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Farmer Wants A Wife – Are There Going To Be Any Surprises Next Week?

Thank God, they are going to do a double episode next week to finish this up. If they had just had the whose door is he going to knock on, it would be boring, as I can guess most of them. Though I am sure they have edited so there are a few surprises in store.

So how did the Farmers go toinght with there last few days on the farm with their girls.

Farmer Scott –

I am still not seeing Scott’s appeal, he does look like a ‘nice’ boy, but he is not great talent on camera. On this episode he took them to the races, and would you believe it they both just happened to have a fascinator in their luggage. Something I always pack when I go away.

Clare who has been playing second fiddle to leggy Olivia finally played her trump card tonight. At the races she met people she knew and it was revealed to the audience she was from around there and fit in with the milleu. And suddenly she was in the race.

Olivia who has been pretty confident up until now thinking she was the front runner and now she looked like she had been cuckolded.

The Clare/Scott scenario concluded with loud kissing beside the river which kind of  grossed me out.

Farmer Nate –

I get the feeling Leonie and Heidi see the prize as being the one Nate picks, rather then landing the farmer as their husband. It was gettign pretty tense between them.

Whilst sitting a on a bull Leonie said “I’ll leave the bull riding to my husband”, just to mind fuck a bit with Heidi’s head.

Which worked as it sent Heidi into the stratosphere with a neurotic tirade complete with tears in her eyes. Heidi seems very nervy and on edge. Maybe she is in love and is feeling anxious. I thought at one stage she had purposely fallen off the horse to get his attention. Or the producers set it up. As we didn’t actually see the fall.

However she used it to her advantage to get some comfort snogging from the Queensland cowboy.

Farmer Brad –

I am just a little bit in love with Brad, and because he has hooked up with Stacey he gets very little screen time. He had to muster up the courage to tell Brooke, who is a quality chick, that he was on with Stacey. In fact all his girls were quality, and Brooke took the whole scenario with class. She said she was glad she had made to friends.

Obviously this farmer lives closer to Mt Victoria station, than Lithgow where they said he lived. However in this week’s TV Week they have a blind item about a farmer having to move from town to his parent’s farm. The parents moved for the two weeks. It must be him as the house is just to renovated for someone his age.

Stacey and Brad are the love match of this series.

Farmer Gavin –

Now that Kaye has pissed him off, for not being a romantic, and realising he just wanted a house keeper he has set his sites on Rebecca, an assistant bank manager.  This guy is so lonely he is like a puppy and would go with any woman that would have him. I suppose it would be lonely being on the farm as there are no work mates around except for a monosyllabic son.

Rebecca date with Gav was to his local church, which she seemed to enjoy. Maybe she is really lonely as well.

Farmer Steven

This guys girls seem to be going faster than a fox taking chooks. He really wants to find a keeper, unfortunately the one he wanted, Sian, escaped last week.  Elissa said she felt there was abit of pressure for something to happen there. But chances of that are slim as apparently Kaye one of Gav’s women turned up to the farm, and he hit it off with Elissa.

Steven has got to learn that no women thinks a good date involves sticking her hand into a bag of chicken heads.

Farmer Phil-

Jenni is a determined little thing, and she wants Phil. She told Georgie she would be more affectionate to Phil if they were alone, which was code for she would shag him – I think. Seeing the writing on the wall Georgina gracefully exited the show. 

Jenni then a few days later went in for the commitment talk, saying she needed to feel valued in a relationship. I thought this indicated she read a few to many self-help books. Also there is something about Phil I cannot put my finger on. And Jenni also admitted that it was difficult to get the real Phil.

Farmer Russell –

He is a cutie and one of my favourites, and he barely got any screen time tonight. He was off to a wedding so had to pick one of the girls to take. He chose Laura to go with him to Melbourne.  Natalee looked a bit gutted.  She admitted it meant that he fancies Laura slightly more.

For Laura spending all that time with Russell would have been very advantageous. As he would have been hitting the booze, and she could have gone in for the kill. If Natalee remained on the farm for those few days she would have been really bored. Hopefully they gave her a leave pass.


1 Wurstsemmel { 09.08.09 at 5:15 am }

This series is as dull as ditchwater. Poor casting in the rush to get another series out perhaps?

It’s amazing me how some of these farmers seem set on one of the girls as ‘the one’ but change their mind at the drop of an akubra. Case in point Scott. Can’t see that working out. He doesn’t really seem to know what he wants.

I feel the horse thing with Nate was a little staged, either by C9 or Heidi. So much drama made of what was really very little. If Heidi was behind it, gold medal for manipulation. I don’t think Nate’s on a winner with either of these two and, again, I doubt if anything will come of it.

I love Brad. He’s a class act. Nice girls too. Really hope it all works out well with Stacey.

I still have only two words to say about Steve. RUN AWAY. Maybe, as Gavin says, he’s hurt and guarded but I’m not getting that. I’m getting largely disinterested.

Gavin is just smacking of desperation. Love the puppy dog analogy. If I was Rebecca, I’d be thinking his interest was just because I was basically last man standing after the other woman put him straight last week.

I don’t get Phil either. I’m not convinced of his seriousness and she totally put me off last night with her ‘shut up’ comments, even if in jest. Perhaps a self-help book on communication?
Phil makes a lot of jokes about everything, you have to ask yourself what’s that about? Defensive mechanism? There’s a lot more I’d be wanting to know about him.

Russell is interesting but, as you say say RR, little air time. Shame, more focus on Brad and Russell might have lifted the series a little.

Still…over next week. Will C9 squeeze in a third? They’re already recruiting!

2 Too Good For Him Nat { 09.08.09 at 4:44 pm }

Please tell me Nat didn’t have to stay on that farm alone”¦ I fully understand that the main reason behind the show is for the farmers to hopefully find a woman who is prepared to move to an isolated farm where she is start a new life. Honestly how can Russell possible know, if Nat is suited to him, if he leaves the farm for two days.

3 Reality Raver { 09.08.09 at 10:08 pm }

Wurstsemmel – I agree with what you say it has been a bit dull. It is the second last week and I feel I don’t really know the farmers or “wives”. I think seven farmers was probably one to many.

Yes Jenny is very intense personality.

Too Good For Him Nat – Agree.

4 lil_missy { 09.24.09 at 9:07 am }

After reading tv week Farmer gavin has made my skin crawl he is nothing but a liar and a cheat just after another victim just like myself. Gavin you dont have a heart you fooled everyone you went on there for the notiery nothing more and played with womens minds you heartless *****Certainly not a scorned woman but furious your portrayed as a nice person because that certainly isnt true Gavin thinks of Gavin.

5 Michelle { 07.21.10 at 5:12 pm }

Just to comment on what you have written about Brad from Lithgow. He is in fact from Lithgow, not Mt Victoria and he does not obviously live closer to Mt Vic station!. He does live at his parent’s house as it his parents farm and he is not actually a farmer, he works in a coal mine! So he really shouldn’t of been on this show anyway!