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Australian Idol’s Sabrina Batshon Update

Sabrina Batshon was one of the more intriguing individuals on this year’s Australian Idol, and I have been wondering what she has been up to and in the clip above she talks about what she has been doing.

In summary:

  • She has been writing songs,
  • Scouting for a record company,
  • Got engaged, and
  • She will be touring.

No dates are out yet but if you are interested in seeing her perform keep an eye on her website

January 10, 2010   1 Comment

Australian Idol – Sabrina Batshon Said New Judges Are Needed


The latest Australian Idol contestant to be eliminated, Sabrina Batshon, has said in interviews that she thinks the show needs new judges.

The Extra Source blogger Nathan Young asked Sabrina on the Daily Telegraph blog what she thought of the standard of this year’s series. He also asked her if she thought the ratings slump was because of the low standard of contestants or that woeful new judge Jay Dee.

Her response:
Thank you for the support but I dont wish to make the same mistake viewers did in judging people. The Idols are my best friends and I don’t have any ill feeling towards them. They are all extremely talented and I think Idol has created a bad name for itself. It’s the people that vote and the way the cookie crumbles. I think they need new judges. People are getting really bored and the judges are under alotof pressure to give a good show and when you are just saying things to entertain people, people get bored. Dicko’s gotten away with murder, and Marcia’s very kind. JDee needs alot of time to warm up. But with JDee you need 2 stronger judges, and Marcia and Dicko are not as strong. I think Dicko has said a lot of things, he makes derogatory comments and i don’t know if the fans agree with that, his jokes are not funny. We;ve watched that year after year and it gets boring. I didn’t watch Idol beforehand, and I joined as I had no expectation. Kyle is fascinating to watch, he is funny and real and witty and not there to play games and they need that, its crucial for the show, and in my opinion i don’t know if they’ll bother airing it next year. Right now, they are just drowning. I’m glad it did it though.

Also here in an interview  with Who Magazine where she again comments on the judges.

Were there any judges’ critiques you didn’t agree with?
What I didn’t agree with, I did speak up about. But then I just thought look, there isn’t much more to say once you’ve made your point, there is no point going on and on about it. It’s a TV show and Dicko’s under a lot of pressure with Kyle having left the show and he feels he needs to be funny and that’s fine.

So you disagreed with Dicko most?
Um, yeah, I’d say so. Marcia doesn’t say much. Jay Dee was really nervous. I feel really sorry for him because he’s so nervous.

Some of what she says is probably true, however I am never a fan of biting the hand that feeds you.

September 29, 2009   11 Comments