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MasterChef Australia: I Am Confused Are Chris And Julia On

Now previously I had not believed the rumours that Julia and Chris had been experimenting with the yum in yum cha in Hong Kong, see previous post here, however this week’s NW articles on MasterChef seems to be hinting to read between the lines.

The first article is about Julia’s Secret Heartache. The article has a photo of her looking like  a grown up little red riding hood with too much make up on. And NW are hinting she is being eaten by the big bad wolf. By the way the people that styled her deserve to be sacked.

The article  on Julia’s recent breakup  says:

On screen, Julia seems cool, calm and collected – the perfect candidate for a high-pressure cooking competition. But her measured performance on MasterChef masks the hurt of only recently ending a long-term relationship.

“I broke up with him last week,” the 23 year-old told NW.  “We were together for three years.” Still coming to grips with the split, Julia admits she could have timed the break–up with her boyfriend better.

“It just kind of happened, ” she explains. “So that was pretty bad timing on my behalf!”

But while being in a high-stakes reality TV show and coping with a break-up isn’t exactly ideal, Julia says that in some ways the program is a good distraction.

“I think it probably is helping me, being in the competition,” she admits. “Just the fact that I’m so focused on something – and really, really focused on challenges and doing the best I can.”

In fact, Julia’s been able to put her relationship issues completely out of her mind when she’s in the middle of a MasterChef challenge.

“I’m just trying not to think about outside at all,” she reveals. “I’m just trying to think, ‘For the next few weeks, this is my life.” I’ve found it better to really focus on the cooking rather than on anything else.”

Now Julia has her sights firmly on the future, not the past. And she’s determined to make a career in food.

“I’d love to go overseas to train in a few restaurants,” she says.

Then there was this article hinting at turmoil in Chris Badenoch’s private life:

While Julia has used the MasterChef competition to help her forget her personal problems, Chris says he’s the opposite – his cooking has suffered because he can’t stop worrying about his private life.
“I had a really shit week last week, cooking-wise, ” the beer merchant tells NW. “I cooked the worst I’ve cooked in the entire show. Outside things just got to me and it completely threw my focus and I cooked two crap meals.”
Chris says his less-than-perfect culinary performances were a serious let-down for him after having a good run as one of the few contestants whose position in the competition has seldom been in doubt.
“I’d been doing really well till then,” Chris explains. “And it just shows you how, if you don’t keep your focus and concentrate, you can completely screw up.”

What is NW trying to hint at here? Or am I just being cynical?

On a different note NW also has vignettes on how lonely the wives and girlfriends were with their mates away.

This is what the partners had to say:

Sam and Serpil: Sam went into the MasterChef house the day after he and Serpil got married, so understandably she’s found ti  hard to adjust.

“I must have been under the influence at the time I agreed to it!” Serpil says. “Leading up to the wedding we were around each other constantly and for him  to be gone all of a sudden, it did take a bit of getting used to.

“The hardest thing is just the lack of communication. To go from talking all the time to having three, 15-minute phone calls a week, it doesn’t really give you enough time. It’s like having a husband in jail, although I read that in jail they have more privileges!”

Andre and Hana: Hana and Andre had only been dating a short time before he went into the competition – so now they’ve been going out longer with him in MasterChef lockdown than in the real world!

“We’ve been together for six months now and he’s been away four of those months,” she says. Hana says she feels she’s got to know Andre from watching the show. “I’ve missed him so much, but seeing him on TV has made the time go quicker,” she says. “There have been a lot of emotions that I haven’t seen personally with him.”

Homaxi and Chris: Homaxi and Chris first met 15 years ago when they worked together at an advertising agency, so she says she’s definitely been feeling his absence now that he’s been in the MasterChef house for almost four months.

“It’s been a long, long time,” Homaxi tells NW. “It’s coming up to four months, so it’s really lonely. Not having him around the house for such a long period of time has been really difficult – but over time, in some ways, you get used to it.”


1 Sleepy { 07.08.09 at 1:29 am }

Was there a part from Nic’s wife in NW? *sigh*

2 Anonymous { 07.08.09 at 3:01 am }

The tabloids have been wrong with 99% of their “exclusive” Masterchef relationship dramas so far, I vote it’s a beat-up.

3 Foodie { 07.08.09 at 3:22 am }

ohh damn..i really wanted andre and poh to be a couple haha.

4 Zephyr { 07.08.09 at 5:17 am }

Haha me too. I really think Andre and Poh have really good chemistry.

Oh well… one can only hope.

5 Jane { 07.08.09 at 10:34 am }

I thought Andre and Poh WERE an item? Or was it George and Poh? Or was it random crew guy and Poh? Or was it Justine and Poh? *snigger*

6 Reality Raver { 07.08.09 at 11:27 am }

Daisy – whoops freudian slip I was thinking about Julia due to the following blog post I was about to write, about her busting up with boyfriend.

Sleepy – do you think Nic’s wife made him go home? I missed that episode as I was overseas at the time. I thought it was ridiculous he left. But then again maybe he realised it was unlike the UK version.
But as Chris Badenoch has found out it is making his beer business boom. And apparently the business is looking for a site to open a restaurant. They over nearly 2 million potential customers.

7 Nonnymouse { 07.08.09 at 12:29 pm }

Andre and Poh are just friends. Julia and Chris ARE together, and have been long before they broke up with their significant others.

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9 Injera { 07.08.09 at 2:27 pm }

Oooh, Nonnymouse – that sounds like good goss! Can I break into “Summer Nights” from Grease around about now? (Rhetorical question, I’m singing it as I type…)

10 :)master chef:) { 07.08.09 at 9:26 pm }



11 sourkraut { 07.08.09 at 10:14 pm }

Chris I’ve got my theories but i’m not going to write them down.
Pity about the steak, I’d much prefer it to the other stuff presented tonite. oh well good bye from me for 2moro in advance. all the best with the beer restaurant. if it ever happens I’ll go there but just dont put raw egg on the menu

12 Sleepy { 07.08.09 at 11:40 pm }

RR – Sounds like Nic had a lot on his plate prior to entering this game, which he should have taken into account…

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