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OPEN POST: Masterchef Australia – Final Masterclass

Ravers – there was an open post – but it seems closed.

Chat away during the last Masterclass here!


1 saffronlie { 07.17.09 at 11:59 pm }

I laughed a lot tonight, and loved them making fun of each other. Interesting to see how Gary and George could still keep up the commentary when they weren’t so prepared (unless of course the mystery box challenge was rigged in advance as others have suggested about the other challenges! What did they think they were going to cook all day, anyway?). I would have thought all the contestants were contractually obliged to turn up, so it’s interesting that Sandra wasn’t there. Why was I so irrationally irritated by Kate? It’s been months since she was on and I started watching the show just before she left, and yet… Anyway. I’ll be watching the final because I don’t know what else to do with myself at 7.00pm. (Next week’s going to be tough.)

2 Injera { 07.18.09 at 12:06 am }

saffronlie – seeing Kate tonight just reminded me of… how much she pissed me off when she was there the first time ’round. Possibly the repeated “I’ve always wanted to be a pastry chef”, which – the first time round – provoked choruses of “then why did you do a law degree?”. Anyway. My Kate-red is almost as intense as my dislike for Linda, a.k.a. fooddesigner, who styles herself on her Twitter bio as: Master Chef, Freelance Fooddesign Consultant/Stylist. Really? Master Chef? You know, she could have also added pretentious wanker without bothering the character limit.

3 Coco { 07.18.09 at 1:19 am }

I finally worked out who Linda is, she’s our equivalent of that horrid Sandra Lee in the US

4 saffronlie { 07.18.09 at 10:49 am }

So glad I’m not alone in disliking Kate then! I’m neutral on Linda but that does sound pretty wanky.

5 TDK { 07.18.09 at 11:29 am }

Linda – I couldn’t even remember who you are.
Kate – I hated your voice the first time I heard it, and still do. It’s very annoying, sounds as if air is trying to escape your tighten windpipe.

6 Jaynie { 07.18.09 at 1:34 pm }

I read on a forum somewhere (not one of my regulars, so don’t remember which) that Sandra put on a bit of a diva act, and the producers, rather than give in to her demands, chose not to include her for Friday’s so called master class.
Of course, I saw no proof whatsoever, but as I disliked Sandra, I choose to believe it.

7 sourkraut { 07.18.09 at 3:00 pm }

Injera and Reality Raver
Thanks heaps for putting up this blog. Apart from one comment from the lunatic fringe its been loads of fun and all in good humor.
I have now got over my “mad” and will watch the final (especially if OZ keeps batting so badly and if Cadel keeps so far behind due to his poor team choice), but unless there are MAJOR changes made to the judges, the method of judging, the editing, the obvious biasses, and the basis that the cooking and taste becomes the number one issue i don’t think i will be back for MC2

8 Kyvyny { 07.18.09 at 5:45 pm }

Looks like that other Open post for the final Masterclass was locked away as a page instead of a post.

9 AnnyB { 07.19.09 at 5:51 pm }

I have enjoyed reading the posts at this site; so much more entertaining and reasonable that at others, which shall remain unnamed. I have not the ability to be witty and amusing as many of the posts here and in comparison my comments will seem extremely prosaic, but here is some trivia:

1. Justine’s red nailpolish on Friday night.

2. The nudge, nudge between Justine and Poh(?) when Kate was first of all cutting the cross into the tomato and later when she was peeling the tomato, poorly. Maybe she was nervous.

3. Who owns the red scooter parked outside the door.

4. MasterChef? I can’t see Julie as a Masterchef as her cooking seems to be something between Donna Hay and Iain Hewittson. However, this will probably have appeal to many.

10 Jane { 07.20.09 at 12:32 am }

Does anyone have the entire series recorded? I have the final week of episodes but would be really interested to see the whole show from start to finish. I realise there is to be a Masterclass DVD to be released in Nov but I am not sure about the whole series. The torrents are available for separate download but you are looking at 75 episodes!! I would happily pay for a copy of the series if anyone would be willing to make me a copy/copies. Please email Thanks. Jane.

Loved the show but Poh should have won.

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