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Australian Idol – Wildcard Show

It was no surprise that James Johnston from the Thursday night semi-final got through to the top 12, nor was I unhappy with Kim Cooper getting in either, at the moment we have quite interesting eight singers in the top twelve.

Tonight was wildcard night with nine singers getting the chance to perform again for the last four spots.

But a couple of thoughts first:

  • I found it a bit cringeworthy that Dicko and Jay Dee were being a bit lewd with 22 year old Tenielle after she sang Kiss Me, when is Dicko going to learn that it is not cool to openly make salacious comments about women over 20 years younger than him;
  • Dicko has been told to liven up the judging panel, and he has definitely improved his commentary and is also trying to bait Jay Dee, who at this stage is being far to polite.
  • The Sunday Telegraph are alleging Jay Dee Springbett had something to do with Marcia Hines getting the arse from Sony BMG, therefore they don’t get on. If I were a betting person I would say this story was manufactured, however I did notice tonight she did not interact with him,
  • Sabrina Batshon who has the talent to win Australian Idol this year needs to possibly settle down a bit, I know she is excited about being in the top 12, but the interview she gave tonight with Ricki-Lee was all about engaging the audience, and I think that could cost her votes in the long term,
  • By the way Sabrina Batshon is not the first Idol contestant with a known psych history, apparently Mark Da Costa has bi-polar which he disclosed to the producers when he was on the show, however he did not want it known – so publicly the viewers were told he had had some issues with alcohol and gambling. He accused Idol of “spitting out the contestants once they are no longer needed.” Source: Sunday Telegraph (Scroll down);
  • The producers must want Hayley Warner to get into the top 12 as they gave her the last song of the night,
  • I thought it was unfair that Casey Barnes got a wild card ahead of rock man Adam Eckersley, and
  • Does Ricki-Lee ever get off the couch?

Apparently the judges got to pick three singers each for the wildcard show, but what made me think that there had been some producer involvement was the fact that Dicko had to read the names off a card.

Dicko “picked” Aliqua Mao, Casey Barnes, and Lucie Johnson.

Jay Dee “picked” Toby Moulton, Ed Zaidan, Hayley Warner.

Marcia Hines picked Lauren Street, Tim Johnston, and Tenille Muslin.

Not happy with some of the wildcard picks – I would have liked to have seen Adam Eckersley, Seth Drury and the Penrith Panther mascot dude Daniel Raso get another chance.

Lucie Johnson – Boogie Wonderland – Earth, Wind and Fire.

I really like this 16 year old she is so articulate and has the most infectious smile. She ripped through Boogie Wonderland, but still got a bollocking from Dicko about not being able to tell him what musical direction she want to go in. I thought that is what record executives did – that they guide and mould the singer.

“Still lacking direction,” Dicko said.

Jay Dee Springbett has obviously been told to argue with Dicko this week, as he disagreed with Dicko about his assessment of her, and thought she could do R&B.

Casey Barnes – Never Say Never – The Fray

Very surprised he got a wildcard, as I thought on his semi-night he was particularly ordinary.  Tonight he was much improved, and he thought he would emulate former Idol winner Damien Leith and bung in a bit of falsetto. Just has the touch of the blands about him, and will be relying on the older women vote.

“How do you think you did tonight?” asked Jay Dee. (Which is Jay Dee’s way of saying he was crap) “Wasn’t enough of an improvement for me.”

“How did it take you out of your comfort zone?” said Dicko as this had been one of his criticisms of him the other night “I picked a song to stretch my voice,” Casey said. Dicko responded ” I don’t think your voice is the problem… you need a different energy, different vibe.” I so agree.

Aliqua Mao – Power of Love – Celine Dion

So Dicko on her semi night told her that she should pick a hip young persons song, after she sang an iconic Whitney Houston number, then she goes and picks a Celine Dion song, if she gets through she is sure to sing Mariah next week. At this point I thought she was insane until she revealed she had had to lock her wildcard song in prior to her semi-performance. I know Australian Idol producers have to clear songs, but this put her at a severe disadvantage that she could not react to the judges advice and move to a more age appropriate song.

Aliqua did look very spunky tonight it is just a pity about the song as she can sing. 

“Not for me,” Jay Dee said. “Poor song choice, I did not see a young girl shaking her booty.”

“Not for a 16 year old girl….choose crazy crazy songs.” Dicko said.

Lauren Street – Low – Kelly Clarkson

Lauren is concerned she is not connecting with the audience as she left in the wildcard round in 2005. So this is her fourth time singing in the semis on Idol, as Andrew G said this was her “second second chance” which really says something about her likeability. The only way she will get into the top 12 is if the judges put her in.

“Such a fantastic performer, I hope you stay in the competition…probably one of our top 3 performers,” Dicko said.

“Pitch got a little bit out the window,” Marcia said.

“I really liked that performance, there is an edge of your voice that I love,” said Jay Dee. He did add whether he thought she was an Idol or whether she might go work on cruise ships. 

Tim Johnston – Yesterday – The Beatles

I thought Adam Eckersley should have been given a wild card spot ahead of this guy, who thought he was a soul singer. Did Gloria Jeans just get some prime time free advertising on Idol with the footage of Tim doing his barista thing. As this chain is owned by Hillsong Church, I sense another Hillsong voting scandal this year? But he will need Hillsong’s resources to get on as he is good looking but oh so bland, and this song did nothing to change my opinion of him. Yawn.

“White boys can sing,” said Jay Dee.

“Terrific, and when you looked me in the eye my heart melted,” said Dicko.

Ed Zaidan – White Noise – Living End

I really want Ed to get into the top 12, as there is something about him I really like, but tonight’s performance just was the same as his previous one he did of the Eskimo Joe song.

Jay Dee agreed “It was pretty similar to the last one”.

” Jay Dee you need to clean your ears out it was out of pitch the whole way through,” said Dicko  “You chose another muscle bound rock song that your voice can’t cope with.” Ouch.

Tenille Muslin – Kiss Me

Is she some kind of pop with a bit of a country flavour? Anyway I quite like her voice, it is a change from all the big power singers in the competition.

“You do have a voice that could skew [go country] that way,” said Dicko. “More passion or action in it,”  and “It just flatlined a bit.”.

“I would like to kiss you,” said Jay Dee. “Not convinced, but keep writing songs and playing music.”

“A lot of my music is country pop” she said which confirmed what I thought.

Toby Moulton – With Or Without You – U2

Of the 30 year guys this year, Toby is definitely hotter than Casey. Casey has the better voice, and they are about on par with their performing abilities. This was a much better song for him, and the audience went crazy. The judges are really pimping him.

“I think that rocked so well done,” Jay Dee said.

“Got the look spot on,” Dicko said.

Hayley Warner – I Do Not Hook Up – Kelly Clarkson

 Does anyone else think this girl has star quality? I think if she gets in the top 12 she can give the title a good shake. She is hugely like able, and her voice has a good range.

“Seem very comfortable… I think you are an exciting young package,” said Jay Dee.

“Don’t go off the stage, I hate it, it distracts you, and it looks like you are up yourself,” said Dicko and “your electrifying….you are 50% invincible, and 50% vulnerable.”

My prediction for last four in will be Hayley Warner, Toby Moulton, Aliqua Mao, and Tenielle Muslin.


1 Laura { 08.31.09 at 12:10 am }

I hate the way they selected the wildcards on stage. I wish they would revert back to the old way, where the contestants found out prior to the show so those who didn’t get through are not brought on stage only to be publicly rejected for the second time. I just found it sad & uncomfortable, not entertaining.
Anyway the line-up was very disappointing. Adam Eckhert, Daniel Rasso, Nicole and Seth all deserved second chances.
I liked Hayley, Toby (great song choice), Aliqua & Ed. I felt sorry for Aliqua & Ed when the judges criticised them for not taking their advice re: song choice, obviously that was not their fault that they could not change after getting feedback. Hopefully they get through. I wouldn’t mind if Lucie made it too.
The judges are idiots. I miss Vyle.

2 Sooty { 08.31.09 at 12:44 am }

I hope the four you’ve predicted do get in. Stunned they didn’t give Adam Eckersley a shot. Surprised they didn’t bother with Seth, too – as was he. Work on the happy for your fellow performers face, Seth! (Great seeing the sulky faces when they were supposed to be proud of their mate on stage’s effort, eg after Toby’s- Daniel’s was a treat!)

It’s torture watching what they’re doing to Aliqua, whose repertoire is not much too my liking but she’s singing her little heart out and has got a voice unlike some of the nobs they’re praising to the roof. I thought Toby was going to have a heart attack before he went on, he looked so grey and stressed. I like Tenielle – hope she gets in so I can say her name a lot – Tenielle Muslin. And she has really pretty Deborah Harry eyes. And I’ve already forgotten the fourth person. I’m going off everyone almost I formerly liked. Oh Hayley. Girl needs to stand up straight and pick better material to lope around the stage shouting – one day the wind will change and she’ll be stuck with that hunchback.

That whole show was murderous to watch, and the bizarro song choice continues; the judges comments are too free-floating to make any sense to the contestants – someone needs to give them some sound advice. It’s as if no-one competing on the show has ever watched it before and most of them have no idea what works, or what might work for them, or has grasped the idea of showing contrast in style or delivery. Ok the choices were locked in but the interpretations were not.

And what’s with singing all the tuneless songs? Hey, this is little known, by a daft band, (or by Kelly Clarkson), this is dull and boring as they come, think I’ll sing it in a very straightforward manner, no surprises from me, yeh, that’ll work.

I really like Toby, and he picks songs with a tune that suit his voice and is trying to incorporate the judge’s advice, and has the intelligence to interpret what the hell they’re telling him to do. Pervy old ladies with phones, vote for Toby!

Alternatively, crazy judges who say ‘vocally, that was wonderful’ after someone bellowed off-key, pick people who by and large sing in tune. Wow, longer than I realised, sorry about that.

3 Anonymous { 08.31.09 at 5:51 am }

I am shocked that Tenielle got a chance – she seems like a nice girl, but her singing is dreadfully out of tune and lacks dynamics. She reminds me of Laura Gissara!

I’m not a fan of Delta, but I think she was right about Tenielle.

4 reality raver { 08.31.09 at 10:50 am }

Sooty – I like Toby but is he going to be an Idol or really show that much growth over the next three months I don’t think so. I would like to see Ed and Hayley who could both turn into something dynamite. And I have no idea why they picked Casey was it giving the thirty year old his last chance to make it. There is nothing electrifying about him.

Anon – I disagree re: Tenielle I think she has a nice little edge to her voice. Yes she would get left behind in the slipstream if there is a power ballad competition but she could add a bit of diversity for a few weeks.
I do hope Aliqua or Lucie get in as they both have talent.

Laura – I agree it must be soul destroying that you are done up, and rehearsed a song all week to be crucified on national TV

5 Sooty { 08.31.09 at 12:51 pm }

RR – I don’t think Ed is going to turn into anything if he can’t grasp ‘use your hippy voice not your rock voice because you’re not a rock singer’ .

6 reality raver { 08.31.09 at 1:16 pm }

Sooty – I think I am biased towards Ed, and have a bit of a cougarlicious crush on him.

7 TDK { 08.31.09 at 1:20 pm }

Tenielle – hrm, I don’t find her attractive; am I missing out?
JD is so boring.
Here’s a thought JD and Dicko. How about judge the contestants for their singing abilities, and let the Australian public vote, and you can do your backend marketing or producing later when we actually have the winner?
Superstars are born from all oddities, not just what you see fits the market, brand, genre.. etc.
No wonder our music sucks, it’s judgemental idiots like you that are limiting young talent’s creativities!!
Ricki-Lee is so lame, compared to what’s that girl on SYTYCD America? Ricki, you should sit down, watch some of her performance and learn a little wit about interviewing contestants.

Aliqua, singing a diva song again. I don’t know how her song choice selection setup is to comment. I think she did good vocally. I don’t know what’s Dicko’s and JD’s issue is with a teenager singing any song whether it was Power of Love or whatever. Just judge the girl on the performance dudes. Hey Dicko and JD, google Charice, that’s right, don’t even need her surname, just “Charice”-. Oh, hang on, I’m losing myself again. This is Australian Idol, it’s not always about the talent, but mostly about fitting a the judge’s mold. Damn it, it always get to me. Move on. I wasn’t blown away by her, so I was personally disappointed. Still hope you get through Aliqua.

“Jay Dee Springbett has obviously been told to argue with Dicko”- – LOL, it was so obvious wasn’t it?

What is the point of asking the contestant “How do you think you did tonight?”- Seriously!!
It’s a boring question, because no matter how they respond, we know they’re getting burnt.
And is it important to know how they try to say how they went?
Of course they’re going to say I’ve tried my best, I hope Australia likes it blah blah blah.
But ultimately, it’s the Australian’s ears that are listening to the judge’s comments.
So cut the crap, and tell us what you really think how they perform, and quit snaking around with their genre and niches, and whatever marketing/producing terms you think of to throw at them.
Just judge their performance!!

Casey Barnes annoy the hell out of me.
His voice and performance is so boring.
Lacks heart and vocal.

Toby is just too nice to be convincing in all his performances. Even the way he holds the microphone is polite.
I think he’ll be eaten alive in the industry.

Meh, Hayley annoyed me, she tries to rock, tries to be bad, but I don’t think she got there.

8 Ursa { 08.31.09 at 2:17 pm }

I want Hayley, Toby, Tenielle and Lucie to get through. Toby looks like Rory’s dad from GG, whom I always found hot, and he sung a U2 song, which was the best choice of the night. I like Hayley’s voice (though she was better the previous time I heard her). I like Aliqua’s voice, but I’m not fond of her penchant for diva power ballads. I feel sorry for Lauren, she didn’t connect with me at all. The other guys were utterly forgettable.

I also hate the ‘how do you think you went?’ question. It’s mean.

9 Mary { 08.31.09 at 2:27 pm }

I wonder how they could make this show better. All last week and last night made me think about how much better SYTYCD is. I don’t particularly favour dancing over singing, but I just can’t figure out what the difference in the formula is? Maybe poor dance can be covered, or hidden, by great choreography and music, but with poor singing, you really are baring everything, and no amount of tricks can cover that up. If you miss a note, well, everyone can hear it.

It can’t just be that though can it? What’s different about the judging? What if Nigel and Mary (or our own Jason – not Bonnie or Matt) came and judged on Idol? Would it help the show?

10 TDK { 08.31.09 at 4:15 pm }

SYTYCD is alot better because:
1) It has more dramas, although I think too much for my liking.
2) Real talent contestants, although I can’t help but cringe when their unnaturally happiness burst when they have a new partner, or hysterically scream when they get the slightest of praises.
3) The host was witty, and hot. We have Andrew G, although a guy, I think he’s hot, sometimes witty. But Ricki-Lee is just a bad distraction!!

11 Laura { 08.31.09 at 5:27 pm }

TDK said…
Here’s a thought JD and Dicko. How about judge the contestants for their singing abilities, and let the Australian public vote, and you can do your backend marketing or producing later when we actually have the winner?

So, so, so, so true.

12 Laura { 08.31.09 at 5:29 pm }

It’s their job to market the contestants, they can’t be expected to do it themselves. Stupid stupid stupid.

13 Reality Raver { 08.31.09 at 10:01 pm }

Mary and TDK – one of the things I really like about SYTYCD in the US is the rotating third judge brings an interestting and different dynamic to the panel each week.

I think Idol’s problems is not with the talent they have this year, I think it is the judges, and also we don’t know what impact the departure of John Foreman is going have on the musical arrangements.

TDK and Laura – agree all the talk about marketing in the first couple of episodes is boring and irrelevant.

Ursa – oh snap with the dreaded question “how do you think you did?” it just puts the poor guys on the spot.

14 Laura { 09.01.09 at 1:22 am }

Another reason I think sytycd is so successful is because there are amazing artists (the choreographers) creating dances for amazing performers – and these pairings are decided randomly. So there is not that pressure upon the contestants to “market” themselves & it doesn’t feel as contrived.
Also the dancers are judged purely on their talent, not upon how much potential they have to remain in the limelight after the show has ended. No-one really knows about the dance world so we are oblivious to how successful they are. Also their success does not rely upon the audience responding to them. Again, it seems less contrived and try-hard.
sytycd is just better!

15 Laura { 09.01.09 at 1:37 am }

Sorry I should have said talent and likeability lol.

16 Anonymous { 09.01.09 at 2:34 am }

I don’t think the show’s somewhat low success this year is because of the judges – it’s Australian Idol, not Australian Judge, right? If people are disappointed with the show purely because of the judges… Then maybe they’re watching for the wrong reason.

17 disco queen { 09.02.09 at 9:29 am }

hey rr, it’s a common misconception that gloria jeans is owned by Hillsong. I checked this out after knowing someone who had worked there but never mentioned it. The young hillsonger next to me at work confirms that Gloria Jeans is owned by two people on the Hillsong board.

18 alyshiaa, =) { 09.02.09 at 9:38 pm }

i want Toby to get through so much!
if he doesnt get through, i swear i will scream!
he is my favorite. and Hayley and Lucie!
want them all to get through!
Toby the most though!

19 Kaz { 11.16.09 at 11:31 pm }

would love to see stan walker win astralian idol, he has such a variety of beautiful music, I fell that nomatter what song he sings stan will make the song sound like magic. Stan walks the walk and talks the talk. I like Hayley but most of her songs and music all sounds the same, no real variety to her music, when she leaves idol I can not see her going much further, as for Stan he is a real natural singer and will go to great heights.

20 cherry morgan { 04.24.10 at 1:08 am }

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