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Australian Idol – Semi Final 4

Ok we are four shows into this season’s Australian and the judging panel have settled in. I am not sure Jay Dee Springbett is the man for the job past this season. He needs to bring more energy to the panel, and sure I appreciate having a producers view on the performers, he is kind of repetitive. Perhaps he should broaden is frame of reference and give a personal view at times not just his will this person make Sony a bucket load of money view.

Marcia is just predictable, and plays the mother hen role, which after seven seasons is a yawn fest.

Dicko over the last two nights seems to have skulled down a couple of energy drinks before the show and is showing some of his usual cheekiness thank God otherwise it would be getting very dull.

I always thought that who was in which semi was rigged however, now I am not so sure considering they had three people in with the surname of Johnston in tonight’s one. I am sure the position of where they sing is rigged. All the people who have sung last are now in the top 12.

Anyway it was not surprise Sabrina Batshon and Scott Newnham were voted into the top 12. But the question has Sabrina come into Australian Idol judge Jay Dee Springett notice prior to Idol? ( See story

Kim Cooper – Waking Up In Vegas

Apart from the playing with her hair when she was performing I liked this performance, easy on the eye and a good voice. The full pop package.

“Super hot girl singing pop I love it,” said Dicko.  “Your challenge is connecting with women, as they will have schizophrenic approach to you.” But he wants her in his top 12.

“Be careful with song choice… but good performance tonight.” said Jay Dee Springbett.

You can always tell the ones the judges like as they spend so much more time commenting on them.

Ed Zaiden – Foreign Land

I must be having a thing for long hair crazy men (in stark contrast to balding chef fetish) at them moment, as Ed and last night’s performer Daniel Raso were two of my favourites from the auditions. However it was a bit of a crazy performance from Ed, screechy notes, crazy eyes  and weird movements. I did not love it but kind of hope he gets through. Jay Dee called it intense, I would call it a tad demonic.

“Good performance, but don’t think it was a great vocal performance,” Jay Dee said, “you bring something unique to the competition.”

“I really think there is an artist in there somewhere,” said Dicko. “I think you give better hippie than rock.”

Lucie Johnson – Sweet Dreams

I am not  a Beyonce fan so I was not rapt with this song, however what I was rapt about was that for a sixteen year old she was amazingly articulate and confident.

What was the story of Jay Dee Springbett doing with his head back with his eyes closed when the camera panned to  him? Is this how he listens to the singers voices?He confirmed  that he does.

“Great song choice, and great vocals” said Jay Dee, but he said he was unsure what sort of artist she wants to be something which Dicko thought as well.

Tim Johnston – Signed Sealed and Delivered

Why does my barista not look like this? Life is not fair. I don’t remember him at all during the auditions or top 100 week, but why not he is quite hot. Unfortunately the worst performance of the night.  The voice was a bit weak, and it needed a bit more soul in it. I think this will be the last we see of him. I think they will give Toby Moulton a wildcard shot before him.

“Soul man I am still not buying it,” said Dicko.  “I bit of a soulless performance. You thought it you did not feel it …. you singing the wrong music to succeed.”

“A little bit karaoke for me,” said Jay Dee Springbett. And then there was the argument about The Temptations and I got totally confused. I think what Marcia was saying that white people should not be judged on the same standards as black people when they are singing soul. Or it could have been something else entirely.

Tenielle Muslin – Love Story

I really like her voice even though she did hit a few bum notes. I am not sure her voice is strong enough to stand up to the rigours of the various theme nights.

“I think there is more room for your voice to grow, if your voice matches your look you will have a career,” said Jay Dee Springbett.

“Got to find some resonance in your voice,” said Dicko after he gave her his pervy opinion about her looks. I love the way they are happy to to give their views on the women in the show, but no one told Jason Bartlett last night that he should drop some kilos to have a singing career.

James Johnston- Crazy

Ok he is in the lucky last position so is the the kid they want through tonight? He will definitely get the teen girl vote, as he is a little cutie, and it was a great song choice for him. It was one of the best performances on a night where there was no outstanding one.

“One of the best of the night for me,” said Jay Dee Springbett.

“I think you look like the office junior on a night out,” said Dicko. “You do skew to a pre-teen and teen market.”

The problem with tonight’s performances was that I had to see the recaps to remember who had been performing, and I have a fast forward button to skip the ads – so were they all that non-memorable?

 James Johnston will get into the top 12, but I have no idea who will get the second spot. Possibly Kim Cooper?


1 Anonymous { 08.27.09 at 11:09 pm }

What a dud of a night. I thought someone had cued up the wrong tape and it was a montage of bad auditions. Yuck!

2 Reality Raver { 08.27.09 at 11:13 pm }

Anon – The people who sang on Monday night must have been peeved as most would have stood out tonight. Seriously have no idea who the second singer to get through will be. None of them should be given wildcards.

3 Anonymous { 08.28.09 at 12:13 pm }

RR – Totally agree. I don’t even want any of them in the Top 12, let alone to score a wildcard!

4 TDK { 08.28.09 at 1:01 pm }

Yes, boring performances.
No risk takers.
No guts.
I want to hear a mouse roar, or a lion weep.

5 IdolChick { 08.30.09 at 2:29 pm }

Funny that. I tought this was one of the best semis. If you go back and have a look at Stans Nathans bland performances you might change your mind. James even though may not have the BIG voices of some is an entertainer and I’d rather sit through a concert of him than any others. Thought Kim should be the next choice.

6 TDK { 08.31.09 at 1:45 pm }

Yes, obviously taste and standard differences between people.