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Farmer Wants A Wife – Past Farmer’s Update

Season 1 Married Couple Chris and Kim Are Having A Baby.


Announced in this week Woman’s Day, Chris and Kim revealed they are having a baby. This will be the first offspring from the show. In the latest edition of TV Week the lovebirds talk about how they have adapted to married life. Kim says “It’s pretty smooth sailing, but sometimes you have to compromise. We know each other really well, but you still find out new things about each other all the time.”

Chris admits he’s not always good at communicating with his new wife. “I’m used to living by myself and generally doing what I want,” he laughs, “I’m learning to tell someone where I am and what’s happening.”

Chris’s advice to fellow Farmer Rob who is getting married to Jo. ” Just remember that golden rule: a happy wife equals a happy life. It works!”.

Season’s Two Rob and Jo Cannot Wait To have Kids.

Season’s two couple who will be married later on this year have children as a definate priority. “I don’t want to wait too long to have a family,” Jo says. “I think the country’s a fantastic place to bring children up,” Rob adds.

They have not set a date for the wedding but they want a traditional country wedding. After the wedding they plan to travel.

 Expect to see it in one of the weekly mags.

Season 1 Spiritual Farmer Brad Engaged.

Brad from Season 1 popped the question on Valentines Day this year to his live-in girlfriend Samara. “I wasn’t very nervous. I was really just thinking about the right time to do it,” Brad says. “It turns out that the right time was on the beach after dinner.

The couple, who met just before Brad began filming the show, have been together for almost 18 months – and although Samara thought a proposal was on the cards, she was surprised when the moment actually arrived.

“I thought it was too obvious on Valentine’s Day,” she explains. “It’s very blurry, but they were beautiful words – I do remember that.”

While yet to set a date for the wedding, Brad and Samara are looking forward to planning their big day in the coming months – but if it was up to their family and friends, it’d be sooner rather than later! “A few people have asked, ‘What took you so long?” Brad reveals, “but I think it was probably just good timing.”

Season 2 Dairy Farmer Ben Has A New Girl

Dairy farmer Ben, who recently split with Sydney nanny Sarah, revealed at the reunion that he’s fallen for a local girl. “it’s only new, but it’s serious,” he reveals. “I can definitely see a future there – we’re just taking it slowly.”

Season Two farmer Ben met primary schoool teacher Kate through mutual friends – and, while at 22 she’s nine years his junior, he insists the age difference isn’t a problem. “It turned out that the things I was looking for in a person were irrelevant of age,” Ben explains. “Kate knows exactly what she wants and she’s very happy with where she is at the moment.”

Who Else Has Found Love?

Season 1 Farmer Gus: He has a new girlfriend call Sophie he said “If I’m lucky, she might marry me one day!”

Season 1 Farmer Craig: He has been seeing Ellie for a little while, but this fun-loving couple seem made for each other. After meeting at the races, Ellie spent time at Craig’s farm – and even worked in the shearing shed.

Season 2 Farmer Nick: The winemaker is pursuing a long-distance romance with Sydney girl Charlotte, who he met on a recent work trip.

Season 2 Farmer Howie: His is still single.

Season 1  Farmer  Drew: He did not bring his girlfriend to the reunion but says their realationship of just a few months is going well.

Season 2 Farmer Michael: He is still single but said the show did help boost his confidence.

Tune in for the two hour final episode tonight on Channel 9 from 7.30pm.


1 Horse farmer { 07.27.10 at 3:51 pm }

What happened to the series 1 Farmer Jon from Deniliquin? He was a nice bloke.

2 Janette Louise Farmer { 07.08.11 at 5:23 pm }

Hi it James still single