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Farmer Wants A Wife – Are Some Romances Brewing?

The problem with this series of Farmer Wants A Wife is the farmers are so dull. The only two that are showing any signs of personality are Brad and Russell. And because Russell is not making any steam with his pair he is hardly getting any air time.

Scott is lucky Steven in on the show as Steven is monosyllabic, where at least Scott manages to just string a sentence together. I still cannot believe over 500 ladies applied to meet Scott, frankly I cannot see the appeal.

Sian one of Steven’s girls ditched the farm by the end of the episode. She cleverly did this under the guise of missing her daughter Paris, but TV Week revealed she was not feeling the chemistry between them.

He thought “This suxs” as he could see himself being with her. The 20 year old Elissa now has a clear run, but I cannot see them getting together.

His father Gavin was having a better time, but I think he is doing a Greg Norman choke close to the finish line. It looked like he and Kaye were going to get together, but after she cleaned up and redecorated his filthy house this self confessed neat freak was having second thoughts. Kaye said she wanted her man to be romantic, and that Gavin was not one. Gavin at this point looked confused, as this conversation as going on over a dinner for two.

Go Brad and Stacey, they are a great couple, and poor Brooke is unlucky as she seems like a quality chick as well. 

Russell took his girls Natalee and Laura to the Grampians, I have no idea which one he likes more. I doubt if this farmer has found a wife.

Farmer Phil who is super keen for a wife took his girls to the snow for the day. Personal Trainer Jenny really likes him,   and he like her this resulted in some snogging in front of the bonfire.

His other girl Georgina works in Government Relations, did she used to work in politics? I am finding Phil underwhelming.

Heidi and Nate went for a run and swim, and Heidi thought they had a natural chemistry, but then Nate was holding hands with the cage Leonie, so has Heidi got it horribly wrong? From the looks of next week’s episode, it looks like their realtionship heats up.


1 Millie { 09.01.09 at 1:59 pm }

Watching this show as a ‘communal event’ with a large group of girlfriends certainly added a few different twists and opinions;
Steven’s girl Elissa won our Steven Bradbury Award of the evening. Winning by default is fine, however the consensus was she didn’t win much at all
Father Gavin, it was decided, smiles like that because his lips are so sunburnt and weather beaten that his face is actually now permanantly that way. Gav we also thought was that kind of creepy guy that sits at the end of the public bar in a country hotel, and tries to impress the out of town ladies when they drop by for a lemonade.
Phil, well Phil is just a bit wacky. There is a reason Phil is still single, and we are pretty sure if we could speak to an ex of Phil’s, she would probably fill us in on why. None of us could put our finger on it, but there is just something a bit wacky about Phil.
The drinks were flowing, so we did miss a few of the other farmers, but diligent we shall be next week.
Sure beats book club!

2 reality raver { 09.01.09 at 3:13 pm }

Millie – the stephen bradbury award is classic and oh so true, please stop by again and add you and your friends views on these boys.

I agree about Phil, with his background you think you are going to get an articulate debonair man, but he does lack something.

3 MidnightCowboy { 09.01.09 at 3:55 pm }

I think you may have it a bit wrong with Steve, he didnt try to keep Sian at all, he just said “oh yeah i understand your commitments” and let her go, i think he was glad to get rid of her and her baggage, though i think he probably does regret sending home the other girl last week and keeping Sian, now he’s stuck with the 20 year old, theres no way thats working out. I feel for him because he ended up with a single mum and a jealous, immature little girl.

As for “blinky” Phil, I, and my friends, are sure that the producers are setting him up. Why, after the last time setting the house on fire, would he try and cook fondu again, on the first night with his 3 ladies?!, im sure that he was talked into it and then given a faulty fondu set…..and then they set him up again by making him have some bonfire, i bet they all had their fingers crossed hoping he would start some bush fire or set his barn alight.

I agree about Scott, he is so soft, everytime he gets screen time he is always sitting down by the river with his dog, pondering about something, being a real downer, he sent home the 3 hottest girls in the competition (the blonde model, the tall brunette with the fringe and the cool redhead), now he is stuck with “peaches” Clare who knows that she was going to get sent home, she was basically given a second chance and she completely F’ed it up by confronting Scott and asking how he feels, and then being a boring deadweight at the party (and why does she always dress like that, with the hoop earrings every week…..she’s not going to the races, she’s on a farm!).

And i agree about Gav, Kay is way, way too good for him, she’s funny and smart and a bit of a milf, and im sure she doesnt want to be stuck out in the middle of nowhere with Gav, in his disgusting house, im not sure this show is going to work out for either father or son, though they will have a nice clean house for a week or so….(i cant believe that those girls volunteered to do that……producers idea i bet!).


4 Wurstsemmel { 09.01.09 at 4:40 pm }

I thought I’d switched in to Domestic Blitz for a moment last night. I don’t know if Gavin and Steve want wives or cleaners. There’s something sharky about that grin of Gavin’s and my advice to all the women up there is ‘RUN AWAY!’

You’re so right, RR, the farmers are just a yawn. I think there’s a reason most of these are on their own. Brad being the exception and I’ll continue to tune in just to see what happens for him.

5 Nais { 09.01.09 at 6:43 pm }

For staters ‘Midnight Cowboy’ sorry to bust your bubble, but the inundated phone calls Sian was recieving prior to the farm stay from Steven was definitely enough to turn her away from him. I know for a fact she did try and tell him to vote her off first but once the producers found out that she wanted to leave and he was only interested in her, well, let’s just say Reality TV isn’t at all real!!! So when I say don’t believe what you see on TV I MEAN IT!!! How do you know what goes on behind scenes, let alone how many takes they need for just one question to be answered??

I think you just need to realise that its TV LAND!!!

Elissa is a beautiful young lady, might I add she is very switched on for a 20 year old.

It is so interesting to see what people write about tv shows, calling people immature and what have you, when actually your the one that’s having a good old b*tch about something that is not real!!

Maybe I can suggest to you, to get your facts right before you have a nag!!

As for all the other ladies who went on the farm, they were all genuine, nice and looking for love. No one can help the stages of life and where it takes you. Who said that in a 20 minute period you could fall in love!! Please, get real!!

As for the baggage part on Sian, to think that a child, could be baggage on a parent is un called for. Midnight Cowboy, obviously you don’t have any children, perhaps it was Sian’s first week away from her daughter, perhaps her daughter was sick. As far as I’m concerned if people can’t say anything nice than I really don’t think you should say anything at all. Your mother’s should of taught you that!!

Thank you to every one else who enjoys watching tv without whinging.

6 MidnightCowboy { 09.01.09 at 7:37 pm }

Well Nais, obviously you have some information i dont, but i can only go off what im shown, which i know perfectly well is manipulated by the producers to show certain sides of people, which they did with Elissa, showing her jealousy at the bowling that time and other comments about sian and steve, thats what i saw and thats what im commenting on.
“get my facts right before you have a nag!”…… what facts!?….do you want me to track these people down and find out if they really are jealous or immature?, im making a comment on a tv show, and on characters in a tv show.

And while i dont know Stevens feelings on being a father to a child he has never met, with a girl he has met for a week and having the both of them pack up and move to his farm……im sorry i might stop there because that one was never going to work out, he should have sent her off in the first week and picked someone who he could have had a realistic future with….probably not a 20 year old either….

The problem with the whole show is the mentality of everyone “looking for a wife” how about you start out “looking for a friend” or “looking for a f*ck”, whatever but who goes on a first date looking for a wife?….give me a break……and Nais, you give me a break too because its just a show, im not whinging about anything, i like this show, ive watched every week, and i like the characters, some more than others……and i cant wait until next week!


7 geraldine garcia { 09.02.09 at 4:04 pm }

I would like to view episode on the Monday, September 1st. Please tell me what to do. I enjoy the show very much. I find it entertaining and heartbreaking at the same time. I feel for the women who are eliminated. I find it emotionally crippling. But they are aware of the consequences. So be it. Are the contestant paid for these episodes. What exactly do they get out of this exposure. Are there positive results from this Project? Good Luck to all.