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Masterchef Australia – A Good Start

The much hyped Masterchef Australia debuted tonight on Channel Ten, and its first hour showed that it has the potential to be a very entertaining reality TV show.

Sarah Wilson former Cosmopolitan editor  was not shown much, but I am sure this will change once the eliminations commence. She seem relaxed in front of the camera, as well as being warm and encouraging to the amateur chefs without being fake.

Also she looked natural ie not overdone with make up or slick hair styles. This was refreshing.

It is good that they are all unknowns as the show is about the contestants and format rather than the “stars”.

The judges of chefs George Colombaris, and Gary Mehigan, and The Age food critic Matt Preston seem to be still working out their roles and style. They just need to ensure they don’t blend into each other. Matt Preston has made sure he stands out with his signature cravat, and foppish hair. At this stage he seems to be the most memorable judge but he does have the advantage of actually working in  the media so would know some of the tricks.

Just an aside – I do find television sexist. All of the judges were veering from plump to overweight, however there is no way Channel Ten would have put in an overweight ageing female chef or judge in that role. They would deny this and I would happily be proved wrong on this one. Yes I know Bonnie Lythgoe and Marcia Hines are over fifty, but both are in very fine fettle, and neither would be able to produce a muffin top.

The only negative and it is only a slight criticism was the editing of both the Sydney and Adelaide auditions. There was very little suspense. Each time the producers were unravelling the story of the auditionee, the way they showed it meant you could tell whether they were going to get the white Masterchef apron. For those who did not watch it being given a white apron meant you were through to the next round – the top 50.

Just a query the former professional golfer who made the Singpore Chilli crab said he had opened a cafe five weeks ago. I thought one of the rules was you could not cook professionally. Now I know he said he was pulling coffees, but I would be curious to know whether he was ever in the kitchen.

Dish of the Night (the one I think I would have liked the best) – Singapore Chilli Crab

Dud of the Night – The pasta with cream, chilli sauce and extra sour cream.


1 onadrought { 04.28.09 at 9:04 am }

Re sexism and the male judges being overweight, I agree with you. However, seems to be a reflection of life. I look around me and it seems every guy post 30 feels it’s ok to have a gut.

2 Culinary Boner { 04.28.09 at 11:28 am }

Raver, agree the editing is a real problem. The way they ‘profile’ each contestant telegraphs the panel’s final decision for at least 5 minutes of the viewing time. B-O-R-I-N-G!

Sarah Wilson appears the goods, she’s got good natural looks and a nice manner. Very shaggable indeed.

While my first impression of Matt the Fat was that he’s a wanker – what’s with the double cravat under the chins arrangement? – I actually didn’t mind him by show’s end.

Adelaide, for all its charms and great food markets and produce, was again shown up a a provincial backwater.

Guess I’ll still be watching, but I’m a long way off cracking a culinary boner.

3 Laura { 04.28.09 at 4:32 pm }

I agree with you about Sarah Wilson, she comes across as very genuine, and naturally gorgeous.
To be honest I found the auditions boring – I enjoy watching the SYTYCD auditions because I can actually judge the dancing for myself but as I can’t taste the food, I can’t really engage with the show. I would rather the show start like Top Chef, ANTM and Biggest Loser, with the contestants already chosen, and get straight to the challenges. That also gives the producers the freedom to choose a great array of characters with interesting backstories (let’s face it, we love it!) without accusations of unfairness or favouritism.
I guess they have to drag it out to tide Ten over until Idol starts!

4 Injera { 04.28.09 at 7:20 pm }

Glad to see that the “behind the scenes” footage of the successful contestants was widely despised – it really pissed me off. What’s the point of showing auditions if there’s no suspense? I was also a tad disappointed that there weren’t enough disaster auditions shown. Again, what’s the point of showing auditions if there are no complete nutcases? Cream/sweet chilli sauce guy doesn’t count, as bananas as that combo was, since he’d been in the ads.

Being a huge fan of Masterchef, it’s going to take me a while to get into the groove of this completely bastardised version – sure, the host seems relaxed and telegenic, but… what’s she for? – but as long as it fills a dead time slot, I’m in. At least, as long as it goes to a half-hour show very soon.