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Reality Tidbits

Australian Idol Top Four Boys To Be The New Young Divas??? NOOOOOO.
WA Today has Teale Jakubenko saying the top 4 boys would like to make music together after the end of Australian Idol. Could this be the new Young Divas? Let’s hope not. I cannot imagine Wes Carr wanting to sing bad cover songs.

Teale you are dreaming, this was just chat after a few beers with the boys.

Yes You Can Be An International Reality TV Star
There are a few international reality TV stars Simon Cowell, and Nigel Lythgoe to name two. But Australia’s Kym Johnson who to dance on US Dancing With The Stars continues to gain popularity. She is hanging out with celebs in Hollywood like Kim Kardishan, and also continues to be popular on the TV forums throughout the internet. Don’t expect to see her home anytime soon. Daily Tele has the full yarn.

Dean Geyer To Rub His Body With Baby Oil
I am finding it very hard to get excited about this. Apparently his neighbours character Ty Harper who is an aspiring singer will strip (no not the full monty) and will slather his chest with baby oil. Does anyone watch neighbours anymore? With plot lines like this why would you bother. Full story here on the Daily Tele Website.

Does Ryan Seacrest Only Date Blondes?
American Idol host who is persistently dodging gay rumours is apparently now dating US Dancing With the Stars Julianne Hough. He has previously dated Sophie Monk. It appears he has a penchance for blondes and reality TV stars. It is interesting how all his ‘relationships’ last about a minute. National Ledger has more details of this union.

Ice Road Truckers To Be Made Into A Movie.
Ice Road Truckers has been on Fox 8 for awhile, and is now on Channel Ten on Friday nights at 7.30pm. This show is about truck drivers hauling cargo up ice roads in the middle of the Canadian winter. Sounds boring. It’s not, and obviously Hollywood doesn’t think so either. A movie is going to be made. I can see George Clooney in a lead role in this one!

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Reality Tidbits

Darren Hayes Disappointed With His Idol Pick Sophie Patterson.

Darren Hayes who will be mentoring the Australian Idol’s this Sunday where the performers will have to sing Australian hits. What are the chances Luke Dickens will do a Barnesy number? However in an interview he said Sophie had become too ‘slick’. Hayes had been at the London audition where she was found.

Personally I think Sophie is trying to be sexy when she is not. I don’t get why Dicko goes the whole Bridgette Bardot route with her. She needs to go back to be a bit more the folk singer like Brooke White was in this years American Idol.

Hayes says he is impressed with Roshani Priddis and Wes Carr. Full interview on

Charlotte Dawson In Talks To Become The Host of Australia’s Next Top Model
In non surprising news Charlotte Dawson will be meeting with Brian Walsh, the head of Foxtel today to discuss her future with the show.

After stepping in at last minute to host the live finale when Jodhi Meares choked she deserves to be first crack at the top job. Anyway Jodhi never really made a success of that role she was far too scripted something Jennifer Hawkins should learn from. Full story here.

Speaking of Jennifer Hawkins…
In tomorrow nights show of Make Me a Supermodel the wannabe models will be training with AFL footballers, Brodie Holland and Ryan O’Keefe. If you want to see a nice picture of Shanina Shaik click here.

This year’s Idol’s and Bobby Flynn to Meet Up At The Basement tonight
Bobby Flynn will be playing at The Basement tonight and tomorrow night to promote his new album. If that Idol fix is not enough this years Idol contestants will also be there tonight with cameras in tow.

In other Idol news – Carl Risley will be singing at The Vanguard at Newtown tonight. Shannon Noll is also releasing a Best Of Album. Can you do that if you have only been around for five years?

Also the Australia contestant from this years American Idol, Michael Johns, will be in Perth as a guest star on a telethon.

For the truly Obsessed US So You Think You Can Dance Fan
Yes I am one of them. Here is an excerpt from the LA Times about them hanging out at the post Emmy party.

The “American Idol” / “So You Think You Can Dance” table was in a festive
mood despite “Amazing Race’s” continued dominance of the reality television
category. “Idol” / “Dance” overlord Nigel Lythgoe reported that he used his
first few moments without a show on the air this year to launch the dance show
franchise in South Africa. Telling of his travels, he marveled about that
nation’s talent.

Across the table, “SYTYCD” judge Mary Murphy was asked if the
party rates a ticket on the Hot Tamale Train (her highest level of praise on the
show).”Oh, no,” she drawled in a deep Southern pitch, “You can’t get a ticket on
the Hot Tamale Train if there’s no dancing.” She gazed out forlornly at the
empty patch of dance floor in front of the bandstand. So why are these things
called balls if there’s never any dancing? “Maybe because there are so many more
losers than winners,” she said.”A party with Mary Murphy is a scream!” Lythgoe
said from across the table, referring to his colleague’s penchant for
full-volumed praise on the show.

But Murphy didn’t take the bait; no piercing trademark shout came forth to crack the chandeliers across the ballroom.Making his way out of the party, Ryan Seacrest stopped by to greet his “Idol” family.

The famously early-to-bed, multiple-job-holding hosting titan is out awfully
late, maybe his latest ever? “Well, let’s see,” he said, looking at his watch,
“the big hand is on the 2 and the little hand is on the, what’s that number?
I’ve never seen that before, 1 and 0 . . .” He looked up and gazed around the
room. “So this is what normal people do at night . . . I’ve got to try this

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The Amazing Race won Best Reality TV Show At The Emmy’s

The Amazing Race won the best reality TV show last night at the Emmy’s ahead of the mega popular American Idol.

I think they have won this category five or six years in a row confirming that it is a quality reality tv show.

I am a huge fan and if pisses me off that Channel 7, who have the rights to it, cannot screen it, and when they do they bury it in the 9.30pm time slot. We are at least two seasons behind.

If they are not going to screen at least let pay TV screen them, as they only get the reruns.

This is one reality TV I covet to go on. I know if I went on it with my preferred partner, a friend, it would not be pretty, we would make Johnathan and Victoria look like Mother Teresa!

Jeff Probst won best reality TV host. Again Channel Nine when are we going to get Survivor back on our screens? We are at least one series behind. I would love to see the Fans V Favourites series that has finished in the US. It has the nasty Johnny Fairplay on it.

The Emmys were hosted by reality TV stars including Ryan Seacrest, Jeff Probst, and Heidi Klum. Apparently their hosting was pretty boring, and the the hunky Jeremy Piven gave them a metaphorical slap when he went up to accept his award. slags them off here and here.

And finally from the Emmy’s a badly dress Mary Murphy from So You Think You Can Dance.


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Reality Tidbits

Natalie Bassingthwaite admits she was crap in the first few weeks of So You Think You Can Dance.

In an article here on the Daily Terror website Natalie Bassingthwaite admits her performance on the first few weeks of So You Think You Can Dance was under par.

She said:
“In the first few episodes I was absolutely petrified and it obviously came across,” she said at Redfern CarriageWorks where the series is filmed.
“Some of the criticism did hurt, it did make me feel I shouldn’t have done this.

“But I never went out there to say I’m the best host, but you know – I’m having a go.

“So I got through that moment and I’m happy with how I progressed – if you strip it all back and be true to yourself, that’s what works the best.”

We all remember the weird stoned autocue eyes, and stilted repartee, however she has improved in leaps and bounds and does look more comfortable in the role.

I like her honesty.

Channel Ten taking show cross promotion to a new heights by revealing Big Brother contestants on their other programs this week.

Obviously Channel 10 think that the Big Brother viewing audience is desperate to know who will be going into the Gold Coast compound next week by saying that the contestants will be revealed across other top rating Channel 10 tv programs this week.

The first inmate will show their face in a reel to run on So You Think You Can Dance tomorrow night, followed by the second and the third housemates being announced on Bondi Rescue and The Biggest Loser respectively.

I think I will just wait to get the information off the Big Brother forums.

Link to article on Daiy Terror Website

Simon Cowell Thinks This Year’s Idol’s Lack Personality.
As we know Simon Cowell does speak the fountain of truth.

He said in article to Variety American Idol cast lacks personality as exemplified by how they have presented themselves on the program thus far.

“They are giving very safe answers to questions, making safe song selections,” Simon said.

“We are not getting a sense of who they are. We have to try to pull it out of them more.”
Simon also said Michael Johns’ elimination, which was a shock to many – including the singer himself, shouldn‘t have been so unexpected.

“You cannot deliver an uninspired performance at the top of the show,” Cowell said. “And you can’t be up there imitating another singer.”

I know Simon it makes you long for Danny Noriega to be back on the show. Maybe the voting public cannot handle anything other then bland?

Speaking of bland here is some post elimination tidbits from Kristy Lee Cook

EW exit summary with Kristy Lee Cook. She admits to the record contract at 17 years which was released.

American Idol Co-Host in Season One Brian Dunkleman admits he was an idiot to leave the show after one season.
Now we all make poor career decisions in our lives, but not ones as big as Brian Dunkleman who was co-host of American Idol in Season One with Ryan Seacrest, who decided not to continue on in the role after one season

As we know Ryan Seacrest is now mega rich, famous radio and TV personality with lots of blond women hanging off him.

Now where is Brian?

Well read the article here. to find out.

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Sophie Monk and Ryan Seacrest out on a date???

Just before I do my recap on tonights So You Think You Can Dance I found this little snippet of gossip – Sophie Monk and Ryan Seacrest were on a date last night????

The two veterans of reality TV, Sophie Monk from the first season of Popstars, and Ryan from American Idol were caught coming out of Foxtail last night.

Ryan seems to have a thing for blondes. Last week wasn’t he dating Holly Huddersfield?

Link with photo here.

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