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So You Think You Can Dance – Last Year’s Top 4 Give Their Predictions

It is compulsory in TV Week to have a SYTYCDA article in every week. Not that I am complaining, but this one really shows their desperation for a new angle.

Last year’s top four give their opinion on who will win.

Kate says Ben or Charlie.

“It’s so hard for me to pick one favourite – I’m really torn. Ben trained at my dance school and he’s also a fantastic dancer, so I have to give him some support. But I have to say that from the top 20 show, I’ve thought that Charlie would win. His partnership with Penny was what made us all fall in love with him.

“They were really strong and reminded me a lot of Demi and Jack, so it’s no surprise to see  Charlie in the top four. He nails everything  plus, he seems unaffected, too. His personality comes across on screen – he seems like a nice guy who just loves to dance and I really warmed to that”

Demi says Talia’s My Favourite:

“Talia is my favourite – I think she’s amazing and she really has the ‘It’ factor. Talia has embraced all the different styles and she really puts it out there with all of her performances. I’d love for her to win, not only because I’d like to see a girl take it out, but also because she works hard and has a great personality.

“I relate to her being outside of her comfort zone and she comes across so well on TV. When I met her, I was like, ‘Oh my gosh! Hi, Talia!’ It’s a bit weird – I’ve become just like any other fan! Talia knows exactly who she is – she’s real and that’s what I like about her.”

Rhys says Amy Make Me Go “Wow”:

“I think it’s hard to pick who Australia is going to decide is the favourite. Technically the dancers are totally intheir element and are bringing it every week. But, for me, the most stand-out, technical dancer, the one who really makes me go,”Wow!” is Amy.

“She’s pretty much faultless. She’s so specific and seems confident in her ability which in turn makes her partners confident, as well – she’s always there for them. Plus, I find Amy as a person really gorgeous. She’s gritty and down-to-earth and quite real and humble. In general, I think the girls have the guys licked this year.”

Jack says This Year Is All About The Girls:

“While all four have proven themselves worthy and versatile, for me, the winner needs to be a really strong soloist who’ll hold their own on the American SYTYCD stage.  They only have one chance to prove themselves – America won’t have time to get to know them the way Australia has. Personally, I think the the strongest soloists are Talia and Amy. Ben’s a charismatic performer and Charlie’s hard-hitting, but I feel that the girls have the edge.

“Amy has the maturity to represent us over there and Talia has an amazing presence – when she dances, she makes you want to look at her. It’s a great quality to have and something a soloist needs.”


1 Anonymous { 04.21.09 at 4:52 am }

ily, jack. talia ftmfw!

2 notmensa { 04.24.09 at 9:18 pm }

I think it’ll be Charlie. Just had 3 days in Sunny Dubbo for work, Charlie fever is bubbling away there. He is on the front page of the local paper this week, along with interviews with his family and the mayor of Dubbo. He was on the front page last week as well.
Personally I’d like to see Talia win it…

3 Anonymous { 04.25.09 at 8:32 am }

ewww somebody wipe out the phone towers in dubbo, quick.

sigh, i hate this vote-for-your-local-regardless-of-talent crap that happens in talent shows. i know it’s about being popular, but why can’t it be about the actual dancing for once, aaaaaaaaaargh.