are not strangers but two sisters who have been moved out of the Shire family home. So therefore they are not having to go through the usual stresses of a share household of negotiating what food to buy out of the budget, the sharing of a bathroom with a stranger, and having to put up with various weird friends of the other housemates. These sisters have grown up together so have the same values and views so they have not been placed in a household outside their comfort zone.

The other issue is where in Sydney in the inner west (I am guessing Leichhardt or Annandale) can you get a fully renovated two bedroom house for $300?? Put the under 25’s in a house or flat that is more realistic to the income they have been given. You know the run down dump, with rising damp and mould, with a grotty bathroom.

So the “experts” like the American psychologist is a praising how well the girls are adapting to moving out, and therefore backing up their theory of the under 25’s coping better with the change. Due to there being no conflict in the house, unless you count the fact the youngest is not able to afford a pedicure or eyebrow wax most of the show is based on the other “characters”

Now onto the over 25’s share household where five people (one couple) moved in together. Again there is a power imbalance as three of the five – the two brothers and girlfriend have already been living together. Also there is Anielka and Jeremy.

SBS appears to be editing the show to again try and prove their theory that over 25 years find it more difficult to move out, and Anielka appears to be the whipping girl for this.

The only other girl in the house in Furonda (sic), the girlfriend of one of the brothers, who appears to barely speak. The only time was to discuss with Anielka then need for her to pull her weight in the house. Anielka quite rightly pointed out that Furonda was the only one doing the housework, and that she had yet to see any of the boys do any, and that she was not going to take on the housewife role.

Even when one of the brothers, I think it was Scott on the night he was meant to cook went and got takeaway, he was praised by the experts for not shirking his responsibilities. I suspect if Anielka had come home with take away on the night she was meant to cook she would have been criticised for not coping, nor taking responsibility and over spending.

So come on SBS lets have some balanced editing.

Also if they are serious about making the kids move out shouldn’t they be banned from going home during their time away to do laundry, socialise or borrow the car?

July 5, 2008   4 Comments