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Project Runway Australia – Season 2 – Episode 1

Project Runway Australia  kicked off tonight with twelve designers vying for the top prize. Henry Roth in a previous post here said this year’s bunch were more talented. Well now it was time to meet them as they arrived at the apartment where they were to stay for the duration of the show.

Amber Renae photo with Paris Hilton at the beginning of the episode is indicative of the reason she went on Project Runway Australia. Meeting her last week she admitted she was not interested in becoming a designer but was extremely open to any ongoing media opportunities.

She is a sylist so maybe she is hoping Arena will do an Australian version on The Rachel Zoe Project for her to star in.

Michael Finch the country boy who is obsessed by his lustrous locks is known as Tresemme by the cast, but I prefer to call him Fabio, as he looks like his love child.

When he said he was not  a “prick” you knew that maybe he was in denial about that.

Anthony Capon gets the stating the bleeding obvious award by saying to camera “I am a boy.”  A bit of hair gel and eyeliner does not make you look like a girl.

William Lazootin who said here he worked for Lisa Ho, apparently no longer works there, he looks like one to watch.

Yopie Stafurik is a costume designer from Sea World. She also walks with crutches because  of contracting  polio. I was completely underwhelmed by the photos of her designs However if there is a challenge involving velour she will definitely win it.

Ivana Stipicic a fashion intern, who looks like a supermodel.

Kellyanne Russell is a bigger contestant cracked me up with her line  “my butt is the price I had to pay to have such great tits.”  Unfortunately they will be no use to her in the household, as all but one contestant would have no interest in them.

Mark Neighbour is the old guy of the competition. He has all the techincal qualifications, it will be interesting to see him back it up with practical side.

Claudia Chabo designed swimwear and lingerie. She has her own label CCU.

Jason Chetcuti has his own label. He thinks what will set him apart from the others is “the way I put clothes together.”

Ryan Whelan reckons he is an all rounder. His theory is to look good to get laid. He did not tell us if his strategy actually works.

Lauren Vieyra is ambitious and a cheerleader (should those two words go together?).

The designers had the obligatory class of champagne but they were going to have to be a quick drinker as Kristy Hinze and Henry Roth showed up to tell them about their first challenge. They had to design a glamourous evening dress for the red carpet. The fabrics were there, and they 3 minutes to grab them. The dress must be a reflection on who they are as a designer. They had 10 hours all up to complete it.

Model’s got to choose the designers which is a bit of a flip from the usual.

Henry half way through the challenge came though to dispense his usual wisdom, Amber, however did not appreciate it.  She said the dress was more “fashion forward than what he is used to.”

Jason’s dress was a melange of fabrics and it looked like a cross between a table cloth (which it probably was) and a lycra leotard.

On runway day they had two hours to get ready and they could dip into the  Gregory Ladner accessories and the Andrea Jeon shoe wall.

Just before the runway Amber’s zipper broke.

The judges are the same as last year Sarah Gale a fashion buyer, and fashion designer  Jayson Brundson. Fashion designer Nicola Finetti, who is male, was the special guest judge.

Michael’s gown was great, as was Claudia’s it reminded me of Von Troska. Lauren’s sequin dress was a bit of a disaster, it made the model look big.  Anthony’s drapery dress was elegant. Amber’s hot pink number was aiming for the trannt market.

Ryan’s looked cheap. William’s was gorgeous but it was a challenge that would be right up his alley. Sarah was perplexed by Jason’s schmozzle.

Kellyanne, Claudia, Michael, Yopie, Ivana, and Ryan were declared safe.

Anthony’s draped dress was beautiful Jayson said it is “Interesting and elegant.”

Jason was told his dress reminded Jayson of Logies red carpet  circa 1987.

The elder statesman Mark Neighbour won the first challenge, I hope he sparks up a bit on camera as dull.

The bottom two were Jason  and Lauren. Would her Darryl Hannah dress survive over Jason’s Glinda the good design. It does Jason was eliminated. Maybe he should have stuck with the Dior internship after all.


1 RetroGirl { 07.09.09 at 8:32 am }

I thought Amber should have been eliminated – her dress was hideous and was just as 80’s as Jason’s (in fact my year 10 formal dress in 1988 was hot pink and black but we won’t go there!). It was too short for the red carpet, was badly made, had a broken zip, was unflattering and she tried to mix 2 fabrics that Nicola said would ‘never work’ together yet she wasn’t even in the bottom 2.

2 Reality Raver { 07.09.09 at 11:27 am }

I think Amber is staying in because she is going to be great TV etc. They always get rid of the boring ones first, and Jason did appear to be a bit dull, as well as having no taste. I think his was the worse. Laura’s was pretty simple as well and unoriginal.

3 Injera { 07.09.09 at 6:35 pm }

Great recap! Leeeeetle disappointed that Amber wasn’t ditched tonight. Henry should’ve maced her after her response to his review “fashion-forward.. it’s a bandage dress”. Um, Amber? 1997 called and said it was on the phone to 1986 [or 1988, RetroGirl!] and neither of them are happy with the mashup of their year 12 formal dresses. They were totally keeping them for their daughters to laugh at.

I agree – Michael might be in denial about his prickdom. I hope so! His hair is… lustrous. Very lustrous.

Anthony certainly didn’t need to clarify anything about his gender. His prominent Adam’s apple, stubble, and otherwise manly features did that. Guyliner doesn’t hypnotise, dude.

Loved Kellyanne’s line about her tits [and, BTW, love all the swearing – it’s so nice not to have it sanitised], but the boobs on her sketches looked weirdly skew.

Was it weird that Claudia’s approach to impressing the models was to jump up and down, yelling “pick me! Pick me!”? I did feel sorry for her, and Mark, who were the last two to be chosen. Go Mark! I knew he’d have super Clark Kent powers! RR – you think he’s boring… I think he’s sweet. Sweet, sweet Mark! Safe for next week too!

Liked Mark’s and William’s red carpet looks. Thought Claudia’s was fab – and would have been perfect for me for last Saturday night – but not very “red carpet”. Would love to see Anthony’s on Cate.

This was my 1st Australian Project Runway and I have to say I think Kristy’s fab. At first I was a bit alienated by the very heavy fringe, but loved the way she hosted and moderated the judge talk.

4 Laura { 07.14.09 at 1:19 am }

I just watched the ep. LOVE Mark (even before he won lol), as well as Yopi and Kellyanne personality-wise. If Amber stays for much longer I think I’ll have to shoot myself.
But honestly I think that she should have been eliminated. I think these judges are too fixated on how saleable the garment is rather than how creative or risky the designer has been. I know that being a designer is about making clothes for people to actually wear but I do think that Jason’s gown (although hideous) showed a lot more potential, ingenuity and even taste than Amber’s “Lindsay Lohan” inspired number. The fact that she has stated that she doesn’t even want to be a designer means that she shouldn’t be there in the first place. She is another Riley from Farmer Wants a Wife.
Apart from Amber, this season is shaping up to be really good, with lots of talented designers and great personalities :)

5 kate { 07.19.09 at 7:31 pm }

i loved the cate blanchett dress! and i’m so glad that she was inspiration for anthony, as she is a wonderful fashion adventurous aussie! i would have given him the gold.