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MasterChef Chris Badenoch Says He Has No Regrets

Adelaide Now has an article that states that MasterChef Australia bad boy said even though being on the show turned his life upside it wouldn’t swap it for the world. On the show Chris hooked up with another contestant Julia Jenkins, and had a few other women on the boil as well.

However I am unclear whether he is still with Julia as on twitter today, @projectnat tweeted Chris from masterchef wants my number ha

He is currently doing food demos at the Melbourne Show.

Justine And Lucas To Commence A Monthly Degustation Menu

From Tuesday 6 October when former MasterChef contestants Lucas Parsons and Justine Schofield meet, greet, cook and eat with diners at Ninos Hideaway   at Westfield Bondi Junction. Contact restaurant for details.

The Apprentice To Start On 28 September at 9.30pm On Channel 9

The Australian version of The Apprentice, with Mark Bouris taking on The Donald role starts on Monday the 28th of September at 9.30pm with a 90 minute episode. The winner will work with Mr Bouris on a six-figure-salary. The contestants are from all walks of life, from all around the country, with the youngest aged 19 and the oldest competing at 54. I am really looking forward to this show, and will be recapping it.

Kyle Sandilands Off Air For A Month says Kyle Sandilands has been suspended for a month without pay. He has also been asked to attend counselling The Jewish Museum have also offered him a tour.

Sonya Kruger And Todd McKenney Are Sacked From The Breakfast Show

This Dancing With The Stars have been told not to come back from their current holiday to host the 106.5 FM breakfast show. The ratings of the show halved since they took it over with no improvement in the latest ratings period. (Source Daily Telegraph)

Exit Interview With Australian Idol’s Ashleigh Toole

Who Mag has a great interview with the first person to be eliminated from the top 12 Ashleigh Toole. She said she had been rehearsing “Complicated” by Avril Lauvigne for Rock Week, but did not get to sing it.

Adam Brand Who Won Dancing With The Stars Is Dating His Dance Partner

Adam the twice married country singer is now dating his dance partner from the show of Dancing With The Stars. There had been rumours for quite sometime about the pair. He is 39, and she is 19. Not sure what I think about that.

Who Mag interviewed Adam but did not ask him about the age gap.

Exit Interview With Anthony Capon Winner Of Project Runway

Who Mag has an interview with Anthony where he talks about what is next for him. He said he will continue to work as assistant designer at Etal, who refreshingly design for people up to size 18.


1 onadrought { 09.19.09 at 8:12 pm }

39 and 19, gross! Must say she looks older, he looks younger, so it doesn’t look odd, it just is odd.As a female of a similar age to Adam, I have no desire to shag a 19 year old.

2 CG { 09.20.09 at 12:55 am }

Lucas and Justine sure are spending a lot of time together. Surely Justine would have got all these gigs without Lucas…but not Lucas without Justine. Just sayin’.

As for the 19 and 39 year old hookup. Let them be. It probably won’t last long and if it does, more power to ’em.

And if I may be obnoxious and juvenile for a moment: I thought there was something going on between these two when I caught a few epis of DWTS. In fact in one show I was sure I noticed Adam had an erection following a dance with a lot of bumping/grinding/sliding and then try to hide it with a hat or other prop when they finished dancing and were doing the interview-thingy. Ooops!