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Susan Boyle Chokes On The View

Ok maybe choking may have been a bit strong a word, but she stopped mid song on a live performance on The View. Whether she realised it was live is another mystery. To me Susan Boyle always looks like she has taken a couple of valium, great singer, but doesn’t always look like she is there.

December 1, 2010   Comments Off on Susan Boyle Chokes On The View

The Susan Boyle Debate Continues

The debate surrounding Susan Boyle and her ‘nervous breakdown’ after becoming runner-up on Britain’s Got Talent continues.

Andrew Bolt from the Herald Sun maintains it is better for her to have sung and lost rather then not sung at all. His blog also says the Britain’s Culture Minister said there should be a ‘duty of care’ towards more vulnerable reality TV contestants.

Interesting  I said that in an article I had written prior to news of her entry into the psych hospital. You could see it coming a mile away.

Toby Young the sometimes judge on reality TV show Top Chef wrote an article on his blog saying that it was not the judges fault. I had not thought anyone was fingering them for it. However he must be worried that one of his particularly acerbic comments on the show may turn a Top Chef contestant into a homicidal maniac and he just wants to absolve himself prior to this occurring.

This Daily Telegraph article also has some bizarre claims saying she called her cat from the hospital, and also that judge Amanda Holden said Boyle does not have any underlying mental problems.  This would be in contrast to this interesting interview her local priest gave to a catholic website where he hinted at some underlying personality issues.

June 5, 2009   2 Comments