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Fox Sports Making A Reality TV Show That Will Only Interest Three Australian States.

A new reality TV show called NRL Dreams is being made to find an rugby league superstar a bit like the Fox 8 show Football Superstar. The NRL is giving the show its support. 

NRL Dream will give aspiring players aged from 17 to 25 a shot at the big-time.

Auditions will be held around the country and in PNG, with the eventual winner securing a $100,000 contract with either the Dragons, Roosters, Cowboys, Knights or Titans. It will be interesting to see the ratings for this show, as Rugby Leagues is only really played in three states, NSW, QLD, and VIC. For full story click here.

The Biggest Loser Host – Speculation Heats Up.

Filming for The Biggest Loser must be starting soon as speculation of who is going to be the new host after Ajay Rochester was sacked this year. The Australian rules out what would have been a popular choice Madga Szubanski has ruled herself out. Apparently in the running is Hayley Lewis, former contestant Alison Braun and the super skinny Jackie O. I just hope they get someone this time who shows a bit more warmth at the weigh in sessions.

Heidi Pratt From The Hills Reckons She Has 30 Orgasms A Day

The Daily Telegraph has a story that makes me feel old. The Hills star Heidi Pratt says her husband Spencer gives her 30 orgasms a day. My first thought was how do they find the time? Smacks of trying to keep their diminishing profiles in the media.

Channel 9 Is Cursed When It Comes To Reality TV

The low rating Australia’s Perfect Couple from last Wednsday was cut to a 30 minute program due to low ratings.Source TV Tonight I have to confess I have not been watching the show after the first episode. However they have also scrapped Kitchen Nightmares which was screening on Tuesday night’s at 10.30pm. Pity as I watch that.

Project Runway Start Again In The US

For fans of the US and original version of Project Runway will be pleased that it starts screening in the US shortly. Popular blog Blogging Project Runway has been lucky to see the first episode, and give precis of it.


1 Culinary Boner { 08.17.09 at 11:53 am }

I expect that NRL Dreams will no doubt feature a fair proportion of Polynesian boys who have missed out on Idol.

Given the average league IQ continues to spiral inexorably downwards – and this from the already low sportsperson average – it will be a huge surprise if this show is entertaining or even watchable.

2 Dolph Ziggler { 08.17.09 at 12:32 pm }

30 orgasms a day?! Is this for real? I’d lose count after five and conciousness after eight.

3 bella vita { 08.20.09 at 12:57 am }

No way anyone in Vic would be interested in watching the NRL Dreams as AFL is like religion here.