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Masterchef Australia – The First Episode Is Getting Close

Sarah Wilson courtesy of

Sarah Wilson courtesy of

Masterchef Australia is the most anticipated reality TV show this year, and it is about to hit our screens on Monday 27 April on Channel Ten. We have seen the TV ads  where we have seen our first glimpses of the judges and the contestants? But host Sarah Wilson was not showcased in that promo.

With the show starting next week, it was no surprised she is starting to be spruiked.

Today in the Sunday Telegraph she is looking smoking hot in a red dress and is talking about bit about herself and Masterchef Australia.

The article revealed (I cannot find a link sorry):

She grew up on a subsistence farm and battled with body image as a teenage model. She also reveals she was diagnosed with autoimmune disease a year ago.

“It’s taken me a long time to learn to listen to my body,” she told the Sunday Telegraph. “I had a bit of a health scare and decided to heal myself with food and a different lifestyle.

“Taking food back to its roots is really important – food that is as close to the source as possible and hasn’t been complicated too much.

“It has been easy for me because I felt immediately better.”

She is excited about her TV debut, Wilson said MasterChef tested the skills of ordinary people with a passion for cooking – and made it crackerjack viewing.

“We’re getting the best TV because it’s so raw and the people are so real,” she said. “It’s going back to the old school roots of reality TV with real people.”


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