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Australian Idol – Season 7 – Semi Final 3

Nathan Brake and Ashleigh Toole were the two to get through to the top 12 from last night’s semi-final.  Adam Eckersly did not look happy about missing out. I think Australian public got it right as the two with the most potential got through.

Also interesting to note that both final performers in both semi’s so far have got into the top 12. Does this mean the producers want Sabrina Batshon to get through tonight. I am sure they manipulate the running order.

Someone who is not happy with Australian Idol this season is Jackie O, Kyle Sandilands partner in crime as she tweeted this on Monday night:

Idol verdict & promise I’m not biased. It was so bland tonight. Nothing made u laugh or entertained u. Felt flat & boring! Bring Back Kyle!

She probably thought there was no young girls being exploited therefore it was not entertainment.

The Dicko of old was back tonight, he had some energy and wit about him, which was great. What was not great was the boring polo shirt he was wearing. Can’t the stylists to better than that?

Again the semi was not as strong as the first night performances but some potential was shown. 

Daniel Raso – You To Me Are Everything

This guys has the hair to go with this disco hit, apparently he can dance so I was hoping for a few classic moves. I was a bit disappointed with him, as he was one of my faves from the auditions. It was just a tad cheesy. Also some of his notes were a bit off.

“More Wiggles than prime time artist,” said Dicko.

“Hope there is no tears from the clown tomorrow night,” Jay Dee Springett. Clearly telling him you got buckleys of getting through.

Aliqua Mao – I Will Always Love You

Another few cents into Dolly Parton’s coffers from Aliqua singing this song.  I think her voice is extremely strong, but a 16 year old cannot be a diva. I thought she did a great job but I did not see much emotional connectivity with the song, she was just doing vocal gymnastics. And she must have wrestled that dress of a drag queen.

“Your a young girl……what I see girl playing with parents record collection and wearing her mums frock,” said Dicko.

Dicko decided to man up tonight and gave Andrew G a big slap when he said “she’s just a school kid,”. He said we are giving away a record contract.

Nicole Banks – Coldplay – Viva la vida

She was in the semi’s last year but missed out on the top 12. I had high expectations of her, but she tanked, her pitch was out just about the whole song, also she the way her hand was moving it looked like she was behind the music the whole way through. Her performance was not helped by my recording jumping in the middle of it.

I cannot see the quirkiness that the judges talk about. Coldplay is pretty mainstream to me.

“A really good job of it,” Jay Dee said.

“Wasn’t the best vocal I have ever heard, it was a bit dusty at times, but you always give us real drama and presence.” said Dicko.

Jason Bartlett – Tears In Heaven

Ok let’s face it because he is not a spunky young heartthrob he has to ensure he does an amazing vocal performance, and it was good, but was it great. Was I moved to vote for him? No.  He is going to have to hope for some parochial Western Australian voters to bring him across the line.

“Your best performance, and is it good enough for the top 12?” said Dicko.

“I love your heart,” said Jay Dee. Which I interpreted as you sucked and there is no way I can market you.

Scott Newnham – Run It

After reading today about what Chris Brown did to Rhianna  on this blog here, I did not want here one of his songs. They are really pushing Scott as the Luke Dickens of this year’s competition. But to be fair it was a pretty strong vocal performance, and I would not be surprised if he got through. Also doing a different style from the rest of the singers also will make him stand out from the rest.

“I am excited, and when I get excited I cannot keep it in,” said JayDee. Everyone cracked up and then he realised what he said.

“There goes another judge,” said Dicko.

Jay Dee then said he had a niche as the white boy rapper.

“Pitch perfect,” said Dicko.

Sabrina Batshon – Hush Hush

When I heard she was singing the Pussycat Dolls I thought oh no not more glitter and cut off shorts, but those fears were unjustified. I was not blown away as the judges were.  But it was probably one of the better performances of the night. It had a few to many riffs in it for me to really love. I kind of hope she gets through to the top 12 as she will keep it interesting.

The two who I think will get through will be Sabrina Batshon, and Scott Newnham.

“Knocked it out of the park,” said Jay Dee.

“You could be a massive gay icon,”  said Dicko. “So refreshing.”


1 Simone { 08.26.09 at 11:32 pm }

What is up with Marcia’s hair/wig this season?
And did that little black haired one come straight from the trailer park, or did she stop off at Supre to pick up a few urgent supplies, on the way to the semis?
Don’t even get me started about the lady-boy with the plait singing ‘I will always love you’

2 TDK { 08.27.09 at 9:59 am }

I’m disappointed with Aliqua’s song choice, and performance.
There are only a few who can pull off that song, and when they can’t they should make it their own, Aliqua wasn’t successful in doing either.
Hope she still gets through via wildcards though.

Scott, I cringed when I saw him on stage with that costume.
It didn’t worked for me.
He’s got too much a good boy’s face and attitude to pull it off.
It may have been a good vocal performance, but since I’m not into Chris Brown or that kind of music, I wasn’t buying it.

JD’s comments were so producer based.
More so than Dicko.

This is turning out to be an image molding game.
Why am I surprised?
I shouldn’t be.

3 Anonymous { 08.27.09 at 5:46 pm }

What’s with the Scott love in the poll? I’ve never seen such a mediocre, pitchy performer on this show get praised and pimped (special vocal effects, camera effects, back-up singers singing for him) that way. I mean, Tom Williams was pretty damn dreadful and mediocre last year, but I wouldn’t say that he was pimped in the same way that Scott was last night.

Ugh. Why is this mediocre, cringeworthy guy so popular? This is going to be like Lee Harding all over again.

4 Reality Raver { 08.27.09 at 5:52 pm }

Anon – just looked at the poll. You are so right about Lee Harding wasn’t he mediocre? I wonder what he is doing now, back on a building site?

My theory why Scott is so popular from last night, was that others were so mediocre. Also he is in a urban niche.
TDK – Aquila is in with a shot of getting in tonight, if not she will be wild carded.

simone – still laughing about the lady boy comment – ouch.

5 Anonymous { 08.27.09 at 6:11 pm }

RR – Yes, Lee was! The thing that was so annoying about that, was how long he lasted. I can just see that happening with Scott. I get that Scott is in an urban niche, but he’s so baaaad at it. And there are better urban, rnb, soul singers in this group, anyway. Ick, I don’t know. I hate it when Idol breeds mediocrity.

6 TDK { 08.27.09 at 8:52 pm }

I forgot one more rant.
Ricki-Lee looked ridiculous.

7 salamanderk { 09.01.09 at 12:12 pm }

it seems a bit early to be jumping to conclutions as with other years we see a marked improvement in performances once the top 12 have access to the workshop its now a case of who can step up a cog or two. after all your only as good as your next performance