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Chris and Julia – Season 1 Lovebirds Looking Dour

With the news that Season Three of Masterchef Australia may have produced  a love match (See previous blog post – Alex and Chelsea Create A Masterchef Fireball) I was wondering how Season One lovebirds, Julia Jenkins, and Chris Badenoch was going.

If you were a body language expert which I am not – it would look like things are a bit frosty. Chris has a dour look on his face and his arms are crossed, whilst Julia walks beside him.

What is she carrying? The tube could be filled with plans to expand their successful business Josie Bones?

Josie Bones the beer bar is filled most nights, with Chris at front of house with the beer (of course), and Julia is slugging it out in the kitchen.

Let us hope the hard work is not causing fractures in their relationship.

May 19, 2011   13 Comments

Chris Badenoch And Julia Jenkins Beer Restaurant Josie Bones Is Open


The much awaited Josie Bones the beer restaurant owned has now opened in Melbourne. It is operated by Masterchef alumni Julia Jenkins and Chris Badenoch.

As you would guess it has a lot of focus on beer and the whole of the beast eating. In fact if you are vegetarian don’t bother going, as there is a headless pig photo above the bar.

However a few tweets are very positive tweets about the restaurant and on other online review sites. Though it does make me wary when the people that love it only have written one review.

However Melbourne food blog Eat, Drink, Stagger rated the food, but had a few issues with attitude from the bar staff. There are no reviews from the mainstream media yet.

The couple have bought in a head chef to lead the kitchen, but I am sure the loved up Masterchef couple were the masterminds behind the menu.

Josie Bones in on 98 Smith St, Collingwood if you have eaten there come and tell us what it was like.

December 28, 2010   8 Comments

Chris Badenoch Is As Non-Discriminating With His Meat As He Is With His Women

Chris Badenoch is currently doing the rounds promoting his cookbook The Entire Beast.

In this interview in City Weekly Chris reveals that his views on meat appears to be similar to his approach to women.

He states:

“I don’t discriminate between animals,” says Chris Badenoch. ‘‘There are too many tasty ones.”

Chris received notoriety for romancing fellow Masterchef Australia contestant Julia Jenkins as well has having a few women on the outside as well.  For the record he is still with Julia.

He also is pretty hands on with his meat:

“As long as the animal’s lived a happy and free-range life and was slaughtered humanely, that’s what matters.”

“People these days are so desensitised to the fact they’re eating animal and they don’t like anything to look like the animal,” he says. “But people shouldn’t eat meat if they can’t cope with where it’s from and what it is.”

Badenoch says that buying whole animals, rather than separate parts, is also a “smarter and cheaper way to buy”. “If you just buy a chicken breast, you also don’t know what the rest of the animal looked like – you can’t see its quality.”

Badenoch says he got the ideas for his recipes from a combination of the cookbooks he owns, eating at different restaurants and talking to butchers. “And once you get to a certain point, you can just see a piece of meat or a bit of produce and use your imagination to come up with ideas.”

Chris is also opening a beer eating establishment Josie Bones with Julia, the website says it will be opening before Christmas so they better get to it.

December 7, 2010   9 Comments

Chris Badenoch and Julia Jenkins On Iron Chef Next Week

Channel Seven will be expecting an influx of  Masterchef fans to start watching Iron Chef Australia when Chris Badenoch takes on Guillame Brahimi on the show next week.

TV Week reveals Chris and his sous chef and real life partner Julia Jenkins will be on the episode airing November 2.

Chris Badenoch said it was harder than Masterchef.

The article states:

“I think it’s harder than anything that’s ever been on Masterchef,” he says.

“An hour for four dishes is crazy in anybody’s language. The pressure is a whole different ball game.”

He also says about cooking with Julia:

“We cook together all the time, so being familiar with someone in the kitchen makes your life a whole lot easier,” He explains. “We don’t clash at all [when we’re cooking]”.

And on those pesky engagement rumours:

“Who knows? We’re happy as we are at the moment,” Chris says cryptically. “There’s no marriage on the cards – yet.”

And on their new restaurant Josie Bones:

“It’s coming along really well – we’re madly painting at the moment and it’s all happening,” Chris reveals. It’s very exciting, but terrifying at the same time! It’s our baby at the moment. We’ll hopefully be open just before Christmas, so it will be a very busy festive season!”

October 26, 2010   3 Comments

Iron Chef Australia – Chris Badenoch V Neil Perry


In programming gold Chris Badenoch, from Masterchef Australia Series One will appear as a competitor on Channel Seven’s Iron Chef.

I am sure the production company and SEVEN will be canny enough to put him up against Neil Perry, Iron Chef Australia/Asia after the snaffu that Neil got himself earlier this year about the Masterchef contestants. The uber-chef  said (see previous blog post here) that the Masterchef contestants would struggle to survive in a real kitchen, and that it was a “game show”.  Neil later said he had been misquoted.

It will be interesting to see if Chris will be able to produce four dishes in an hour as his food philosophy is very meaty, slow cooking. But he will have his partner in life and of his new restaurant, Julie Jenkins, to be his sous chef. I will just be watching the show for that dynamic.

The Herald Sun states:

Badenoch and Jenkins are now business, as well as romantic, partners. Josie Bones will be a beer bar with matching food.

“All the doubters out there have been proven wrong,” Badenoch says.

“We’re doing the restaurant together and it will be a combination of our ideas.”

Badenoch says he relished the chance to return to television.

“It (Iron Chef) was the opportunity to push myself,” Badenoch says.

“It’s one thing cooking against other amateurs (on MasterChef). Going up against guys of this calibre (Perry/Grossi/Brahimi) is a rare opportunity.”

Victoria’s Sacha Meier, Head Chef and manager of Lorne’s Ba Ba Lu Restaurant and Bar, will also be one of the challengers onIron Chef.

Other challengers are Sydney’s Dan Hong (Head Chef, Lotus Bar and Bistro), Adelaide’s Judyta Slupnick (Head Chef and owner of Phore Seasons), as well as Perth’s Matt Stone (Head Chef, Greenhouse Restaurant) and Herb Faust (Head Chef, Scotch College).

Iron Chef will screen on Channel 7 in mid-October.

October 5, 2010   21 Comments