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Masterchef Australia – The First Eliminations

Ok so your a host of a TV show that is all about food but when it comes to judgement time you don’t get to taste the food? Padma Lakshmi from Top Chef would not put up with that. Did anyone else find it strange that while Masterchef Australia judges Matt Preston, George Columbaris, and Gary Mehigan were tasting the 12 cooks food, poor Sarah Wilson just stood there and watched.

Now Padma admits that during filming of the the US reality TV show to going up a dress size, however I hope this is not the reason Sarah is not partaking, and it is just the current format. I think it would add something if on occasion she could be involved in the judging, as she is a ‘lay person’ and sometimes it is good to have that perspective in a foodies’ world.

Tonight the twelve wannabe chefs who were up for elimination could cook any meal they wanted to from the ingredients on the bain marie. Melissa who had cooked some beautiful tortellini in the audition had some sort of brain explosion that just saw her zombie like staring at it for about 20 minutes. She told the judges she couldn’t think of anything to cook, but finally pulled herself together do a roast vegetable stack.

During the elimination process again there was no suspense, because the editing basically told the viewer who was going to  be saved. And yes Melissa was one of them.

Next was the tasting of the Bolognaise sauce that George Columbaris made from an old family recipe, and the contestant had to write down as many of the seventeen ingredients in one minute. Finally the scene we had seen on the ads was coming up with the vegetarian contestant having a nervous breakdown and then curling up in a foetal position in the corner. Ok that is what I thought was going to happen. But it was all a bit anti-climatic she sobbed then pulled herself together to manage to get herself through to the next round.

Apparently Masterchef Australia ratings have fallen below the one million viewer mark, but it should start climbing again now the challenges have begun.

Best dish – The Bolognaise – out of the contestants the snapper on roast veges

Worst dish – the snapper with the goats cheese.


1 Injera { 05.01.09 at 9:32 am }

I hate the editing in this, but am not surprised by it. Why run the risk of allowing personalities and stars to emerge when you can completely manipulate it? I’m a tad surprised that the food photog got through with his pasta dish, but then the competition for the six spots was pretty thin. I was disappointed that the editors, having gone for cheap thrills all the way through so far, didn’t focus in on the unsuccessful-simple-pasta-dish-guy’s face – I was hoping for a stink-eye.

WTF is it with the Mission Beach guy. Because of Masterchef he got an apprenticeship??? What, before it had even aired? So, I’m picturing him going to a restaurant and saying “I’ve just auditioned for a new reality TV show about cooking and I got through to the final 50 – can I have a job?”. Do George, Matt and Gary write references? I’m glad he’s gone, though. He was just too much for me.

Now to get rid of the vegetarian.

2 onadrought { 05.01.09 at 9:38 am }

I really like this host, Sarah, never heard about her before. One of the few brunettes and very natural. Nothing artificial about looks or behaviour.

Why is sobbing on tv acceptable? They wouldn’t get away with it in the workplace. Still, the makers of these shows, love it.

At this stage, if I’d gone on this show I’d still be there, I can cook a frittata or a vegetable stack, not to mention a pasta, basil, garlic, lemon.

3 Injera { 05.01.09 at 11:34 am }

Your frittatas, vegie stacks and pastas might be second to none, Onadrought, but it sounds like you wouldn’t sob on demand – the producers wouldn’t have let you through the first cull!