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MasterChef Australia – Master Class – Crumbed Bacon Skin – Now That Would Be Gross

Well Channel Ten have me completely MasterChef Australia brainwashed. When tonight’s episode finished I was like “I have to wait two whole days before the next episode?”. And Sunday night’s episode looks like a cracker with a taste test – I love those.

Tonight was the usual masterclass with judges Gary Mehigan and George Calombaris. Again as Injerahas noted on many occasions this whole work experience thing is very confusing. Gary tonight said “Julia is getting work experience every day and you only get it once a week” or something like that. But then again we then saw a few of them working in Manu Feidel’s new restaurant in Paddington.

How striking is Geni? I hope I am as well preserved as she is at fifty. Even though we did not see who she was voting for last night, we now know it would have been Trevor. She was particularly unhappy with him, and was quite happy to put the knife into Trevor’s corpse. Also what did Gary Mehigan mean when he said he was surprised Trevor had been eliminated? He must have thought Sam was going to get the punt.

I liked most of the dishes they did tonight, but a couple of things disturbed me. First that George thought that a braised bacon skin would be niced crumbed and deep fried. To me that was the culinary equivalent of the deep fried Mars Bar.

The other was the presentation of the dessert, the lemon tasting plate. I thought the crumbled up cake with the dobs of lemon curd, and lemon cream did not look that appetising and if I had paid $16 for that in a restaurant I would not have been happy.

Did anyone else think it was strange that Gary used the microwave to make the curd? It appeared he preferred that method then over then on an oven top.

Also that roast chicken looked great, but when they cut it looked a little bit pink to me. Still it is something I might try at home.

I must confess I am starting to enjoy the Friday night episodes more now they amped it up a bit from mashed potato and olive oil chocolate mousse.


1 BB { 06.06.09 at 2:34 am }

Shonky editing on tonights show set out by Benjamoo via Behind Big Brother Australia –

2 Jane { 06.06.09 at 6:51 am }

Yep, yep, yep.
That chicken definately looked under-cooked to me. It was very pink and a bit bloody around the wing joints, wasn’t it?
If I was served it in a restaurant I’d have sent it back.

The mircrowaving bemused me too.
Maybe it’s an attempt to show a dish people can cook at home, but I think the stove-top method would have been more practical. and crumbling up the cup-cake was just weird.
That looked like one of my my grandsons’ plates AFTER they had finished with it.

3 Injera { 06.06.09 at 8:54 am }

I was surprised by how upset Geni was, considering she’d had a night to let it settle. She was clearly still simmering over Trev’s management style. When I thought about it, Sam made the entree, Andre cooked the fish, Poh and Geni made the dessert… so Trev just stuffed up sauces, bossed people around and kept shoving Geni’s food into his gob. Very savvy of Justine to select him as opposing captain!

Gary is so inconsistent. He seemed to think Poh’s explanation that she didn’t intervene with the sauce as suspect, but I’m sure if she’d started bossing the captain she would have been given a bollocking for that, too.

Bill Buford wrote an amazing book about his year in kitchens in New York and Italy (it’s called Heat and it’s a cracker of a read). He’d be horrified to see them starting the pasta dough in the food processor!

I was severely dressed down many years ago for ordering “brushetta”. The very sexy Italian waiter curled a lip, sighed, and corrected “es brrrrusketta!”. It’s been brusketta for me ever since. I hope it’s not on Gary’s menu. And, having mispronounced a restaurant staple, he still feels cocky enough later on to mock Julie’s accent.

As for the chicken, they gave it the caramelisation, then cooked it in the oven for 16 minutes. When George said that, I thought uh-oh, and when they served it, it definitely looked quite pink.

I love that George is still persisting with the fiction that there were three “standout” cupcakes, when what he really means it that there were only three that they bothered to taste. Re-doing one of the standouts was a bit daft – why didn’t they redo Lucas’ to see if they could make that better? And how do you think they would have reacted if one of the contestants had crumbled theirs up and spat it on a plate like George did?

– How lovely is Manu? But why did we only see Andre and Geni getting work experience?

– Have to disagree with you, Raver. My reaction to the bacon was: “Oh. My. God. Who wouldn’t want to cut up, crumb and deep fry the bacon!”

– Where was Sarah? I’m used to Matt swanning in and out, but she’s usually in the background somewhere.

4 Reality Raver { 06.06.09 at 11:31 am }

Injera – somehow I thought you might say that about the bacon, particularly if you like biltong. Have to confess I have never tried it.
I agree Gary does appear inconsistent – as you said he gives Poh a look saying you should have stepped in. In the first week of MasterChef in the sushi challenge Trevor was told off by the judges for taking over in the kitchen when it was going pear shaped.
I cannot recall if she is in the background of the masterclass previously, but maybe they think it is wasting her time.

BB – excellant shots I think you may be right about the shonky editing. Question how do you manage to cut the shots into pictures?

Jane – I think the purpose of the masterclass is to show them how to cook restaurant quality food. Which I think last nights was. At home it is unlikely you would be cooking with so much fat. Those potates that George was frying up looked amazing but oh so fattening. Also who would just happen to have lobster shells at home to make the bisque.
These two make the Two Fat Ladies look circumspect in their use of high calorie ingredients.

5 barbara { 06.06.09 at 11:41 am }

check out Chris’ hat. brown, then black, then brown, then black!!

6 CG { 06.06.09 at 12:51 pm }


C ool! Really interesting. This week’s masterclass was clearly shot at different times/days raises some interesting questions: obviously a masterclass cannot be shot after any given person is evicted? and if filmed prior, the masterclass could be giving away an upcoming dish, giving contestants time to do research, etc. on how to cook something.

So masterclasses could not be filmed in bulk – otherwise eliminated contestants would be in the class. But they must have taken place over a couple of days to explain the change of clothing. the other thing is the classes often make reference to one of the contestants screwing up a sauce, etc. and they are called on to help with the dish or taste the dish which also implies the classes are done after the tasks.

Overall (except for the dogdy undercooked chicken), I thought this latest masterclass was pretty good and that Gary and George are getting really comfortable with the format. I wish the contestants would raise better questions though. Tom asking about knives. Julie asking about freezing the bisque. Surely there are more pertinent questions to ask about these dishes?

7 Reality Raver { 06.06.09 at 1:33 pm }

CG – I thought the contestants were set up to ask those questions. You are probably right about it being filmed over a couple of days. Once the show finishes we may find out the answer to all these mysteries.

The other thing about the chicken was when Gary said do a little gut, and then proceeded to open the whole inside of the chicken up, as my partner said I am glad he doesn’t do circumsions.

8 benjamoo from BBBA { 06.06.09 at 7:04 pm }

RR – Creating the shots is easy. The program is recorded on PC using Windows Media Centre (Vista). To create a pic I playback using windows media player, set the video size to either 50% or 100% depending on how big I want the picture , press pause at the frame required & then use the vista ‘snipping tool’ to cut out & save the pic. Voila!

Also thought Sam wasn’t very happy last night with the comments made about Trevor, especially by Geni. Again it might be creative editing but the camera cut to him on a few occasions & he didn’t have a very happy look on his face.

9 Injera { 06.06.09 at 7:11 pm }

Oooh, great tip benjamoo! Vista is good for something after all. As for Sam’s look, I haven’t seen a happy face in a long time. I think he’s caught the sulky/surly bug. Seems to be going around.

Raver – you’ve got to try biltong – it’s amazing and nothing like jerky (a far inferior product). Of course, you’ve got to be keen on dried meats…