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Masterchef Australia – Ratings Are Not A Big Deal When You Are Not Rating!

Masterchef Australia is kicking off soon, probably around mid-April, and the judges are being trotted out for publicity and of course they are being asked about My Kitchen Rules.

And of course the issue of ratings was raised. But George Colombaris told the SMH that ratings don’t really matter it was about quality. Tell the television executives that George…

The article states:

Why does My Kitchen Rules have twice the audience of MasterChef?

“What do you gauge success as?” Calombaris says. “The success of that show is in its ratings, but – you know what? – there are fast-food chains out there that do more covers than I do in my restaurants. Does it make them any better?

“You know about the amazing cooks this show has produced who are doing massive things in the food world. We think about Marian, Poh, Julie, Hayden – people who are actively in food as we speak. They’re not fly-by-nighters. They’re not just, `Oooh, I’m on TV’, and then bang, they’re gone. If you just want to be on TV, I don’t care how good you can cook. You’re not part of MasterChef.

“There have been close to 80 contestants and I reckon 70 of them are in the industry now. You don’t need to win. You just need to have a dream and an idea and a goal. That’s what the show does. It gives you this springboard and platform to get out there and get among it.”

How does Calombaris respond to the criticism that the producers of MasterChef (and My Kitchen Rules) manipulate viewers by editing the footage into a soap opera, exaggerating the emotions of the contestants, and amplifying the experience with melodramatic music?

“All I know is I was there and I didn’t need music to make me get very emotional. The emotion I get when I’m on set 14 hours a day and pushing these contestants and seeing the emotion that it brings out in them, there is nothing more real. I wish we could have a 24-hour MasterChef channel, where you could see the whole day pan out. It makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up, if I had some.

MasterChef is built on a certain integrity and belief. That’s why I’m part of the show. It’s a show that resonates not only for Aussies, but through all cultures, cuisines and religions. The Australian version is seen in 140 countries, dubbed in all sorts of languages.”

Calombaris is comfortable with the job of pushing the contestants to their physical and intellectual limits. “You know why? Because there’s $250,000 at the end of this. There are cars and book deals. There’s a lot riding on it. We need to make the right decision.

“We will gauge how good they are as cooks at the beginning and, as we go along, if we think we can push them further, we will. We push them because we want to see them achieve. We want them ready and armoured up to face reality.

“[If] you deal with customers, staff, you’ve got to have a thick skin, you’ve got to be an octopus, you’ve got tot be a doctor, a teacher, a chemist, a psychologist, but that’s why I love it.”

And of course he said this year the contestants are the best ever.

Masterchef Australia starting on TEN soon.

Thanks Rosie for sending it in.

March 30, 2015   28 Comments

Masterchef Australia Promo – The Show Is Starting Soon

Masterchef Australia will be back on our screens soon. I suspect soon means after I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here finishes unless they are going to try and hold it until after Easter.

The promo is very serious and this year the slogan is Ordinary People – Extraordinary Food. To be fair at least on Masterchef there is some decent cooking.

Shannon Bennett is joining Matt Preston, George Calombaris and Gary Mehigan as a guest mentor.

Masterchef Australia starting on TEN soon.

March 8, 2015   23 Comments

Masterchef And MKR Alumni Have Cookbooks Out

Have to say Masterchef and My Kitchen Rules alumni are continuing to crank out the cookbooks.

This time it is Amina from Masterchef and considering she is part Egyptian and part Korean her recipes should be interesting. She is giving a food demo and talk in Sydney.



Also Helena and Vikki Moursellas from last year’s My Kitchen Rules new cookbook is out tomorrow.


February 24, 2015   5 Comments

Is George Calombaris Being Too Paranoid?

In what must be one of the most bizarre stories of the day, apparently a diner at one of Masterchef judge George Calombaris’s restaurants had to sign a waiver to take home a doggy bag.

The story that is on the Daily Mail says Monash University student Ross Katsambanis visited the Hellenic Republic to celebrate his grandparents’ 50th wedding anniversary. After seeing the left over lamb and dips he asked to take them home.

The waitress then asked him to sign a waiver that the restaurant is not responsible for any illness that may occur from the packaged food.

The restaurant denies this has anything to do with the norovirus that went through the restaurant last year.

The spokesperson for the restaurant group said:

Lauren Calleja, spokeswoman for MAdE Establishments – which operates prestigious restaurants the Hellenic Republic, Press Club and Maha – said the warnings were in the customer’s best interest.

‘We don’t really know how they’re going to store the food,’ said Ms Calleja. ‘It’s kind of out of our hands what the customer does for it after they leave the venue.’

‘It’s more to make sure they are going to eat it they do it in a healthy time and they refrigerate it. it’s in their best interests.

She said food customers wanted to doggy bag had often been left on the plate for a ‘couple of hours’ after they ordered it. ‘We don’t get a lot of (doggy bag requests)’, she added.

John Hart, the CEO of the Restaurant and Caterers Association of Australia, said restaurants were increasingly being targeted by strict liability suits after food had been consumed.

It is a pity that Mr Hart did not give an example of a successful legal suit by a sick customer that in itself would make an interesting newspaper article.

Mr Hart said he was ‘not surprised’ restaurants were issuing legal waivers.

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February 3, 2015   4 Comments

New Reality Food Show Coming To NINE Later This Year

When I read that NINE was going to produce a cooking reality show this year I thought they might be finally doing an Australian version of The Taste, the US show that stars Anthony Bourdain and Nigella Lawson.

However this is not the case.

TV Tonight is reporting the new food show will be “set in restaurants”. TV Tonight says he has heard whispers that the format will see teams travelling the country to dine in and score each others’ restaurants.

NINE is the only commercial free-to-air channel that does not have a cooking show in its reality TV basket.

SEVEN has a new cooking show this year called Restaurant Revolution which looks like it will be similar to their previous show My Restaurant Rules.

Considering food reality is probably my favourite genre I will be watching it.


January 28, 2015   No Comments