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Project Runway Australia – Episode 6 – Spring Racing

“She is not receptive on taking my design aesthetic” squealed Jason bitching about Yopie not letting him have more input into the design of an outfit.

Yes tonight’s episode was where all the eliminated designer’s on Project Runway Australia have a chance of re-entering the competition. By the way I did not know Jason even had a design aesthetic.

The challenge was to make a spring racing outfit. The caveat was it had to be three pieces including a hat. They had 10 hours to complete it, however they were in teams of two – one eliminated designer with a designer who was still alive in the competition. The eliminated designer on the winning team would get to re-enter the competition.

The question was how much of a collaborative process was it meant to be. This was like last year when Helen Manuall had to put Petrova back in her box, as she had already been eliminated. Yes it would be nice to bring your partner back in the competition, but the first priority has to be a designer to keep themselves in the competition. And who wants to be eliminated for taking the advice and ideas of someone who is already out.

And that appeared to be the philosophy most of the designers appeared to take.

William ‘fessed up to mentor Henry Roth that Claudia had only designed 10 percent of his outfit. Henry thought this could be a problem in the long term at judging. However the judges did not appear to care about that.

Claudia hit the jackpot getting William who is always a contender. He treated her as a seamstress, which I don’t think there is anything wrong with that, but she sewed through her finger and had to go to hospital. The other contestants were in awe at her not screaming or crying, but she has been through childbirth so she probably has a high tolerance level to pain.

They made this beautiful yellow dress matched with a black summer jacket. Henry Roth could not say one bad thing about it. Jayson Brundson said “I loved it modern, sculptured, and structured.”

Ivana and Anthony’s did appear to be the most collaborative process from what we were shown, though Amber-Renae and Lauren also  appeared to work well together. The rest of the teams were a bit of a basket case. Henry was a bit unsure about whether the gold lame was appropriate for spring racing.

However the judges gushed over it. “My fair lady meets ’80’s disco” said Kristy Hinze.

 Jayson Brundson also said  “Quite fantastic.” and “lady like classical look from the front and then she turns sideways and boom.”

Sarah Gale who I love said ” they had taken a lot of risks”

Kelly-Anne who was paired with Mark was a bit passive-aggressive, particularly after he disregarded all her “expertise”.  She then spent the the ten hours making the hat. To  be fair it was a pretty impressive hat. Something guest judge Leona Edmiston acknowledged.

I quite like his dress I thought it classic with a few twists. Jayson Brundson was of a differing view  and told Mark be careful about being to sweet and sentimental. Leona loved the detailing and loved the pink and navy.’

Yopie and Jason were having difficulties with the sexy french maid outfit. I cannot believe Jason was offered a job with Dior. OK I have not seen much of him but what I have seen has been pretty dreadful. Also he can barely sew he stuffed up the bodice.  I also think Yopie is starting to get out of her league in this competition.

Jayson Brundson said he had seen it before. However Leona said she did like the cape.

Another difficult partnership was Michael and  Ryan. Michel was not listening to any of Ryan’s ideas who was concerned that he was making his standard design of bodice with a skirt again in the competition. I call it his ’70’s Harold Robbins look. However Ryan is a bit of a douche and he was responsible the material for the hat and he brought back all these yellow feathers.

 Michael said “He’s bought back big bird.” Michael delegated the making of the hat and jacket to Ryan which Michael ended up hating.

Sarah Gale got tough and said “The jacket the construction is not there”.  Michael immediately threw Ryan under a bus. Then Sarah called Michael on the fact the lining of his dress was longer then the outside material. He did have the grace to look a little shame faced about that.

“Looked like one of those girls and you thought bogan” said Jayson Brundson. Sarah Gale also confirmed my view when she said “It was old, tired and outdated.”

Lauren and Amber-Renae were a harmonious pairing. Because of their lack of screen time I had no idea who did what. Amber-Renae said she had won fashion in the field four times, so she was feeling confident. I did not understand if she personally had won it or had styled people that had won it. Their outfit was quite nice.

The hat was an issue for me and Kristy agreed, she said it looked like a broken record. She also said “the hat looks cheap to me,”.Does anyone else thing that Kristy has become a bit  more snarky this year? I think  her first season nerves are over. Sarah Gale however could see the hat standing out in the crowd.

Anthony and Ivana won with their innovative design which means Ivana is back in the competition.

Michael was out. I think more for the fact he was a one trick pony, as I thought Yopie’s outfit was probably the worst.


1 RetroGirl { 08.13.09 at 10:39 am }

RR – what did you think of Kristy’s outfit at the beginning of the episode when she and Henry met the designers at the racetrack? I think she looked ridiculous and the tiny skirt made her legs look big (which I know they’re not, so it must be a reeeeeally bad design to make Kristy look big). Intresting that her skirt looked like a bubble skirt but later they criticised Yopi for making one, saying that look was tired and has been around for the last few years?
I thought they would keep Michael in for ratings value – his hair alone is worth tuning in for. Even though I didn’t particularly like his design, I would much rather wear his dress than Yopi’s creation.

2 Sooty { 08.13.09 at 11:18 am }

Well, I felt sad for Michael going – but a sort of balance was achieved, as the week Ivana left, on the Peter Jackson challenge, he could equally well have gone, and now she’s back and he’s gone after not doing anything much more adventurous since than a sort of seventies look over and over and over. His quips and his hair will be sadly missed.

3 Reality Raver { 08.13.09 at 12:38 pm }

Retro Girl – agree re: Kristy’s dress at Flemington. I thought it was a bit strange and did note the castigating the bubble skirt thing. Also Lauren’s and Amber-Renae’s design was bubblesque as well.
I tend to stay away from making too many statements about fashion as I have no knowledge of it.

It was either him or Yopie to go. I suppose Yopie over the weeks has been a bit more diverse than Michael so will give her one more chance. Whereas Michael will just stump up more of the same.

But do agree with both you and Sooty that his quips and hair will be missed.

4 Injera { 08.13.09 at 3:13 pm }

Kristy did look ridiculous in her racewear. Can’t find the link, but Go Fug Yourself had a picture of Solange wearing something of a similar type that looked equally awful. Or, as they put it, like a “diaper”. This looked even more nappy-esque.

5 Injera { 08.13.09 at 3:19 pm }

Loved Lauren and Amber-Renae’s outfit, and William’s design was fab (although I couldn’t quite see where Claudia’s 10% came in) but Anthony and Ivana’s was extraordinary.

Jason has a clear understanding of how Spring Racing works and his description of the bogan racegoer with her 87 glasses of champagne and shoes over her shoulder was perfect. Most girls do try to look pulled together to start, though; in Michael’s outfit they’d look ready for the return journey on the number 57 tram from the outset!

Was Anthony doing some publicity for Snuggies with his choice of outfit for the runway? He looked like a bicycle courier trying to stay warm between jobs.

And why did Kellyanne wear a hat? Was it in case Mark didn’t give her credit for her contribution to his design?

6 Alan Fortescue { 08.13.09 at 6:12 pm }

“I tend to stay away from making too many statements about fashion as I have no knowledge of it. ” – You also seem to have absolutely no knowledge of how reality TV works. Kristys comments are not shot off the hip, they are provided by the producers, as are most of Henrys. The producers and crew film each of the questions being asked separately from the judges responses. Both questions and answers are filmed several times for each judge/host to provide slightly different responses, with producers adding input as to what they’d like the judges / host to say; or if they would like a judge to elaborate, they will provide keywords for the judge to use in their response to make the show more dramatic. It is not uncommon for a producer to completely change a judges response to make it more ‘tv-able’, while at the same time watering it down so the real critique the judge is putting forward is lost.

Kristy and Henry are merely readers, you cannot take anything they say as their own unadulterated thoughts and words.

There is also a LOT of editing and manipulation done that you have no knowledge about, and bits cut out that would change your perception of everyone on the show. The ‘diaries’ are semi-scripted, with lists of provocative questions asked, and responses re-shot if they’re not sufficiently bitchy/offensive. The producers also push the cast with probing/generic/empathetic questions to capture certain responses on film, which are then used as responses to questions or in outtakes.

Blogging in your writing style is cowardly, if you want your readers to take you seriously, you should do your research and understand how TV shows work first of all, and secondly reveal your identity so you are accountable for your words, instead of hiding behind a generic .com name.

7 KO { 08.14.09 at 3:59 pm }

I caught an episode of this for the first time on a plane during the week. Can someone tell me please what is up with Kristy’s hair?? It looked like she had glue on leggo hair. For a gal that is so stunning and so media savvy I would have thought she would have had a little more swing with the hair and makeup department.

Alan- One persons trash is another persons treasure. I’ve been reading this site for a while now and I have always found it fun and unbiased

8 Injera { 08.14.09 at 4:15 pm }

Alan, I think everyone who enjoys reality TV is fully aware of the part producers and editors play in the packaged result. That’s why reality TV is not reality as we live it day to day. We enjoy what is presented, not uncritically, but Raver’s site would be no fun at all if she – and we, as commenters – had to constantly attach caveats (“this is the effect the producers created” or “on what must have been the fifth take”). Take it as read.

9 Jayden { 08.14.09 at 11:13 pm }

Alan Fortescue obviously just returned from his Media 101 class and is now trying to showcase his fabulous knowledge to us all. Kudos!

I think it would be quite hilarious (and not to mention utterly asinine) if Reality Raver had to insert admonitions after every paragraph telling us the obvious.

But anyway, I always knew Ivana would be brought back in. Considering she appeared at the AuNTM finale, she had the best shot out of all the eliminated designers.

10 Reality Raver { 08.15.09 at 8:47 am }

Alan Fortescue – Nooooo I am totally shocked that there are reality TV script writers and producer manipulation. I thought reality TV was just the cast, a camera person and then an editor….

As Injera said should I say Kristy said this and then in brackets say (scripted). This blog does allow for analysis of the manipulation that does occur in the shows, but it is also one for amusement and for people to give their views on the programs.

By the way Alan I am not hiding if you googled you would quite easily find who the author of this blog is, but I will make it easy for you click

11 Tina { 08.15.09 at 9:42 am }

While I’m enjoying the 2nd season and its cast of designers (especially Anthony and William, shoo-ins for the finale), I just find dubious this gimmick of bringing back eliminated designers. Ivana, eliminated in the 2nd challenged, got to kick back for a week or longer (with the other eliminated designers) while Anthony, William, Mark, Yopi, Lauren and Michael had to compete in several more challenges, and now she gets to return, fresh as a daisy and ready to knock out one of the other, and by now exhausted, designers. How is this fair? I guess in the end I still believe that the best designers will make it through (and next week’s previews already suggest Ivana is in trouble), but the “drama” of bringing back auf’d designers is dodgy in the extreme. Having said that, I prefer Ivana to Kelly Anne or Amber or Jason.

12 Colls Bolls { 08.17.09 at 10:33 am }

I finally managed to watch this episode last night.

I thought parts of Michael’s dress were cute but wasn’t that disappointed that he went home. I thought Mark’s outfit was lovely but if he had won, it would have been a travesty that Kellie-Ann got back in. She’s a shocker.

Do you think that the judges would have taken into consideration who was going to return depending on their choice of winner? Would they have preferred to have Ivana back than Claudia as William’s outfit could have won.

I did really like Anthony’s but I thought it was hiliarious at how he kept going on and on about how much orange material there was and how little actually ended up in the garment. It was a really stunning outfit.

Am loving this show