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MasterChef Elimination Night – Yes You Can Be Too Over Confident

I never knew rice could be erotic until I saw MasterChef Australia judge Matt Preston stroke Aaron’s paella rice crust in a sexual way. I found this only slightly less disturbing than the green shirt he was wearing matched with an orange cravat.

You knew at the beginning of the episode that Aaron was in trouble when he said to camera “I don’t feel it is my turn to go home.” and “they will have to get the security guards to drag me out.”

I think he has amazing self confidence and poise for a  21 year-old. Some would say arrogant, but what 21-year-old doesn’t think they know it all.

The dish for the elimination challenge was paella, at first Sandra who is part Spanish looked very confident until she went and tasted the test plate. It was not how she usually makes it, there was no chicken or seafood other than mussels. At this stage you knew that Sandra would have to accidentally tip all her Maldon sea salt into the dish to be eliminated tonight.

Clearly I have been cooking the Women’s Weekly version of this dish, as that soffritto they make looked so delicious and would just add so much flavour for the dish.

Julie’s nerves are a major issue AGAIN. She needs to take regular commentor Werstsemmel’s advice who suggested she  do a few deep breathing exercises, a touch of cognitive restructuring to manage her expectations better. 

The only thing that saved her was she panfried some extra soffrito and added it into her dish. I liked the fact she never gave up even when it looked like it was going horrendously wrong. The Greek Chorus on the mezzanine thought she was gone as well especially when they could smell something burning. The members of the chorus who got the most screen time tonight were Poh, Chris and Sam. Are they the only ones saying anything of interest? Or are they just the favourites of the editors?

Aaron confidently worked through the recipe however he does not taste his food as he is prepping it, but he does have great knife skills.  Now I know they were constantly showing Sandra tasting hers, even when she was double dipping into the soffritto just to make a point about Aaron, but seriously tasting is a basic skill he needs to do it.  Also Aaron called the mussels clams, which is a completely different shellfish.  So he does need to learn alot more about cooking.

Aaron’s paella lacked flavour and he was the one who was eliminated. It was the first time I had ever seen him act his age when he was emotionally overcome with the disappointment of it all and he had a sob.

If they had been awarding points I would have deducted some from Sandra for her saving the fat children speech, and also some from Julie for her continual tremor and crying.

Aaron will be one of the few contestants from this series of MasteChef Australia who will become a chef, and probably a successful one. George Calombaris said he would give him work experience at his restaurant The Press Club. Apparently now Aaron is a fulltime apprentice at George’s other restaurant Hellenic Republic.

When the girls returned to the house there were no tears for Aaron nor were they surprised he was sent home. Nor were the security guards required to drag him away.

By the way if you saw this morning’s article in the Daily Telegraph about security having to be increased where they are filming the show because of an overzealous fan wanting a picture taken with the judges I just want it on the record it was not me.

And has anyone else noticed the enormous amount of alcohol on the set including a set up bar? When are they going to start drinking it and what is it for?


1 Injera { 06.01.09 at 11:15 pm }

HA! Won’t somebody think of the fat children! I believe the fat children are our future, feed them well and let them lead the way…

– Preston looked as though he was auditioning for the part of the villain in the next Austin Powers film, the way he was stroking the paella crust.

– We were doing the duh-DUM SFX here when Aaron was blathering on about it not being his time. Such misplaced confidence!

I was a bit miffed when the challenge dish was a paella. Seemed to be too much of a gift for Sandra. I don’t care if she’s never made that recipe before, it’s a huge advantage that she’s made paellas before. I hope she’s never used Campbell’s Real Stock, though!

I’m a bit nervous now about dinner at Hellenic – I don’t like clams but I love mussels. What if I order mussels and get… clams? Clearly the love just wasn’t there for any of the other bootees: sorry, Linda, Melissa, Josh, Kate, Michelle – you’ll just have to fill in the online application on George’s website.

PSA: Don’t double dip your tasting spoon, surly Sandra!

2 Reality Raver { 06.02.09 at 12:06 am }

They probably had the paella challenge lined up weeks ago so cannot change it but maybe they should try and have some flexibility with these challenges as it did give her an unfair advantage.

LOL re: dinner I am sure he would not be allowed the seafood as a first year apprentice, he is probably peeling cucumbers in a corner. George always had a soft spot for Aaron, and knows he has the focus to become a chef.

3 CG { 06.02.09 at 12:19 am }

I tuned in late but when I saw the dish was paella I figured Sandra was safe.

But what is this incoherent crappola from Sandra about childhood obesity, diabetes, etc. She said she “is” writing books. So what exactly is the purpose of her being on MC, to get the book contract. Sounds like she has no interest in being a chef or running a restaurant. I think this will be held against her in future eliminations.

Why did Aaron start at the Press Club but is now at Hellenic Republic? Did he screw up already? Is Hellenic Republic more bistro than fine dining (I am not familiar with either restaurant). And sorry, RR but I disagree Aaron has any focus. I am pretty certain he has a temporary “passion” for food which will be redirected once he realises it takes more than four years to train from ground zero and be the chef/owner of a 3-hat restaurant. To me, he is the typical impatient, unrealistic, full-of-himself Gen-X’er. According to his Twitter, he eats at Subway everyday. What does that tell you?

Also according to Aaron’s Twitter account, he is following/followed-by Linda and Brent but not Kate nor the judges who have Twitter accounts. I really think he very much unliked by everyone other than Julie. If this is the case, can he/we really blame it on editing?

So with Kate gone (drama) and Aaron gone (the (unintentional) funny…hope things don’t get too stale in the coming weeks.

Lets hope they finally do break out the alcohol and we have some reality tv drunk confessions and bed-hopping to spice things up!

4 Injera { 06.02.09 at 7:33 am }

CG – You’re right, Hellenic is the more casual of the two. The judges kept telling him he had to walk before he could run, so maybe Matt and Gary had a quiet word with George to keep him on the same page!

I noticed that Aaron tweets about Subway a lot. It did seem odd for a supposed freak for fine dining to be so Subway-obsessed and it says a bit about that famed palate. Tried to give him the benefit of the doubt as a Chuck fan, but that show’s been saved!

Interesting point about Sandra’s commitment. Since they seem to hammer the potential evictees on just that point, I’m surprised it didn’t come up. Still, she won by a clear margin, so I guess if it was closer that might’ve come into play. Of course, maybe she was also tense-confused after all those daft interviews that are post-edited to look as though they don’t know the outcome…

5 Wurstsemmel { 06.02.09 at 9:04 am }

I thought Sandra was auditioning for Ms Universe. Fat children indeed. Another bod jumping on the obesity bandwagon.

Poor Julie. Even I was nearly having a panic attack watching her. The judges should free up the bar. Maybe a stiff drink would have settled her nerves. Still, glad she made it. While I originally wanted Aaron gone, once I heard the ‘fat children’ dribble, Sandra was in my sights for elimination.

6 Injera { 06.02.09 at 9:37 am }

Maybe Trev and Tom will join together and oust Sandra in the team elim for her Miss Universe speech. Never trust a skinny cook. Maybe that’s why I didn’t really buy Kate’s dessert queen pretensions.

7 Reality Raver { 06.02.09 at 11:28 am }

Ok my theory on the Aaron Twitter subway thing is his family owns some of them. At the beginning of MasterChef he talks about his father wanting to go into the family business. Or the other theory is he has no palate, which would indicate why he never bothered tasting the food.

Injera can you clarify the Subway issue tomorrow night please? If so I will pay for your dessert? LOL.

Aaron has got an apprenticeship (ie paid work) at the Hellenic Republic, and he was only doing work experience, which I presume is part of the MasterChef stuff) at the Press Club.

I actually think it is ok that Sandra does not want to become a “chef” per se. It is unrealistic to think that all top 20 will be able to open a cafe/restaurant or even work in an eating establishment. This might have to do with mortgage commitments, children, or just the long hours. Basically it is all about wanting to work with food, and there are many ways to do this. At least she has an idea for the cookbook if she wins the prize. But somehow I doubt she will, even though I think she is an extremely good cook.

A point I thought was strange last night and forgot to mention in my post was Julie not having eaten much spanish food or cooking with a lot of spice. I thought a bit weird for someone who professed a love for cooking. This could trick her up in the end.

Injera – Kate would not have been happy about missing the cupcake challenge. It would have been interesting to see if she made it into the top 3 with that.

CG – Oh so agree re: breaking out the alcohol, now I have come around to the fact that MasterChef is more reality TV then cooking we certainly do need a bit of drunken BB type action.
In fact I think they should show us a little bit more of the home conversations (unstaged ones) as I am sure alliances must be forming.

8 CG { 06.02.09 at 11:45 am }

On Julie’s food experience…I think it is pretty mumsy. Don’t think she has ever mentioned having experience with dishes other than Australian-version of lamb dishes (roat, chop, etc.), other typical “Australian” meat and veg eand cakes? No mention of liking and cooking any ethnic food with possible exception of Thai (or was that Kate?). Even fish seems to throw Julie off. This will probably be her downfall. She is a good home cook but really doesn’t have the interest IMO in a broader range of food and tastes.

9 Culinary Boner { 06.02.09 at 11:56 am }

I am still deeply in trauma from Matt the Fat’s velvetty stroking of that paella crust. Never has food been so sexualised during PG viewing time. This shameful episode even puts Nigella’s spoon licking to shame.

To be honest though, if it had been performed by Top Chef’s Padma Lakshmi I would have needed an immediate cold shower, instead of a chuck bucket

But no, we were treated to the chubby fingers of Australia’s answer to Mr Creosote, dressed tonight like Lesley Phillips from Carry on Nurse. Oh, the inhumanity!!

10 CG { 06.02.09 at 1:02 pm }

CB, LOL. Yes, Matt’s stroking the crusty-bit was disturbing, esp during family viewing time. But now that drama queen Kate and annoying Aaron are gone, I fear we might be exposed to even more of Matt’s suggestive behaviour in order to generate interest, outrage and expand the demographics for the show.

I imagine a lot of masturbation and fondling – of food and other items – has been edited out to date. Maybe they will include the footage in an X-rated “uncut” reel at the end of the series?

11 Reality Raver { 06.02.09 at 3:23 pm }

Culinary Boner and CG – I wonder how the parents explained it to their kiddies, but it was also the look in his eyes that went with it. LOL.

Hey CG am I following you on twitter if not can you tweet me I am under @realityraver

12 bella vita { 06.02.09 at 5:35 pm }

Must say I must have missed Matt getting horny over the paella. perhaps i was trying to stop vomiting at a cross between Julie’s nerves, Sandra finger dipping every 5 secs and Aaaron seeming like he didnt have a care in the world.

Im glad Aaron went…the judges were correct in their decision tonight…but good old Georgie came to the rescue with the apprenticeship. I can just see it now in the kitchen of Hellenic Republic, Aaaron teaching the other chefs how to “foam” food. LOL.

A previous comment on here is correct though…Aaron actually wants to work in a kitchen and have his own place…good luck to him.unlike other self opportunists …YES POH, I”M TALKING TO YOU…who just wants to sell a stack of her artwork.