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Australian Idol – Season 7- Semi-Final 1

Every year there is the chatter about whether there would be enough talent for another season of Australian Idol. But really I would be happy to see at least four of the six contestant who sang tonight performing in this season’s Top 12.

It was a seriously tough semi-final for the performers, and I think wrong song choice or not quite nailing the song is going to see them miss out.

First it was good to see Jay Dee Springett on the panel he was inoffensive, and I am not sure he really added anything to what Dicko was saying. But to be fair it was his first show and he must have been nervous. Also I think the judges have been told to be MasterChef nice, which if this continues into the season, I may have to go on You Tube to get a bit of Simon Cowell action.

Andrew G hosted the show by himself for the first time, and I miss the banter between James Mathieson and Andrew. Ricki-Lee continues to be a bit player.

This year for the first time the voting will open up from the start of the show, which I am still wondering if it is fair. So if you are the first singer theoretically your fans have an extra hour’s voting time, but again I will reserve judgement to see how it will work.

Onto the performances:

Hayley Warner – Crying Shame

After a nervous first twenty seconds, this 17 year old rocker looked like she was really enjoying herself, and that made me enjoy it. Also her voice has a greater range then I first thought. She looks very comfortable on stage, and in a strange way reminds me of Pink. She would probably look more comfortable in front of a band.

Dicko said “You are fabulous,but predictability and conformity is your enemy.” He was talking more about future song choice than her performance.

Seth Drury – You Found Me

This guy is a little cutie and should get a lot of the teen votes. I was a bit underwhelmed by his rendition of this popular song, and on this very strong night he could struggle to get through.

Marcia said  ‘”You are very believable”

Jaydee  Springbett who was being Mr Positive tonight said “Something about you intrigues me” .

Dicko  thought he needed to “work on a bit of vulnerability,”

Jamila Ioane – For Once In My Life

I suspect poor Jamila may be collateral damage tonight as her usually strong voice was struggling with some of the notes, however because the judges are being nice they did not mention this.

“I am not sure of the arrangement of the song,” said Jay Dee. Is Australian Idol going to miss the uber talented John Foreman? By the way who is the new musical director of the show?

The judges all gave her the thumbs up.

Toby Moulton – Yellow

The good news is there did not appear to be a girlfriend in the audience as we were introduced to his mum. A bright move as he will want to corral the pervy older woman vote. Marcia’s comments confirmed this by saying “It’s working for me,” He looked hot. His voice was strong if you discount a few of the dodgy falsetto notes at the beginning.

However I am just not convinced Toby has a star quality.

Dicko thought he needs to sex himself up and “Unleash the beast”. 

Jay Dee thought the performance was “too polite.”

Kate Cook – Get Up and Rock and Roll

Really bad song choice just far to cheesy for me. I was disappointed, as I really wanted her to do well. Having said that she did not hit a bum note, and she is popular. It was just a bit too simplistic for me. She did look comfortable on stage, and the judges love her.

Jay Dee  said “I really like you”. Yes Jay, but would you give her a record contract.

Stan Walker –  If I Ain’t Got You

I find it amazing he has not had a singing lesson, as he knows how to use his voice. It was a nice rendition of the song, and he knows how to move. His only problem is that compared to some of the other guys in the top 24 he is not a heartthrob.

Jay Dee said “I think you have a great voice… that talent needs nurturing”

Dicko said ” You have a terrific soul voice.”

I don’t think Australian Idol will have any trouble stacking the top 12 with talent, however the weak link for the season could be the judging panel as it has the potential to become bland. 

I seriously have no idea who out of the six will be the two to get through to the top 12, as all of them were good tonight. However I will take and punt and say Hayley Warner and Stan Walker will be the two to go through.


1 Sooty { 08.24.09 at 11:10 pm }

RR – this sure is a ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ kind of show. One thing I totally agree with you on was on the kinda dull judging style. I knew I’d miss Vyle. The ‘meanest’ thing said tonight was Marcia saying to Jamila ‘how did you feel?’ as her opening commentary. (That’s judge code for, you stank.)

But good on everyone for standing (and in Stan’s case, dancing like Lurch) on that stage and getting a song out. Hideously nervewracking.

Onto important notes: that JD-copycat haircut does Dicko no favours. Glue it back on, man.

I thought Tobemeister was the best! Screw the beast it up advice, Toby. Lovely tones and nice little Neil Young vocal rif at end of song.

But sqealy girls will vote thru Seth I guess…

2 Laura { 08.24.09 at 11:23 pm }

I want the top 2 to be Hayley, Kate asnd/or Seth (I know his performance wasn’t amazing but I think he has a lot of potential!)
I also miss Vyle :(

3 Laura { 08.24.09 at 11:25 pm }

P.s. Can somebody please explain the new voting system to me, I don’t get it! How can it be fair if peope can vote before contestants even start singing?

4 Reality Raver { 08.24.09 at 11:28 pm }

Sooty – Agree about the Dicko hair. Got to disagree with you about Toby, however I wouldn’t be disappointed if he got through.

Laura – Any of the six could get through tomorrow night. I agree with you about the voting. Seems a bit strange, but I am sure they must have thought through the pros and cons of it.

5 TDK { 08.25.09 at 12:11 am }

I think I can remember lots of people complaining about last year’s voting system.
Something about time differences between the different states meant that some contestants have a wider time windows than others to vote?
Remind me about this, because I know there was something unfair about last year’s voting system but can’t put my finger on it.
I’m not sure if that has made them change the voting system?

6 TDK { 08.25.09 at 12:12 am }

I only liked Stan out of the bunch.

7 Laura { 08.25.09 at 12:19 am }

I think they’re introducing the top 12 voting system now so people get used to it (as results will be announced on the same night as the performances).
TDK, every year on BB and Idol, we Perthians complain that we don’t get to vote during the results show (as by the time we see it, the results have already been announced), but this new voting system means (I think – unless it is like Dancing with the stars) that we cannot vote at all which isn’t any fairer! I think that was the only controversy, but correct me if I’m wrong!