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Australian Idol – Top 11 – Suzi Quatro Mentors

Holy shit Suzi Quatro still has the same body and hair style as 30 years ago. Unfortunately I cannot say the same for the voice. Tonight Suzi Quatro mentored the performers, as well as adding some much needed energy to the judging panel.

Tonight is a crucial episode for Australian Idol, if they don’t get some of the now finished Dancing With The Stars viewers across then they need to press the resuscitate button.

Even though they bought in Jay Dee Springbett as the third judge, it would seem there are going to be quite a few guest judges appearing this season. Brian McFadden, Harry Connick Jr, and Mika. I loved the audiences deafening silence when Ricki-Lee mentioned Mika’s name.

First a few thoughts on the show:

  • I was totally shocked that Ashleigh Toole was eliminated, she was so talented;
  • Jay Dee Springbett obviously felt the same when he said “We need to see her back here next year.” Does that mean top 12 contenders can now return?
  • Unsurprisingly the judges two wildcard picks Tim Johnston, and Casey Barnes were in the bottom three, unfortunately they are both still in it;
  • Tim, Casey and Toby Moulton are all to similar – older nice boys, but they are all little bit bland and boring;
  • You know there are issues with the quality of male performers when “12 year old” James Johnston is showing the most sex appeal;
  • It appears the producers are trying to get some conflict going between Dicko and Jay Dee and it is not working; and
  • Will Sabrina Batshon make it to the end of the Australian Idol season she seems a little unhinged and highly strung, having said that I was so bored tonight, that when Andrew G said Sabrina is on after the ad break I perked right up.

Anyway tonight was rock night, and Suzi was guest judge was sponsored by Ed Hardy.

Hayley Warner – Misery Business – Paramour

“She fully pulls off the mullet look,” said Hayley of Suzi Quatro. I disagree but kudos for Hayley for even saying the M word. Hayley was in her element tonight, however her problem in this song was she was moving so much that she lost some of the strength in her voice. I like her, she has charisma, however she has got to maybe not do the same type of thing every week, it could get a bit one dimensional.

“Keep that intensity up, it is just fantastic to watch,” said Dicko.

“You had energy, the look and the attitude,” said Suzi Quatro.

Casey Barnes – I’m Not Over It

“Mr polite guy won’t be there on Sunday night” said Casey. Yes but Mr boring was. How he stayed over Ashleigh was a travesty. His song was more rock/pop, and he was flat on the low notes. I am still not getting what potential the judges thought they saw in this guy.

“You did not grow with it…. you did not build it,” said Suzi Q.

“Still not believing it, I don’t think you have grown from week to week.” Jay Dee said. But he still hoped he would be in next week.

“Thought it was a good committed performance,” said Dicko.

Kate Cook –  Are You Going To Be My Girl – Jet

She has a gravelly voice which helped her out in what could have been a tricky week for the country singer. It was a great song choice. And points need to be given for her not shying away from the fact she was singing about a girl.

“Gave me the Melissa Etheridge vibe,” said Suzi Quatro, because she just had to compare her to another gay singer which I thought was a bit obvious.

“Great job,” said Jay Dee Springbett.

“I would have liked you to have done something more in your genre. I felt a  bit uncomfortable watching it,” said Dicko.

Nathan Brake  – Apologies I did not get the song name.

“I don’t think Nathan knows who he is yet,” said Suzi Q. What is she alluding to? In the last edition of TV Week he said he was straight and has a girlfriend of three years. Who cares about his sexuality this kid  can sing – I thought it was more a rock ballad, but it was more interesting then most tonight.

“Theatrics were there but you committed to the performance,” said Jay Dee.

“Showing strength and vulnerability,” said Suzi Q.

Toby Moulton – Starlight – Muse

“Do you like girls? Are you sure?” said Suzi Q when she found out Toby was singel. Toby and Casey are just too similar for me. Thirty year old men who are both pretty bland in manners and personalities.  I found his performance extremely boring. He did look good, and he is going with a three day growth to make him a bit more butch.

“I don’t think you are going to last long in the competition by playing through your record collection,” said Dicko.

“I thought you did a very great job,” said Jay Dee Springbett.

Tim Johnston – Jumping Jack Flash – Rolling Stones

As Suzi Q said “Tim is not rock,” Where have all the real men gone? There are none in this year’s competition. None of them have the grunt that Mark Spano, Luke Dickens and Wes Carr had.

“You had audience in the palm of your hand,” said Suzi Q.

“I think Suzi saved a train wreck…. you rocked the house,” said Jay Dee.

“You look like you had your rock cherry popped,” said Dicko

Sabrina Batshon – Numb – Linkin Park

The unpredictability of Sabrina was well welcomed by this stage of the show, and yes there were tears with Suzi Q. It Sabrina who has confirmed she has bi-polar and she does have a bit of up and downness about her. I just find her completely vulnerable combined with a “look at me personality”. I am still not sure if I like her but she does make the show much more interesting. Her performance? For me it was too screechy.

“You just blew me away,” said Suzi Q.

“Everything you did in the song you felt it,” said Jay Dee.

“Every chorus for you is like an international incident- More nuttiness, more tears, more rage, and I think there is too many beige people.” said Dicko.

James Johnston – Thanks for the Memories – Fallout Boys.

This kid was the only one of the boys tonight to show any sex appeal, as isn’t that the point of rock? Wasn’t that enamoured by the song but he did move around the stage well.

“I think you got through it…. not your natural genre,” said Jay Dee.

Scott Newnham – American Woman – Lenny Kravitz

He had a few rock affectations going on.It started with lying on the stage, and continued with some air guitar. I really don’t get this guy, he just seems a tad thick for him to appeal to me.

“Tonight I saw a slapdash pedestrian performance,” said Dicko.

Kim Cooper – I Want You To Want Me – Cheap Trick

I hated the arrangement of this song. She did a great job and was entertaining. Marcia was the queen of self-delusion when she said when she has a dress on people want to look up her dress. They may have about 20 year’s ago. 

The way the judges were gibbering about Kim’s dress and the need for her to not do wide stances in it would have made you think she was doing a Britany and going commando, however she had thick black tights on as well. 

“Your voice tonight surprised me, I saw more in it tonight,” said Jay Dee Springbett.

“Your really exciting, great performance,” said Dicko.

Stan Walker – Nothing Else Matters – Metallica

Mesmerising performance.If he had hit some of the those big notes it would have been a absolutely sensational.

“So powerful for me…..the power of stillness worked well.” said Jay Dee.

“Being awesome… the performance had discipline,” said Dicko.

“You have natural talent, you just have to trust yourself,” said Suzi Q.

My bottom three predictions: Casey Barnes, Scott Newnham and Toby Moulton.


1 Liss { 09.14.09 at 8:43 am }

Meh, I’m with you there – it as like lukewarm tea with you nanna blanket last night… disappointed to see Ashleigh gone… truth be told I was really watching to support her – couldn’t pick a favourite now.

2 TDK { 09.14.09 at 11:07 am }

Stan all the way.
Anyone else would be a real travesty.

3 Nic { 09.14.09 at 11:41 am }

Hayley to win – she’s the only one who’s the WHOLE PACKAGE!
Note author, Hayley changed things up a bit last week – but why wouldnt she rock out last night given it was ROCK night?? -and she was the only one who DID rock out. She nailed that song vocally even with all her jumping about – which by the way, I loved!!

4 Anonymous { 09.14.09 at 11:43 am }

I’m on Sabrina’s train. I’m actually finding this season more entertaining than the last one so I’ll definitely stick through it. I think it’s ridiculous that Ashleigh was eliminated, though, and there are a few contestants that I think just shouldn’t be there at all…

5 Steph { 09.14.09 at 5:43 pm }

I’m surprised that Ashleigh went over Casey but, gotta say, she didn’t appeal to me. GREAT voice but a bit of a cardboard personality.
The arrangement of the Muse song was shocking. If the band had put some effort into it, I think Toby would’ve been fantastic. If anyone has any doubts about his talent, just watch his original audition.
I agree that it shouldn’t matter if Nathan is gay. His voice gives me goosebumps and he’s a sweet kid.
Loving Hayley. Yes, she is the package and I’m pretty sure she would go the furthest out of the lot if she won.

6 lydal { 09.15.09 at 9:06 am }

Hi! maybe off-topic but I watched last night Andrew G in Good News Week and he surprised me. In AU he seems boring but yesterday he was clever and entertaining.

7 Gillian { 09.15.09 at 10:17 pm }

I think Casey should have gone over Ashleigh. I still have no idea why he or Toby were wildcards. I love Tim Johnston though. I think he’s absolutely gorgeous and a nice guy … ok … I’ll admit, I want to have his babies haha!