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Masterchef Travel Have Created Food Tours With Former Masterchef Australia Contestants

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First there was Manu Feildel doing tours with a European Cruise company now a travel agent is doing Masterchef travel tours.

Instead of the hosts of the programs they have some of the former contestants accompanying the tours.

The current tours are England with Alice Zaslavsky, Italy with Kate Bracks, India with Courtney Roulston and Mindy Woods to Vietnam.

The tours are a good idea and a great way to meet like minded people and  not have to stress about travel details, but I must say I am a bit confused by the mix of some of the former contestants and the countries they are going to.

If you want to see the full itineraries go to Masterchef Travel.

April 17, 2014   8 Comments

Masterchef Australia – Two Contestants Revealed



Masterchef Australia are proclaiming this series they have the best home cooks ever. And here are two of them.

First up is Emily an asian lady who likes to cook with chilli. Clearly George Calombaris has gotten over his aversion to the hot spicy vegetable and declares one of her dishes “delicious”. Emily whose speciality is Asian cuisine is asked how she would cope if she was asked to cooked Italian. Quite frankly if she can cook one cuisine well as it looks like then makes her a far better contestant then fifty per cent of the contestants from last season.

The other contestant is Amy who looks like she knows how to bring the tears but she does seem to pull herself together.



Masterchef Australia on TEN after Easter.

April 14, 2014   2 Comments

Masterchef Australia Season 6 Promo – Claiming These Are The Best Home Cooks In The Country

You have to wonder if this Masterchef Australia advertisement is having a go at My Kitchen Rules as they claim that their contestants are the best home cooks in the country. To be honest it would not be hard to beat the standard on MKR which has included people cooking Chicken Schnitzel and Honey-Soy Chicken.

Also good that the promo is focussing on the contestants not the judges.

Masterchef Australia on Network TEN after Easter.

March 26, 2014   32 Comments

Masterchef Australia – Marco Pierre White Bitches About My Kitchen Rules


Marco Pierre White is in Australia filming a guest spot with Masterchef Australia criticises My Kitchen Rules ironically a show he has not watched. His argued that internationally Masterchef Australia was seen by more viewers and in more countries then MKR.

The Herald Sun reports:

White denied he was ­attacking the top-rating MKR (“because I’ve never seen it”) but saidMasterChef’s “true ­integrity creates longevity and I can’t say that about My Kitchen Rules”.

In a national call to arms — or, rather, for eyeballs — he said: “What a lot of people in Australia may not realise is the impact MasterChef Australia has on the world.

“It goes to nearly 100 countries, it inspires people on a global scale to want to cook, to want to feed their families, or to come into our profession — and to visit Australia.

“It’s the greatest billboard that’s ever been created in Australia.

“It doesn’t just show off the food, it shows off the culture of the people, the kindness of the people.”

With a nod to MKR’s ratings dominance this year (averaging 2.7 million viewers nationally most nights), the ­famously intimidating chef said: “You want to talk about viewing figures?MasterChef has far more on a global scale and does more for Australia than My Kitchen Rules. If we are really honest, MasterChef is the jewel in Australia’s TV crown.

“That’s why, in my opinion, people here should support it more.”

The guest spot the dishy Marco is filming sounds interesting. The contestants have had to choose a dish to make from his cookbook, White Heat.

Masterchef Australia will be starting after Easter on TEN.

March 23, 2014   31 Comments

Cake, Bake And Sweets Show – Meet Dan Lepard, Julia Taylor And Zumbo

dan lepard 1

Kicking off today the Cake, Bake and Sweets Show is being held in Sydney and if you are a keen baker there looks like there are some interesting workshops. It is three days showcase of all things baking and caking and off course lots of good exhibits to spend you money on.

The Great Australian Bake Off judge Dan Lepard is just one of the big names who is going to be attending as well as Julia Taylor, Zumbo and even Carly and Tresne from My Kitchen Rules are doing a Lemon Meringue Cupcake workshop! Duff Leopard from Ace of Cakes, Pick Your Poison Girls from Cupcake Wars and Eric Lanlard from Baking Mad is also here.

It three-day live event devoted to the world of baking and the art of cake decorating.

As the official website says this one-of-a-kind event is packed full of celebrity demos, competitions, classes and interactive workshops. You’ll learn new skills and techniques, get top tips and baking advice, sample and buy tasty treats, stock up on the latest supplies, and have book signings with the stars of baking and much more.

Nic and Rocco who were runner-up on My Kitchen Rules will be doing a masterclass on the Cronut. Julia Taylor will be showing people how to make the Ombre Cake and her Masterchef Australia protege Kylie Millar will be showing people how to make Salted Caramel Popcorn Eclairs.

Dan Lepard will be in the Baking Theatre showing people how to make the Great Aussie Burger Bun and the Great Australian Meat Pie. Please note these are different sessions. The full program is here.

If you want to get your bake on go here to get tickets. 

March 21, 2014   No Comments