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Project Runway Australia – Will Ivana Stipicic Be The One To Return?

Ivana1Tonight’s episode of Project Runway Australia gives the opportunity for one of the eliminated contestants to return to the competition. Now who will it be?

In my opinion one of the talented designers who was flicked to early was Ivana Stipicic and I have found this article in my local paper about what she hopes to achieve from appearing on the reality TV show.

Here is what the article from the Inner West Courier said:

Ivana Stipicic worked and lived in Italy for eight years, establishing her career and feeling out her own style.

“I moved back to Sydney three years ago,” she said. “I wanted to start my own label but overseas there is so much competition it was almost impossible.

“Everyone oveseas is a fashion student, especially in Milan.”

She said it had been a lot harder to establish herself in Australia than she had hoped, having to start from scratch in a new country with few industry contacts.

Stipicic said her appearances on Project Runway Australia had helped get her name out there and taught her to take criticism and mangage her time better.

Before the show, I would never have thought I could push myself to that extent and finish a garment in that time,” she said.

“The pressure is full on. It was very hard as there are so many talented people on the show this year that have been working in the industry for so many years.”

She said standing in front of the judges on the show, including Kristy Hinze and Henry Roth, was the most nerve-racking experience of her life.

“Sometimes they are quite harsh and some times it comes across like they are criticising you instead of your work,” she said.

“But the industry itself is really hard. You have to think about the bigger picture.

“There are always people that are going to love it and people that are going to hate it.”

She described her style as rock chic with lots of black and European inspiration and plans to use the show as a springboard for her own label.

Good luck Ivana, I would love to see more of what she can do.

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1 Jayden { 08.12.09 at 6:46 pm }

I’ve been thinking about who might return all week, and I feel the same as you. Ivana Stipicic would make the most sense. Also consider the fact that Kelly-Anne, Ryan and Claudia never meshed that well with most other contestants. And I can’t envisage Amber or Jason returning, personally.

I really want Ryan to come back since he was the only cute guy in the house, haha. But I reckon Ivana will be the one make it in.