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Nerena Dumped Paul For Ex-Husband

There were still some questions to be answered after the final episode of Farmer Wants a Wife on Wednesday night, and the big question was what happened between Paul (Macca) and Nerena who appeared to be truly in love.

Well the Sunday Telegraph has found out for us. Apparently Nerena has gone back to her ex-husband. If going on a reality TV show as a strategy to get back with an ex-husband, Nerena has shown this is an inspired move.

To be fair I doubt that was the case with her as she did appear to be infatuated Paul.

He said:

“What she did to me on national television – it’s bad enough when that happens normally – but when it’s actually in front of everyone, for the whole of Australia to see, it’s pretty nasty,” he said.

“You shouldn’t go on a show like this if you’re not legitimate, or if your heart’s not in it, to make a guy jealous – it’s not fair.” But despite the shock and disappointment of the public break-up, he said he wished Nerena well.

 He is now seeing a girl from Wagga Wagga, but they are taking things slowly.

In other news Jenny and Owen have broken up. It appears she may have dumped him.

In the same article she said:

She revealed that about a week after filming of the series ended in early January, her romance with Owen “started to fall apart”.

She said although there were immediate sparks between the pair, they weren’t necessarily compatible on a day-to-day basis.

“Owen was quite hard to get to know,” Blake said. “He was a very closed person. I felt like I had given it a lot and it wasn’t progressing.

“I was getting frustrated because I am aware of how much time I’ve got and I don’t want to waste my time with something that’s wrong.”

So now it is up to Damien and Racheal or Ralph and Siri to get the Dairy Farmers ad. My money is on Damien and Racheal.

Also the Sunday Telegraph TV magazine there was a small vignette which confirms  national vilification of Ryley has occurred. The dance teacher from Cairns who treated Farmer Tim very badly is not going to win a popularity contest soon.

The article said:

CAIRNS dance teacher Riley won few hearts with her public humiliation of Farmer Tim in last week’s finale of The Farmer Wants A Wife.

Fans heaped scorn on the 22-year-old and her tongue-tied performance when quizzed on the couch, fake smile firmly in place, squirming and shrugging her way through basic questions like why she hadn’t returned calls or texts after agreeing to visit Tim.

Most accused Riley of being keener on finding 15 minutes of fame through the show than finding a husband.

Some suggested an age limit on prospective “wives”, or a few lessons in the right way to let a bloke down.