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Matt Corby To Release EP In May




Australian Idol runner-up Matt Corby has come back in from the cold  and will be releasing his debut EP in May. Matt was runner up to Natalie Gauci. He will release it through Scorpio Music, the same label that Lisa Mitchell is with.

At the time of Idol he said he could not cope with the spotlight and declined a Sony BMG recording contract, and has since been gigging at small venues and Christian Festivals.

About his EP he said to the Sunday Telegraph:

“I think people will be kind of surprised by what they hear,” Corby says.

“I’m still developing as an artist, and I want to keep doing this.”

“I guess my music is a refection of hte music I love to listen to :blues and folk.”

He says his time on Idol was a bit of “a blur”.

“After my time on Idol, it was really important that I got the opportunity to take a step back from the experience and take it all in.”

“I was 16 years old, and the whole experience was a bit of a blur.”

“Playing to that many people on a weekly basis is kind of overwhelming.”

“It was really important for me to take the time to be a regular teenager, hang out with my friends and keep working on my music.”

He will return to London in May for about six months to work on a full album.

Matt Corby is currently dating Home and Away actress Rebecca Breeds.