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Farmer Wants A Wife – Update On the Girls

Previously on Farmer Wants A Wife we have only been updated on what the farmers have been up to after the show. But this series TV Week have followed up on some of the girls who dated the farmers.


She was on the farm with Andrew. She has a new man – and she’s moved to the country to be with him! The old friend, who she once had a ‘little fling’ with, recently moved to Uralla, NSW. “I came down and visited him and his parents asked me to come and work for them,” she explains.

“I was living such a hectic lifestyle on the Sunshine Coast and I just needed to get away.” In fact, Ashley’s so happy in Uralla that she’s even bought a house there. And as for the relationship – “I’m extremely happy. It’s a nice change,” she says.


City girl Courtney is now dating a city guy. When she returned to Melbourne after being on Ralph’s farm in WA, she reconnected with an old school friend. “We just rekindled a bit of a friendship and a romance came out of that,” she explains adding: “It’s all brand-new, but going quite well.” Courtney, who quit her job to go on the show, now has a new job managing a surf shop and also hopes to return to modelling. “I used to model heaps when I was younger,” she says. She’d also love the chance to appear in men’s mag.


Since returning from Damian’s farm in Tasmania, Melbourne girl Stacey has started seeing someone. While it’s “very early stages” and “still not official”, they’ve been getting together each week to watch The Farmer Wants A Wife. “We’ve been watching it together with a bottle of wine – I’ve needed wine!” she quips.


Just two days after leaving Tim’s farm, Tamara started seeing a farmer of her own. “it was kind of funny – it was the weekend I returned from the farm,” reveals the physiotherapist from country Queensland. “We were at a black-tie ball, which he was hosting, and just started chatting – but we’d known each other for a while before that.” Although They’ve been going out for a couple of months now, Tamara says it’s “still very early. We’ll see where it goes.”


Jenny’s runner-up has started dating one of Ralph’s girls! When Cassie, a gorgeous blonde coronary care nurse from Darwin, went on a speed date with the WA farmer in the first episode, Ralph joked, “do you reckon you could work on my heart?” And while she only just missed out on making his top five, she’s now Andrew’s number one!”