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Australian Idol – Top 100

At last a bit of eye candy on the show (apologies Andrew G fans) with tonight Jay Dee Springbett  being announced as the new judge on Australian Idol for this year. He is a record executive with Sony Australia. However this will mean no one on the panel was born in Australia.  Do you think this matters?

Also he is another record executive like Dicko, so may give a similar perspective. However from what I saw of him tonight I liked. But at that time he did not know he was  a judge.

I am not doing a full re-cap tonight, spent the weekend in Melbourne and was far to frivilous with Injera last night.

However here were the names of the Top 24 that I could identify:

  • Kate Cook – has a high likeability factor I think this country singer will get in the top 12.
  • Scott Newnham- was sent in with Kevin the boy band singer, Scott got in and Kevin was sent home. They are setting him  up to be the Luke Dickens of 2009, not sure he has Luke’s dry sense of humour.
  • Kim Cooper – talented girl from Townsville.
  • James Johnston – will snaffle some teen vote
  • Ashleigh Tool(sic) – was a bit underwhelmed by her concert performance.
  • Aliqua Mao – a talented 16 year old.
  • Hayley Warner – this 17 year old rocker has a ton of talent.
  • Daniel Rizzo – Don’t know much about him.
  • Ed Zaidan – I like this quirky kid.
  • Stan Walker – this kid is really growing on me he was really natural in front of the audience.
  • Seth Drury – is a bit of a hearthrob, but a talented one.
  • Lauren –  I did not realise you could come back if you made the top 24 before, not sure how I feel about that. I am not sure what has changed with her.
  • Teniella – the train driver from Western Australia.
  • Nat Pyziakos – we have barely seen her.
  • Jason Barton – has previously auditioned.
  • Nicole Banks – Another previous top 24 returning.
  • Casey Barnes – this Gold Coast father of one appears to be very talented.
  • Sabrina Batshon – has the potential to be our very own Susan Boyle. I find her very fragile, and I wonder if she will be able to stand up to rigours each week. I am presuming Australian Idol producers assessed this or are they hoping that a meltdown on TV might whip up ratings. If so shame Australian Idol shame.
  • Nathan Brake – did an amazing performance of We Are The Champions – this kid is one to watch.
  • Jamila Ionou – she is similar to Aquila Mao so hopefully they both don’t get in to the top 12.
  • Toby Moulton – I don’t think his voice is fabulous, but has beenn put in for the older female viewer. He completely tanked at the concert performance, and had to get the band to start again.
  • Adam Eckersley- this rocker must be a shoe in for the top 12.

Full list of top 24 will be up tomorrow. Also the shows start tomorrow night for the week. Woo hoo. Feel free to put you comments about the episode in the commenting section.


1 sarah { 08.24.09 at 12:37 am }

I really like ed, he just seems to be doing something different everytime he’s on..

2 Sooty { 08.24.09 at 11:40 am }

I like Toby’s voice and the timbre of it has such beauty; plus he seems like a decent, intelligent, nice-guy; don’t mind the Robson Greene look he’s got either. So I hope he gets in over sundry clones and meatheads. Probably not.

Sabrina has the nerviness of all the great stars and I can’t see how that can be a bad thing and signify imminent breakdown. Most of them manage an entire career with such psychological underpinnings – you don’t get the true talent and the glory without the gory. So I hope she gets in too.

All the ones you’ve mentioned as ‘talented’ are the ones I’ve groaned at, at the inevitability of said clones with their pseudo-edgy haircuts and imitation voices getting through.

Still, Hayley and Kate are giving me hope for this season, also.

3 Anonymous { 08.24.09 at 12:57 pm }

Toby’s audition was my favourite, his voice was pure and amazing, but I was so disappointed by his singing last night. In the audition his voice was textured, he had depth and range, but last night he was so dull and one-note. I hope he pulls out something amazing tonight because I do want to like him again!

I love Sabrina.

4 reality raver { 08.24.09 at 1:39 pm }

Sarah – agree I really like Ed and in fact I think they have picked a good top 24.

Sooty and Anon- I liked Toby at his original audition, but I am not sure he has the talent or the star quality.

Sabrina has an amazing voice and talent, but I am just worried she is not as mentally strong as she currently think she is. I would hate the whole Idol experience to affect her already fragile self esteem.

I also just realised that my statement of none of the judges being born in Australia might come across a tad racist. What I meant was do we still have a bit of the cultural cringe here about wanting to use overseas talent vis a vis Logies circa in the ’80’s.

I have liked what I have seen of Jay Dee so far.

5 Sooty { 08.24.09 at 1:41 pm }

Nerves get to people. Even JayDee who was all smooth and telling the contestants they had to be confident blah blah looked a different man when he was sitting next to Andrew G, all quivery and so on.

I’m glad you get Toby, Anonymous – and my girl Sabrina too. It’s the only time of year I feel what I guess sporting people feel about their sports…

RR – if he picks his song he will shine past the shyness I am hoping.
Go the underdog!

6 Anonymous { 08.24.09 at 1:42 pm }

Well RR, based on his performance last night I don’t think Toby has the talent or the star quality, either! I just thought he had it in spades in his audition. I feel like he has been two different people, it shocks me.

I thought Jay Dee would be a wanker, but he does seem ok at the moment. I certainly like him more than Kyle, and he seems more articulate than Holden (not a hard task to complete there – lol!)

7 reality raver { 08.24.09 at 1:46 pm }

Oh Sooty you crack me up – you are so right about Jay Dee and his nerves last night. Probably thinking what the hell have I done.

Sooty and Anon – just looked at his final tonight – they will all have to be on their A game, as it is a really tough heat.

8 Anonymous { 08.24.09 at 1:57 pm }

Sooty – Aw. That’s exactly how I feel about dance and SYTYCD! I like Idol too, much more than sport. I wasn’t even going to commit to this season but Sabrina has drawn me in.

RR – Tonight’s final does look tough. I think the easiest final is the last one, not a lot of the show’s favourites in there? Might be interesting in that way. I’m still not familiar with everyone yet.

9 IdolChick { 08.24.09 at 2:58 pm }

I Though James from Tamworth was AWESOME!! Definitely gets my vote as a little ‘hottie’ and sounded gr8 doing the John Mayer song! I can’t wait until his Thursdays performance…bring it on!!

10 Laura { 08.24.09 at 4:28 pm }

I know this will be unpopular but I am really going to miss Kyle! Marcia and Dicko both drive me up the wall with their drivel. Kyle may have been nasty at times but at least he always made a clear point (and got to the point quickly). Hopefully JD will be succinct.
I don’t care that none of the judges are Australian born, but I do think the majority of accents on the panel should be Australian. It doesn’t really bother me though :)
I think that a lot of the contestants are weak singers. And the really strong singers don’t have a lot of personality.
I am surprised that people previously in the top 24 were allowed to compete again. They must have changed the rules this year. I’m also surprised that nearly all of the people in tonight’s group have been featured heavily during the auditions and seem very talented – I would have thought that they would be dispersed!
I wish that Australia adopted the US format for the top 24 – they have them all sing each episode and then two of them are voted off until they get down to 12. That way we get to see more than one performance. I think it is a better, fairer way of showcasing the talent and they end up with a stronger top 12.