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So You Think You Can Dance – Open Post

It is Top 14 tonight and who will go? I think this is one of the best season’s ever for dancers. When will we see Jason Gilkison or Kelley Abbey. Does anyone else think Nigel Lythgoe wants the ballerina to win. In fact I think he fancies her.

July 31, 2009   6 Comments

Project Runway Australia – So Ryan Didn’t Like Amber-Renae?

Ryan - Project Runway Australia

Who Mag has an elimination interview with Ryan who was eliminated from Project Runway Australia with Amber-Renae this week.

He had these things to say:

He did not like fellow evictee Amber-Renae:

You’ve got other people like Amber, who got voted off the same time as I did and we were kind of mortal enemies in the house, we didn’t really have too much left over for each other. There’s absolutely nothing that stops her [Amber] talking about herself, this never-ending publicity machine about how fabulous she is in every possible way. You can just imagine living with someone that doesn’t turn off, I got into the habit of just referring to her as “The Queen of hot-air and no substance.” All pretty packaging – no good products.

On Michael aka Tresemme apparently he has got his reality TV persona honed:

Then you’ve got Michael – he’s actually a really lovely guy when you get to sit down and talk to him but then a camera turns up and he turns into the hair-flicking monster that you see on TV.

On William apparently he is a little dull:

You have somebody like William where basically his personality is like a short-circuit loop where he’s got a certain amount of jokes, a certain amount of stories and smart comments which is really funny and amazingly new when you start but when you’re locked up in there for long enough you hear the same shit again. It’s just telling the same stories to the same audience.

Who he wants to win:

From a design perspective, I think Anthony would be amazing because he lives in his own little wonderful world where most designers actually have to challenge themselves to get beyond the connection. He’s just marvellous, fabulous.

He also said that talking to Henry Roth took 45 minutes this challenge – which is amazing they must edit a lot out, as it is about a minute on TV. It is a fair chunk of time out of a 8 hour challenge.

If you want to see the episode online go here.

July 31, 2009   5 Comments

Kyle Sandilands To Be On Celebrity MasterChef?

A regular commenter on this blog the witty and droll Wurstsemmel contacted me to ask me if I had heard the rumour of Kyle Sandilands to be one of the celebrities on MasterChef this October. He would tick all the boxes, a genuine celebrity and a Channel 10 personality with a current TV show on air, as Australian Idol will be starting next week. But can he cook? Does that matter?

Anyway will they still want to go with him after this week’s controversy? Probably as everyone will tune in to see him being given a dressing down by George and Gary. As usual the mantra that any publicity is good publicity will prevail in this case.

Speaking of George Calombaris popular mummy blogger Domestic Goddess on L Plates has found a picture of George with hair. It is a pearler and I would not have recognised him. Click link to pic here..

Also speaking of mummy bloggers there was an article on The Punch called the rise of the mummy blogger. And for the interests of disclosure I wrote it wearing my other hat as a mother.

July 31, 2009   10 Comments

The Amazing Race – Episode 2 – Bavaria

Because we only get to see one episode a week you don’t realise how intense  The Amazing Race must be to compete in. You finish a challenge which can take up to 24 hours or sometimes more depending on where you are flying, and then you only get 12 hours to get any sleep. I reckon by the end of the first week the teams must be crazy with fatigue. I wonder if they take sleeping pills as their body clocks must be totally out of whack.

Tonight’s the teams had to fly to Munich, Germany, and then get to Ruhpolding to get their next clue. After the teams left the pit stop they asked their taxi drivers to use their mobile phones to book airline tickets. This confused me, as previously I am sure they have not been able to book tickets by phone or over the internet prior to getting to the airport. The rules must change all the time.

Margie and Luke, the mother and son deaf team,  were first to leave the pitstop. They did not use a phone but managed to get on the first flight out which was the Swiss Air 7.10am flight. The short stuntmen who had been running third were not quite so lucky and were on the next flight leaving at 8.45am.

They had  cars to drive from Munich to Ruhpolding. I am always surprised there is not more accidents when they are driving considering they are tired, stressed and have no idea where they are going.

 Tammy and Victor, the asian brother and sister were first to get on the cable car.

At the top of the hill there was a roadblock called Whose ready to fly like an eagle?

One person from the team had to paraglide down the mountain. All well and good, except the wind was to strong to do so. The other option was to run down the mountain which would take an hour.

 Tammy decided to run down.

Mel of the father/son gay team did not have the option of running down the hill as he had done his groin in and he knew he would not make it.

His son Mike was not looking happy. I loved the way they edited so it looked like once Mel started talking about God that some sort of divine intervention occurred and the wind dropped, and he went from last place to fifth.

The teams then had to get to Schonau Am Konigssee. At this stage Tammy and Victor were leading, with Margie and Luke coming in third. Margie was second off the mountain which was pretty good considering she was not second to start the run.

Linda the hillbilly woman took a wrong turn when walking down the hill and got completely lost arriving at a road. She kind of fell apart after that. She then got a lift back to the cable car place. I wonder how much assistance she had from the producers/camera men to get back into the race. I read in an exit interview that she sent four hours on the mountain.

At Schonau Am Konigssee it was Detour time:

Balancing Dolly – The contestants must ride a Segway along a 2 mile obstacle course; or

Austrian Folly – The contestants throw pies  at a target which is their partners face until they get a pie with a cherry filling.

Tammy and Victor only threw about 8 cakes before they got the cherry filling, as did Kris and Adam. Luke and Margie were throwing them for ever,

The two black sisters had map problems they were lost twice in this episode, and they were getting on each others nerves.

Victor and Tammy finished the detour first and made their way to the pit stop at Schloss Hellbrun. Mel and Mike came in second.

Did  anyone else notice they flashed up the time of 14 hours since the leg of the race started. I have never seen that before.

Back at the cake throwing tent, the flight attendants were trying to find the wood cutter. One of them  tried to salvage the fact that they looked like complete bimbos when they finally found it by saying “we have got stop looking at things so literally.”

The Hillbillies were eliminated who collapsed in a heap of tears when they found out they were the last to get to the mat.

Here is an nterview with Steve and Linda here.

July 31, 2009   10 Comments

The Battle of Reality TV Shows – Between Nine and Seven

It looks like Nine once again loses to Seven on the reality TV stakes. Currently they are going head to head on Wednesday nights in the all important 7.30pm timeslot.

The World’s Strictest Parent’s on Seven had 1.595 million viewers, and Australia’s Perfect Couple: 762,000 on Nine. Last week it had 798,000 for its first episode.

What will Nine do pull this one and replace it withh Two and a Half men or 20 to 1?

July 30, 2009   Comments Off on The Battle of Reality TV Shows – Between Nine and Seven