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SPOILER: Farmer Wants A Wife – A Surprise Dumping

As the weeks have gone by on Farmer Wants A Wife it appeared both Farmer Paul and Farmer Jenny were going to find true love.

Well TV Week has an article which states that one of their relationships does not work out.

Here is the article (unfortunately no soft copy) and you decide which one is dumped:

This season, two farmer seemed to have found true love. But in the season finale, we see that one of these couples has split up, leaving the farmer shattered. From the beginning, Paul and Jenny have known exactly who was the one for them.

For 36-year-old Paul it was wool classer Nerena, 35. For Jenny 32, it was 30 year-old fencing contractor Owen. Both couples’ chemistry was obvious when they met at the speed dates. Jenny confessed on camera to being “rocked” by Owen, while Paul says there were “fireworks” with Nerena.

“Nerena had everything I was looking for: great looks, great personality, great sense of humour, great smile, and she worked in the rural industry”, Paul tells TV Week exclusively.” She ticked all the boxes.”

Jenny says that Owen “just seemed to be in tune with things…. a salt-of-the-earth sort of guy”. Although Jenny and paul invited three potential partners to the farm, there was no real competition.

“You have to fill numbers”, Paul says. “But there was only one girl right from the start that I was interested in.” After sending Berenice home first, Paul asked Bridie to leave just three days later.” When Bridie went home, we had five days left,” he says. “Nerena moved into my room straightaway. We just clicked, like that.”

Jenny reveals she wanted Andrew to leave early, too.” A few days after Stephen left, I actually asked if I could send Andrew home as well, but I wasn’t allowed to. so I tried really hard to let andrew know how I felt about Owen.” There were no question whose doors Paul and Jenny would knock on. And, after the city breaks, both romances blossomed.

“We had this amazing start,” Jenny says.  “The euphoria of it all – it was wonderful, amazing. [I thought] ‘I might be in love’,”. Owen was spending almost every day at Tumbarumba, helping out on the family farm. Jenny says he was “completely committed and right into it –  and right into my world”.

Meanwhile, Nerena took her mother and three-year-old son Billy to  Tarcutta for a visit. “We talked about a six-month plan of her moving up with Billy”, Paul says.  “She wasn’t just saying, ‘I love you’, she was saying, ‘I love you dearly'”.

But within a few weeks, things started going wrong for one of the couples. The farmer says the partner became ” a bit more distant, a little more stand-offish”. They talked and the partner expressed the feeling that things were moving a bit too fast. “I said,’Yeah, that’s understandable, I thought the same thing’,” the farmer recalls.

Later the partner admitted to having second thoughts, but didn’t want to talk about it. The farmer was left “shattered and heartbroken”.

“We had something so special and in a matter of a week it’s gone from being so good to just over,” the farmer laments. “Something isn’t right. I know it was no illusion. It was there. I’m still struggling to understand what happened and I think I deserve to know the truth.”

The farmer still holds out hope the relationship can be revived.”I said,’When you’re ready to talk about it, you ring me.”

The farmer turned up to the finale to talk about the experience, but asked that the partner not be there. The program’s producers, however, tracked them down to get the other side of the story.

“It started as a fairytale and it’s just turned into an absolute nightmare,” the farmer says. “I can’t eat, I can’t sleep, I can’t work properly. I’m gutted. I’m absolutely heartbroken. I’ve been heartbroken before, but never as bad as this. This was the one I could’ve spent the rest of my life with, sat on the verandah with when we were 70,80, on our rocking chairs, remembering when….”

So is it Paul or Jenny whose heart has been broken?

My money is on Paul.