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Australia’s Next Top Model – Cassi and Tahnee Talk About The Season

TV Week have an article where Cassi Van Den Dungen and Tahnee Atkinson reflect on their season of Australia’s Next Top Model.

This is what Cassi said:

The worst challenge:  “Lola stealing my line in the ad challenge was the lowlight. I really wish that didn’t happen. She had to steal my line to get herself further but, you know what? I’m still in there and she went ages ago. To me, it’s like she already got a slap in the face so I don’t have to do anything.”

Being sent to anger management: “After I hit the wall, I went and saw a counsellor once, which didn’t really do much. She told me, when I get angry, to close my eyes and picture a colour and ask myself why I’m angry. I’ve been trying, but when you’re angry, you don’t really remember to do that.”

The biggest catfight: “Clare had two 45-minute showers every single day, and I’m from Melbourne, where we’re on major water restrictions. Plus, she was getting up two hours we had to get ready. We had 10 bathrooms in the house and she just had to use the one in our room. I asked her so many times to have the shower downstairs. It was a day off and she did it and I cracked. It was taken out of context on the show.”

Wanting to leave: “I got picked on by everyone so I just didn’t know how to handle things and I wanted to come home. At some stages, I was ready to pack up my bags and go, But I pushed through it. I don’t know how I did it but I’ll never, ever, ever do it again.

Best and worst photos: “My individual top-three shot in the water was my best. It’s totally different from anything else is standing up  or kneeling, and this was lying down. My least favourite photo was the fourth week, in front of a tram – I just couldn’t get it.”

This is what Tahnee had to say:

The worst challenge: I was mentally scarred by the media lesson. I don’t even like talking about it. I had the lines perfect but when I walked into the room, the press weren’t smiling and I freaked out and forgot everything. I looked like the biggest idiot.”

The biggest catfight: “The cigarette incident was really bad and random. They didn’t show half of what happened before. It looked like Eloise and I were doing it for no reason. It looked pointless on TV.

The biggest insult: “I was shocked when Mikarla called me fat. I thought it was really immature of her. I think we were both in the wrong but it was mean and I was upset when she said it. It was nasty.”

Meeting Elle Macpherson: “Elle Macpherson was even more amazing in real life. She’s, like, over 40 and she looks amazing. Her body, her hair and her skin just glows. It was so good. She kept saying to us, ‘Looks is one thing but personality and attitude are another. You can’t just be beautiful, there’s so much more to it if you want to be a model.’ She’s an inspiration.

Cassi’s violent outbursts: When Cassi attacked Clare and also hit a wall, they were moments when I felt quite shocked. I felt bad for Cassi at times but she brought a lot of it on herself. She has anger issues. But Cassi completely changes in front of the cameras – she obviously got something.”

Best and worst photos: “My best elimination photo was the last photo shoot with Cassi and Clare in the water. It was very different and I look the most mature I’ve ever looked.  I was really disappointed with the London shot – all the girls were disappointed that week. We went all that way and none of the photos turned out good.”

In judge Charlotte Dawson’s weekly column in TV Week she reveals these little pearlers:

  • She was so hungover one elimination challenge she could hardly speak;
  • The judging panel thought “What are you doing?” when Clare speech included a quote from Sarah from the Foxtel Magazine.
  • Tahnee said when told she was off to London – “Is that far?”

By the way does anyone else think that Cassi’s boyfriend proposed because he thinks she is going to be rich and famous and he is scared of losing her?


1 Sooty { 07.07.09 at 1:25 pm }

I hope he gets behind her, acts as a protector if she does decide to pursue modelling (and doesn’t knock her up with a couple of rugrats because he’s feeling ‘insecure’). Maybe he’ll turn out to be a sort of cravat-wearing (Go Matt!) entrepreneurial international modelising agent-fiance! like Justin Villeneuve-whatsit was for Twiggy.

2 Anonymous { 07.07.09 at 1:27 pm }

Cassi is a pathological liar. That stuff about Clare and the showers is bullshit (I know somebody who works on the show). It most definitely wasn’t a day off – they were meant to be up and awake before Clare was even in the shower. Even if Cassi’s lies were the truth, it still is absolutely no excuse for storming into somebody’s shower, when that person is naked and vulnerable, and screaming at them, threatening abuse. Cassi shows potential for modelling (although her walk REALLY needs to be worked on, as well as her attitude in general) but if she doesn’t start owning her actions, she’ll get nowhere in the industry.

Agree with you about her partner. It’s a bit suspect.

Those judges are fucking nasty/condescending to Clare.

3 Jacqui { 07.07.09 at 1:43 pm }

Yep agree with the bf thing. Also thinking he will dump her once her 15 min of fame is up!

4 Sooty { 07.08.09 at 12:19 am }

Well. That was a travesty. Suddenly the usually useless audience vote was worth more than any of the judges’ votes. A vote and a half. Magic. If it had been worth one vote it would have made a tie, so kind of lucky Cassi didn’t punch Sarah out, I guess.

Guess Charlotte realised she needs her job… But good on Alex for having some balls, and all the industry professionals. Love that husky-voiced Claudia.

Adele waz robbed, Clare waz robbed, and Cassi waz robbed. Now Tahnee’s 5’9″ too. How’d that happen.

So depressed. Oh well, Tyrant the mad thing is back on. She knows how to run a show. If you’re going to rig a contest do it boldly!

Good luck with the career in acting, Tahnee. Don’t diet. Sends you crazy and makes your face sag.

5 Maz { 07.10.09 at 1:38 pm }

Cassie had her bf before the show so everyone stop bringing her down, thats her personal life, We are meant to see her professional life as a model, let the kid make her own mistakes, there a lot more fresh faces to be discoverd and if she settles down thats her own problem.