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Tonight on American Idol Adam Lambert did a James Brown version of Vanilla Ice’s version of Play That Funky Music White Boy.  I hated the original version, but I liked Adam’s over the top rendition. He will definately get a gig on Broadway after Idol. At least he was entertaining.

The only other standout performers were Alison Irahae with her rendition of Don’t Speak. She is so poised for a 16 year old. She did not even flinch when they were getting into her about what she was wearing. Shouldn’t the stylists and hair people be blamed for that?

Kris Allen who is a bit to boy next door to appeal to me did a lovely version of Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone. He is going strong, and there is a possibility that he will make it to the final.

Danny Gokey received the judges love as usual, I am still not getting it with him. I now think it must be a cultural thing.

It appeared Anoop was trying to get down and dirty with his Usher song, but he wasn’t that effective at it. Randy said “vocals good, but thought he didn’t like the song choice.” I had forgotten Anoop by the end of the show so maybe it is right that singing first is the death knell.

Simon thought it was a “complete and utter mess.”

Megan Corkery sang  Bob Marley’s  Turn The Light Down Low. This girl needs to do a course in song choice. She has a really unusual appealing voice, but she picks the most drab and boring songs. I really want her to stay in for awhile longer but I think she is going to skim near the bottom of the pack. Also a course in stage craft would help.

Kara DioGuardi’s comments were right on basically told her she was doing it all wrong. Simon thought it was “indulgent, boring and monotonous.” Simon is starting to not like her as much as he originally did.

Is Scott McIntyre untouchable by the judges. His rendition of the Billy Joel song I Love You Just The Way You Are was dull and something you would hear in a  hotel bar. Even Simon did not lay into him.

Matt Giraud song to absolutely panned by the judges for his song. It was dull, dull, dull.

Lil Rounds say Celine Dion song I Surrender . This girl has some booty and she is not afraid to show it. If you are going to do Celine you have got to nail it and she did not. I really don’t think she has that big diva voice ala Fantasia or Jennifer Hudson.

Prediction for bottom three – Anoop, Scott, and Megan.


1 Injera { 04.02.09 at 8:20 pm }

I was revelling in being able to watch the performance round uninterrupted this week, only to find that – even with the Fox8 lightning play, or whatever they call it – I was casting around for distractions.

For the second week in a row, Adam was a standout. I also agree on Alison (she’d have to do something unforgivable, like sing “Agadoo”, to lose me, I think… speaking of which – “Agadoo” is getting a remix!) and was surprised that Kris (usually *yawn*) was the only other performance I enjoyed.

Good call on Scott being “untouchable”. God, I do a better Billy Joel impersonation than he does. And was it Kara or Paula ranting on about his bold new look? New look? Huh?

Just about to test your predictions with the results show…

2 Reality Raver { 04.02.09 at 9:43 pm }

God I know Scott’s new do. Are the hair stylists playing tricks on him? Could not believe that Alison was bottom 3. I would have thought the hispanic population would be right behind her.