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Big Brother Third Inmate Revealed – A Born Again Virgin?

Travis a squeaky voice flamboyant 20 year old had been revealed as the third flatmate in the Big Brother household.

He has revealed he his a church going and a virgin.

Ok call me a cynical bitch who has lived in the inner city of Sydney for far too long but you do the maths.

Here is what is revealed about him thus far on the Big Brother website:

  • He has a unique look and is flamboyant and excitable;
  • Travis is a virgin who attends church and is anti-drugs.
  • But being a virgin doesn‘t mean the ladies don’t like him”¦ Travis is a girl’s best friend.
  • His fave movie is “The Devil Wears Prada“.
  • He’s had three girlfriends so far.

Is anyone else thinking gay?

Probably not allowed to contemplate his sexuality due to his religious beliefs. I hope they put some hot out gay guy in the house to see how he copes with that temptation. Now that would be something to watch religious beliefs v sexual tension.

For more info on Travis go here to the BB website

April 25, 2008   2 Comments