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Why Clare Veneman Was Cut From Australia’s Next Top Model

clare antm

The Sunday Telegraph has a quick chat with Australia’s Next Top Model host Sarah Murdoch about why Clare Venema did not make the finale of Australia’s Next Top Model.

This is what she said:

“And even though she’s been the perfect girl in the competition, the perfect role model, it was about who’s going to work the most. At the end of the day it’s a modelling competition.”

I must confess I am still abit bemused by the decision, didn’t she get picked for the most runway shows? Didn’t the modelling agencies in London say they liked her look? Chances of her winning fan favourite by getting the sympathy vote is high.


1 CG { 07.05.09 at 10:36 am }

If Sarah is being honest and lives up to what she has said then Cassi will be the clear winner this week as she will get much more work than Tahnee given Tahnee’s more “unique” size (for high fashion models) and look.

2 Anonymous { 07.05.09 at 12:01 pm }

How can she possibly expect ANYONE to believe that Clare is the one who, out of the three, will work the least. She booked the most jobs by far at fashion week! Over the course of the season, she had the most photographers telling the judges that she was in a league above all of the others, and that they would definitely book her.

And if it were really about how will work the most, then why the HELL do they have Tahnee there, who booked hardly any work at fashion week, and was flatly told that she should try acting when they went to the go-sees at the model agencies. Cassi, as much “potential” as she has, also has a lot of negatives. I mean, there were people involved with this show saying that her attitude, walk, etc will stop her from being hired. One of the photographers practically begged the judges not to put her through to the end because models like her are impossible to deal with.

Sorry for the rant, but seriously, say that Clare was eliminated because of the “healthy” model agenda, say that Clare was eliminated because of some manufactured “prissy” edit, whatever. But don’t say that she was eliminated because she will get the least amount of work.

Sarah Murdoch, you are full of bullshit.

3 Jacqui { 07.05.09 at 1:27 pm }

Totally agree, they better not make Cassi the winner as she is a very bad role model! They should have kicked her off as soon as they found out that she smoked! It should be on the application form, so they don’t accept anyone who smokes! Clare was very good, she should be in the top two with Tahnee. If Cassi wins then Sarah will be getting a lot of complaints via twitter, as it seems she is already is getting abusive phone calls!

4 Anna { 07.05.09 at 8:25 pm }

I agree with the others . All I can say that Claire was a gracious young LADY. I wish her good fortune and she becomes more famous than the other two. To the judges I hope you lot will realise you really did pick the WRONG girl you pathetic fools!

5 Peter { 07.06.09 at 8:00 am }

While we’re at it, we should also get them to put on the application form if they’ve got a boyfriend/girlfriend, if they drink, if they take drugs even if they’ve been suspended from school. This is a show about fashion modelling not role modelling, that;s what parents are for. If you want to kick someone of because they smoke why not the other things i”ve mentioned or more – race,religion,etc. This show is looks only – nothing else, so stop whinging about poor Clare, if she wants it bad enough she will get it. Of the others – Go Cassi – a real teenager.

6 Sooty { 07.07.09 at 11:19 am }

Anyone interested in having a punt on who is winning this thing?
My intellect says Tahnee will win it. But my heart wishes it would be (out of these two) Cassi.

Logically, Cassi doesn’t stand a chance. I thought Jodhi was a tad biased, but she was the EX-wife of a medial mogul heir. Sarah who has very clean skin and a lovely social manner over tea, is married to the son of a media mogul. Well, I guess the judges who need good press (Alex), and advertising in their mags (Harpers Bazaar rep), and whatever (J. Pease, who needs a job on the show next year) will fall in line rather than offend. So, a token Cassi vote from Charlotte and maybe Priscilla will go Cassi, but Tahnee being Sarah’s favourite will win.

This is so depressing. Tahnee is a radiantly beautiful if somewhat dopey girl, but they don’t seem to use real girl models for beauty these days – all the mags I’ve seen favour celebrities or actresses over actual models for their cosmetic campaigns. So what’s she going to do? K-mart??

Clem Bastow has a lovely pro-Cassi post on Tube Ray Army, which provides a bit of contrast to most of the stuff I’ve seen, which is horribly classist. I am sick of people saying Cassi is a bogan, ‘white trash’, and she smokes!!!!!!!! (hey she’s not banging up smack behind her eyeballs), and is a bully, and is (the worst thing possible apparently) ‘not a Role Model’. She isn’t a bully, from what we’ve seen anyway. She doesn’t make a spiteful game out of taunting others, she’s just got a rage prob – there is quite a difference. I grew up with two bullies and a rager and I’d take a rager any day. If anything Cassie was bullied on the show, but there’s no point going into this – because she smokes!!!!!!!

Next Top Role Model would be a boring show. Boring Sarah, who looks as if she’d snap in a high wind, is turning this into Sarah’s Role Model Mentoring Demonstration by favouring a (short)chick with a fuller figure. Woo! Radical! Whitney on stumps. I’d rather see Sarah stack on a few pounds. It’s a bit do as I say, not as I do.

If it was the eighties, and if Tahnee was about five inches taller, yahoo! She’d still wobble and jiggle down that runway like a nicely turned out pannacotta. But fierce.

Bring back Jodhi! All is forgiven Jodski. Well, not Demelza.

7 Sooty { 07.07.09 at 11:58 am }

Plus, what kind of life are they setting Tahnee up for? A girl like that will only be pressured to diet – and this sets her up for a life of insanity. Starvation, diet pills, body image distortion, and, inevitably, smoking!!!!!!

Yours totally obsessed, Sooty.

8 jane { 07.08.09 at 12:18 pm }

Jacqui – you tool.. what does it matter if she smokes? i hate everything about smoking! but this is a modelling show – models smoke!

can’t believe after last years mega disappointment of that chubby demelza winning, that i fell in the trap again, only to see another chubby win – that just like demelza – will never have a career in modelling.

ANTM – you don’t have me as an audience next year.

all the best to Cassie – hope she moves to LA with her mum and signs up with the best agencies there.. she’s got it made :)

9 Diane { 07.08.09 at 10:21 pm }

Ragers are bullies. Cassie was a bully. She was rude, obnoxious and a spoiled little brat. She cried and whined. With her attitude she will not last. And with her smoking habit, by the time she is nineteen her skin will look really bad so nobody will want her. Clare will go far and become a super model. And when she does, I hope the judges feel stupid.

10 mmm { 07.13.09 at 1:46 pm }

it amazes me how some ppl interpret things….
cassi was the victim of bullying… she likes crying & make excuses… but she is not a bully at all… and she only fires up when someone’s done something in the wrong, eg..lola’s incident and we don’t even know the full story of the shower thing with clare… plus clare comes across as someone who is kind oof sly where cassi is quite in your face….

and the russel james begged them not to let cassi go to the end if she doesn’t changes her attitude… he meant her heart was not totally into modelling, she puts in a great job though mechanical like she doesn’t try her hardest and he meant he doesn’t like to see people who have so much potential go to waste… and clare was in a league above in professionalism only… that’s what most ppl said about clare… but with cassi, most photographers agree she has potential & most loved working with her. plus, cassi actually always puts in a great/professional job while she is on the job, so her professionalism issue is really behind the camera/runway etc…which really they are her personal issues… however, i do think clare will do well in modelling because she is so determined, and she does have the goods albeit not ‘outstanding’ — meaning she is able to do things but she doesn’t give people a WOW factor.

11 Anonymous { 04.14.11 at 2:52 pm }

sarah you know claire is the perfect girl to be a model and i am still upset why claire was eliminated