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Jay Dee Springbett I Almost Quit Australian Idol

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Australian Idol Judge Jay Dee Springbett has revealed to the Daily Telegraph that he almost walked away from the show.

The SonyBMG executive has been counteracting rumours that he has having affairs. Apparently a magazine is going to do an article on it.

In the article he addresses the  issue of infidelity:

“Categorically, no! Never have, never would,” he offers on the alleged flings he’s said to have had with a slew of well known Sony starlets.

“To take this whole rumour further, if my boss found out I’d be sacked immediately, it’s bad for my credibility, and no one (in the music industry) would take me seriously.

“Yeah, I sign a lot of girls, but that’s because I make a lot of girlie pop music, that’s what I do.”

He’s also a happily engaged dad.

“It’s been tough, mate,” Springbett says of the rumours, said to soon feature in a prominent women’s magazine and which have encircled he and fiancee Louisa McCole.

“They’re not even talking about my role; they’re trying to dig up the past. Everyone has a past and what’s the end goal? Is it so my missus and me split up? If that’s the mentality of the people writing the story well, I’m like, `f****** grow up’.

“There’s two little kids involved here. Come and say what you want to my face, I’ve got really thick skin, but don’t mess around with my family.”

It’s been a rocky road for the imported Brit and Sony exec since he joined Idol following Kyle Sandilands’ axing.

Slammed by many of the show’s fans for playing it “safe”, Springbett jokingly acknowledges he has become the program’s scapegoat. He also says he came close to walking away from it.

“I literally said I don’t want to do this any more, it got to that point. It caused me a lot of anguish for a couple of weeks. I was stressed all the time, constantly on edge. Everyone’s like, ‘Oh it’s great you’re on TV’, but it’s horrible.

“But I came through that.”

And he hopes the audience does, too.

“I just want a fair go. At the end of the series if people are like, `He’s got no personality, he’s no TV star’, so be it.”

If a magazine has got a story it obviously is not a strong one as they would have ran it by now.