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The Phone – It Is Not Ringing My Bell.

When you answer a phone and a voice says  “Do you want to win $25,000?” Your immediate reaction is to say “No I don’t want a mobile phone, time share or to buy a raffle ticket for your charity”

Now the premise of the show The Phone is that a mobile phone rings and a random person picks it up and goes on an Amazing Race type of adventure with the chance of winning up to $25,000.

Firstly there is no way the two contestants are random because of the following reasons:

  • Neither contestant appeared to have any commitments for the rest of the day, like jobs or lectures or people to meet;
  • The girl was told to get in a locksmith van, and she just willingly did so without fear for her safety, and at this stage the camera was supposedly hidden in a bush;
  • Stuart the guy in the gym sat down as he answered the phone as if he expected to have a long conversation; and
  • One of the clues in the Vodafone store had to do with the contestants ages so how were the producers meant to know in advance the ages of these supposedly random people.

For years Australian’s have been watching The Amazing Race laughing at the dumb Americans, but tonight the yanks could have their revenge, as Carmen and Stuart bumbled around Sydney.

They were given time limits for getting clues and then they would have cash deducted from the $25000 prize. However at the petrol station they were given the longest 2 minutes ever to find the clue.

Also they were told to go into a man’s house in Coogee and get the keys to a sports car out of his pocket. Stuart talking to camera pretends that it was really covert and that the man could get out of the shower at any moment and they would be busted.

Oh come on Stuart how many people have that many trousers laying around the house with that many keys in their pockets???

Anyway there probably won’t be a second series as Kia won’t be buying product placements again because  Carmen’s comments about the vehicle looking lika ” a seedy kidnapping van”  were not edited out. 

Finally Justin Melvey looked like a pimp, and this was just confirmed in a pointless scene towards the end where he was standing on a golf course when two hoods came and manhandled some asian men, and then just as they were about to grab the girl Justin calls out “she’s with me” she then runs up to snuggle him.

If someone emails me with the names of the acting agencies this pair are with you will win a prize. It will probably be something cheap  and dodgy just like this show.


1 Injera { 01.20.09 at 8:05 am }

The Phone? Phony! I read somewhere (I know, it’s always good to be specific…!) that after the phones are answered, the answerers are taken off and interviewed by the producers – I guess this is where they’d sign agreements etc – and then the action is all taped on a different day. They are asked to wear the same clothes so that it seems that it’s all a continuous shoot. Lame. So glad you watched it so I didn’t have to.

2 Reality Raver { 01.20.09 at 10:09 am }

Oh that is interesting regarding the set up of it.
Actually I was going to see if you wanted to write a guest post next week or whenever you get foxtel on the show to see what anomalies you can pick up. I have a feeling you are more observant then me.

I will do a quick recap on Top Design for you today.

3 Injera { 01.21.09 at 7:11 am }

How exciting! Guest blogger! I’m definitely up for it (although, by the sounds of it, I’ll need some strong anti-nausea meds to get through the show). Foxtel is being installed next Tuesday, if all goes well and they can get to the roof for the dish…