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Farmer Wants A Wife – Will Therese Manage To Nab Farmer Gavin?

TV Week, has an article about Therese who was one of the ten women to meet Farmer Gavin and was chosen to go on the group date by him on the TV program Farmer Wants A Wife.

Therese was quite full on when she met the 49 year-old farmer and you wonder if this will be a positive or negative thing for her in the long run for her to get some romance from him.

Here is what the article said:

Travel agent Therese, 42, made an unforgettable first impression at the speed dates when she ran up to the Queensland sugarcane farmer, hugged and kissed him, checked out his chest and told him she was besotted with him.

“I’m totally spontaneous,” she explains. “I am a bit out there – or a lot out there – but I’m also into making other people feel good. I knew that Gavin was going to be really shy and I just wanted him to feel good, whether it went any further or not.”

Therese admits she also wanted to stand out from the other women vying for Gavin’s attention – and her plan seemed to have worked, as Gavin asked her back for the group date.

His group outing was tenpin bowling double date with son Steven. And, again, Therese couldn’t help but draw attention to herself.

“I said, ‘Ok girls, whoever gets the next strike gets to give Gavin a kiss’ – and, lo and behold, I did!” she recalls enthusiastically. “I actually jumped at this 49 year-old man, and just wrapped my legs around him, elevated off the ground, and gave him this big hug and kiss.

“I was really worried I hurt his back because I forgot he was a bit older than me,” she adds. “But it felt good at the time.”

The divorced father of five – and the oldest farmer on the show – has proved to be a surprising hit with the ladies.

“Gavin’s secret with women is that he’s a total gentleman,” explains Therese, who herself is a mother to a 15-year-old daughter. “He’s gentle, not aggressive. It’s an absolute delight.”

She also reveals he has “gorgeous eyes” and “soft lips”.

So what does Gavin think of Therese?

“She just blows in,” he agrees. “but a cyclone leaves debris – she just leaves fun and love. She’s an unreal girl.”